Saturday, August 31, 2013

Obama folds, but this is far from over

Great news!  Obama announced that he is going to go to Congress to seek a vote on military action against Syria.  There is little doubt in my mind that what happened is that Obama's advisers (possibly Hegel and Dempsey at the JCS) found a way to "spread the blame" for the inevitable accusation of "losing face" with Congress.  From their point of view this is a win-win move: their Congress says 'no' and Obama gets to say "my hands were tied" or Congress says 'yes' and then when the shit hits the fan it will be hard for anybody to single out Obama for blame.

There still is a problem with this: Congress is little more than a gang of brainless prostitutes all trying to "out-Zionize" each other for the privilege of being considered the most pro-Israeli.  Compared to Congress, the British House of Commons looks like an almost respectable institution.  AIPAC, in particular, will throw its immense weight around to try to get a 'yes' vote.

Smart Congressmen will, of course, have the option to say that it is because of the risks such a military attack would expose Israel to that it should be avoided, but the AIPAC thugs are not idiots - they will know that this is bull.

The other risk is that there is a fine line between an 'authorization' and a 'mandate'.  Without a vote Obama can use the excuse that the proposed attack is unpopular, but should the vote turn out to be a 'yes', then the Ziolobby will definitely say that it was the will of the American people that the US should attack Syria.

Still, at this point in time, this latest development is good news.  Yes, the Ziocrazies are far from being defeated, but its not like the old Anglo imperialist money (which Obama represents) is without resources either (they did get Obama elected, did they not?).

Also, time is most definitely on our side.  According to the BBC, Congress will only reconvene on September 9th (it appears that the American Congressmen cannot be told to cut their holidays like their British counterparts?).  If so, then this leaves enough time to all the countries opposed to this move to put the pressure on the US, in particular at the upcoming G20 meeting in Russia.  This also leave the Syrians, Hezbollah and Iran more time to make preparations.

So yes, this is far from over, but anything which delays as US attack by even a few days is objectively to the advantage of the Resistance and grateful for it.

The Saker