Saturday, August 31, 2013

And now, a few words from the Ziocrazies on the Hill

LOL! This did not take too long. According to the WSJ, "two key Republican Senate lawmakers gave notice that despite President Barack Obama‘s pledge to seek congressional authorization for a potential military strike against Syria, they wouldn’t support a limited attack that fell short of changing the momentum on the battlefield."

Hardly a surprise.

But this a great way to achieve a complete deadlock. If Obama wants only a "shot across the bow" attack - and remember that Kerry said that this attack "will not assume responsibility for a civil war that is already well underway" - and if the Ziocrazies in Congress will only support an attack to "change the momentum on the battlefield", then this means that they should reject Obama's "sissy option" and turn the page.

Should I  very carefully begin to explore the possibility of maybe contemplating the option of allowing myself the risk to be slightly inclined towards a faint and minimalist form of cautious optimism?

Yeah, I guess, but not much more.

First, there is the undeniable role which human stupidity has played in history.  And let's be honest, American politicians are not exactly known for their sophistication.

Second, AIPAC can bring all these folks to heel with just the threat of being declared "soft on defense", "un-patriotic" or - crime of crimes - not sufficiently pro-Israeli.

Third, AIPAC also has a solid chokehold on the US media which will sheepishly support whatever idiocy the Ziocrazies can cook up in their insane minds.  And for those of you who live outside the USA, let me explain that in the USA TV as blaring their propaganda everywhere: not only in homes of people, but in waiting rooms, in airports, in train stations, in gyms, in stores, I mean literally everywhere.  Some Americans now have multiple TV screens inside their cars to make sure that their little loved ones never miss a commercial or the latest wisdom Wolf Blitzer has to share.  And in homes, you will often find multiple TV sets too, not only in the living rooms, but also in the kitchen and even in the bathroom and toilets!  So a good chunk of the local population have been turned into fully remote controlled drones who will support whatever the (inevitably Zionist) talking heads on TV have to say.

But hope dies last.  Let's pray for a good old American deadlock which will grind all this nonsense about striking Syria to a full stop.

The Saker