Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Empire insults our collective intelligence. Again.

This is the sequence which the Empire submits to our attention: on August 18th a UN inspection team arrives in Syria to investigate the reports of use of chemical weapons.  Two days later, on August 20, the Syrian government uses chemical weapons against hundreds of civilians.  And not in some distant and remote corner of the country, but in a suburb of Damascus, conveniently near the UN inspection team.

Does anybody see a problem with this narrative?

Nevermind that the Syrian government is, by all accounts, clearly winning this war.  Nevermind that the US made a clear threat that the use of chemical weapons would be a "game changer" implying that it would result in a US/NATO military intervention.  Nevermind that in in the course of this war chemical munitions were only found in the inventory of the insurgency.

"Fact's don't matter.  Logic don't matter."

Such could be the slogan for what Chris Hedges calls the "Empire of Illusion".

Now let's see how many morons will actually accuse Assad of using chemicals and use this latest fairytale as "proof".

The Saker