Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Obama - every bit the pathetic looser that he always was

I never liked Obama and as early as October 2008 I reminded everybody that Malcolm X would certainly consider Obama as a "house Negro".  Five years later my disgust with this man has almost reached a point where I miss bad old Dubya who, at least, had the excuse of being an ignorant, insecure imbecile.  Obama, of course, has no such excuse.  He is clearly very intelligent, well educated and charismatic - and he knows that.  But this is hardly a compliment, because when these undeniable qualities are paired with his policies it becomes immediately obvious that he is completely immoral, that he is for sale literally to the highest bidder, that he has no sense of right and wrong beyond serving his master(s).  Obama is the prototypical "house Negro" who's only concern is for his mater(s): the banks, Big Pharma, the Zionist lobby, the Homo lobby, etc.  This kind of complete dedication to the highest bidder (be in it dollars or in political support) inevitably brings the man to amazingly stupid decisions.  Here is just the latest one:

Obama cancels meeting with Putin and criticizes Russia's policies towards homosexuals.

Needless to say, I very much doubt that upon learning this news a heartbroken Putin seized a pillow and went bawling into his bed.  In fact, I can say with a great degree of confidence that Putin, on a personal level, was probably relieved by the news that he would not have to talk to this spineless slug.  And on a Presidential level?  Just ask yourself who needs whom more?  Does the US need Russian cooperation or does Russia need US cooperation?  I think that the answer is obvious.

As for the criticizing Russia's policies towards form of sexual psycho-pathologies - this just adds a touch of nauseating confirmation that Obama is just a puppet in the hands of various lobbies.  Again, something which nobody in the Kremlin will respect.  As for Putin himself, Obama just did him a favor as both Putin's stance on the Snowden affair and his handling of Western pro-homo propaganda has the support of the entire political class and the vast majority of the Russian population.

So all this is pure good news for Putin and for Russia.

The Saker