Monday, January 7, 2013

Speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during the ceremony marking the 40th day after the Day of Ashura

I take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be on the Seal of prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi Al Qassem Mohammad and on his chaste and pure Household and on his chosen companions and on all messengers and prophets.

Scholars, deputies, brothers and sisters! Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.
Peace be on you, my master and lord Abi Abdullah, and on all the souls gathering around your holy site. Peace be on you as long as I remain alive and as long as night follows day. May Allah make it not my last visit to you. Peace be on Hussein, Ali the son of Hussein, the children of Hussein and the companions of Hussein.

First, I would like to thank you all – men, women, young and old – for coming from the various cities of Bekaa and the various Lebanese regions to mark this great event and this solemn occasion. Special thanks to those who came from remote regions, walked for long hours, and spent their night in this or that town. I ask Allah Al Mighty to reward you kindly for your condolences to the Prophet of Allah (Peace be upon him and his Household) on the catastrophe that befell his grandson – the Master of Martyrs. You have always answered the call of the Prophet of Allah and the call of his grandson – the Master of Martyrs (Peace be upon him) at all stages and in all fields, squares, and confrontations. You didn't spare money, blood, attendance, voices, shouts, stances or sacrifices no matter how worthy or great they are.

Today this procession and these masses meet in a place where in year 61 (After Hijra) the womenfolk captives gathered and the heads of martyrs were raised in a very difficult, catastrophic, painful and melancholic stance. Today through walking on the same track and on the very geographic road, you are sending a message to the whole world. This message says that the moral, fiducial, spiritual, and jihadi track which offered solemn sacrifices from the very first day of the mission of the Prophet of Allah (Peace be upon him and his Household), until reaching the Battles of Badre, Uhud, and Karbala will remain vital, strong, incessant and able to make a nation and to push this nation to stances of dignity, honor and glory.

Today when we look at you, we know who won in Karbala in year 61 (After Hijra). We know who triumphed when we look at your faces, will, masses, determination, steadiness and attendance.

When we look at these millions who are overcrowding the shrine of Abi Abdullah Al Hussein (Peace be upon him) and the shrine of his brother Abi Al Fadel Al Abbass (Peace be upon him) in the City of Karbala during these very hours, we know who gained victory, who was the winner, and which logic was scored eternity. Was it the logic of "You may contrive and try however much you can? By Him, you cannot achieve our status, nor reach our position, nor can you affect our mention?" Or was it the logic of "Beni Hachem manipulated the reign; it was neither a mission nor a revelation from Heavens"? Which logic gained victory? Is it the logic of Lady Zeinab or the logic of Yazeed? Is it the logic of Al Hussein or the logic of Yazeed? Is it the logic of Islam or the logic or pre-Islam? Is it the project of Islam or the project of pre-Islam?

What we are witnessing today all over the world and what we have witnessed all through centuries affirms that the winner whom our Imam Zein Al Aabideen – the leader of the procession of melancholy, pride, determination, will and loyalty – talked about when someone asked him rejoicing at their state about who won. He answered that when you hear the call for prayers, you will know who the winner is. When you hear the call for prayers reverberating aloud: I bear witness that there is no god but Allah. I bear witness that Mohammad is the Prophet of Allah (Peace be upon him), you will know who the winner is.

Today too we know who the winner is when we hear the name of Mohammad – the Prophet of Allah – reverberating in the call for prayers, on platforms, on satellite channels and on radio stations five times a day all over the Globe. When we hear that we know that blood gained victory over the sword in Karbala, and that the project of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet of Allah Mohammad (peace be upon them) won in year 61 (After Hijra), and that the procession of captives, Imam Zein Al Aabideen, the heads which were raised high on top of arrows, and the handcuffed womenfolk who were brought on feet from a remote place to Baalbeck and then to Damascus or Sham are the winners who gained victory and consolidated their everlasting presence.

Today through this commemoration we are asserting this project and this concept – the concept of life of the nation and the life of this religion. We as well are expressing our gratitude, gratefulness, and loyalty to the Prophet of Allah, the Prophet's Household, the Prophet's companions, and those who were martyred with Imam Hussein in Karbala. Through their sacrifices, these martyrs preserved this divine mission and conveyed it to the upcoming generations so that we in this time came to believe in it, be committed to it, act according to it, and make our victories, glories, present, future and the unity of our nation and the pride of our peoples through it.

Brothers and sisters! It is important to mark this great and solemn occasion especially these years because it has special symbolisms and indications as was the case in some stages in history.

Today I will talk about walking on feet to Karbala. People are walking while they are being liable to threats of explosions, suicide attacks, massacres and mass killing because of this butchering Takfiri methodology which is being exploited by America to make a bloody sedition among the peoples of this nation and its various sects and factions. However, were the explosions and the suicide attacks over all of these years able to prevent the expression of adoration to Al Hussein and the Grandfather of Al Hussein through the procession of millions on feet to the Shrine of Abi Abdullah Al Hussein (Peace be upon him)?

Slaughtering will not prevent the Pakistanis whose buses are being exploded on the borders on their way to visit Al Hussein from coming again. Assassinations, killing and explosions will not prevent the Iranian visitors, the Iraqi visitors, the Lebanese visitors or any visitor of the Shrine of Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him) from coming from any place in this world. Kidnapping will not prevent visitors from carrying on their visits to mark such occasions. Thousands and even tens of thousands were martyred all through history so that this occasion remains alive and becomes eternal.

Today, I tell the killers and the perpetrators of massacres that this method is fruitless. This method is incorrect. This method will make people more convinced and adherent to this track which will become more consecrated. In fact, this method will not make anyone change his mentality or conviction. Thus this method must be reconsidered whether within the Islamic sphere towards those with whom these Takfiri people differ in vision, thought, faction, track or method or within the Shiite sphere or the Sunnite sphere as well as in the more general sphere.

What does explosions in churches which we have been witnessing in the recent years especially last year in more than one Arab or Islamic country mean or what does the slaughtering of Christians in churches mean under the pretext of preventing them from marking Christmas and New Year Eve? Who says from the jurisprudential and Islamic perspective that is allowed? This is part of the rituals and ritual commemoration which Islam has respected all through history. Since Islam came to these regions, these churches mark Christmas and its others occasions and masses.

Thus you are bringing along a new religion. You are bringing along a new heresy. Seeking to impose even the minute details of your mentality through slaughtering, killing, massacres, and explosions will not lead anywhere. This path is blocked. It must be blocked anyway.

Brothers and sisters! We in Lebanon and in the region are witnessing one of the most important, dangerous, and sensitive stages. The atmosphere which is prevailing over the region in general is that of seditions. Unfortunately, the compass went astray for many. Priorities mingled and changed, and even norms and standards are lost. Grudges and hatred are the overpowering feelings and emotions. Even the speech we hear on platforms and the dialogues we watch on satellites aren't anymore dialogues unfortunately. There is no dialogue. There are abuses. Two persons sit and curse each other. For an hour or ninety minutes you hear curses except for very rare cases.

This is a very dangerous stage. That means that at this stage man must be calmer, more willing to listen, more precise and more apt to assume responsibility because the stage is very sensitive as things are being mingled to a great extent.

The most dangerous project our region and nation have been facing at this stage and especially in the latest years is the project of dividing anew the region. It is dividing the already divided to even smaller states on sectarian, factional, or racial basis. Even the country which has one religion and one sect, they want to divide it to north, south, east and west on tribal basis or the like.

Today on the day of Islam, reviving Islam and reviving the nation, we assert our principle, doctrinal stance which rejects any kind of division, and any calls for separation or partition in any Arab or Islamic state. We strictly assert on preserving the unity of every country no matter how worthy sacrifices are and no matter how tough difficulties are and no matter how tyrannical oppressions are, and no matter how rightful demands are. We are not talking about illusions and imaginations. This is threatening many Arab countries including Yemen, Iraq (where factional sedition is ignited again), Syria (which is threatened more than anytime in the past), Egypt, Libya, and even Saudi Arabia among many other Arab and Islamic countries. There are projects and schemes of division which must be confronted. Well, the people of every country must agree on running their own affairs and on the form of administrative rule. There are cases which are open but under the ceiling of the unity of the country and not rushing towards division and partition. This threat for sure faces Lebanon. Thus more than anytime in the past we must assert our adherence to the unity of Lebanon as a nation, land, people, state and institutions. If projects of small states or nations lurked from here or there, all of the Lebanese must refuse them. Lebanon is smaller than being divided or partitioned. If such a project may have any chance for life in any other country, these capabilities are unavailable at all here. The Lebanese today are called on to revive this logic – the logic of preserving the unity of the nation, the unity of the people, the unity of the land, and the unity of institutions and refusing any form or separation or division.

Second: Brothers and sisters! We must not hide behind our finger. We must rather acknowledge that Lebanon is the country that is most influenced by what takes place around it especially what is taking place in Syria. That is pursuant to Lebanon's internal formula, the sectarian, factional, and political diversity and plurality found in Lebanon. That is also because of the contradicting internal interests and because of the considerable margin of freedoms available in Lebanon whether on the level of expression, viewpoints, stance and political practices. It goes without saying that Lebanon is influenced in what takes place in Syria more than in any other place in the region because of the long borderline, because of it being the only neighbor and because of the nature of ties and the overlapping of interests. The Bekaa and the North are the regions most influenced in Lebanon in what takes place in Syria. That is because of the border, the historic geographic, residential and popular communication between the people of the North and Syria and the people of Bekaa and Syria. Other regions may not sense the same influences which the people of Bekaa and the North sense. This is a status quo that exists in Syria. There is a true war on more than one domain. Lebanon is near Syria and is influenced by this war.

Since the very first days of the war, there were two tracks in Lebanon in dealing with this issue. Let's put aside the state of being distant. Let's be serious. There are two tracks.

The first track says that we as Lebanese might differ over Syria. There is no problem in that. Everyone has his opinion, convictions, reading, vision and stance which he expresses in different ways. Through the media we may contradict. We may differ in our political stances. However, let’s try not to fight in Lebanon. Let's try not to transfer killing to Lebanon. This is the first track.

The second track is that which from the very first day and is still up till now making haste to transfer fighting to Lebanon and is seeking to transfer fighting to more than one square. Some squares have got influenced in this track. I do not want to mention names. If they failed to transfer fighting to these squares, they threaten with fighting soon based on a definite vision or conclusions which have to do with the final stages of events in Syria.

This is a wrong track. From the very beginning, we were with the first track. We said: Well, Let's differ even in the Lebanese government. We can still follow this way out. What is the problem in that? Some parties in the Lebanese government have a definite stance from Syria. Other parties have a stance that is totally different in vision, in the essence, in the content, in the form, in the terms and in the rhetoric. That does not mean that we combat and fight each other in Lebanon.

This is our stance. On the other hand, there are people who sought to cause sectarian and factional provocation, field instigations, and curses and to drag other parties to street fighting; but they failed in doing so. Here I have first to record that thanks to the position of our political side and the position of the current Lebanese government, fighting was not being transferred to the Lebanese square. That's indeed after showing gratitude first to Allah Al Mighty. Should the other party be running the country at this very critical stage, it would have involved the country not only in internal fighting but also in a fight with Syria. We all know this. Second, I want to assert our commitment to this track. I call on you and on all the Lebanese people especially the people of Bekaa which is influenced in what is taking place around it as well as the North, to show more patience, steadfastness, calmness, and not to be influenced with provocations and not to be dragged to clashing.

Today we – all sects, factions and political forces – are required to show more insistence to adhering to coexistence in our various regions, cities, towns, and villages. At the time of crisis, people are not allowed to get detached from each other. On the contrary, it is now supposed more than anytime in the past that scholars, religious men from all sects and factions, politicians, educated men, elites, and the residents, dignitaries, and people and neighbors in towns or villages and in neighboring villages to communicate further so as to contain any attempt to cause sedition, to discharge any tension, and to prevent any accumulations that might lead to dangerous results.

This is the responsibility to be assumed by all of us with no exceptions. Let's preserve our civil peace, our coexistence, the security and stability of our country through moving in this track.

Indeed, we have always called for assuming responsibilities towards those who make provocations and abuses day and night. Still no one took any action. We have to call for that and to be committed to that. We have to be committed to that, and this is what I am calling for. This is the strength of this stance now. It is not weakness. Let no one see that as a point of weakness at all. The strength today that our mind control our nerves, and that our will control our stance, and that you activate your insight and that you act with responsibility. This is what is required from all of us.

Third, we tackle the case of immigrants to Lebanon and the repercussions of this development. When we talk about immigrants, we mean the Syrian families, the Palestinian families, and the Lebanese families which used to live, stay and work in Syria. They are all immigrants to Lebanon at this stage. If we call the first group immigrants, the second group refugees and the third group displaced, these are just details. In the content, there is no specific difference. These immigrants form today a very great humanitarian case. Indeed there aren't any specific numbers; however, the latest reports issued by the internal minister talk about 200 thousand immigrants to Lebanon. The number may be greater.

As far as this case is concerned, first we call for dealing with the case of immigrants from an absolute humanitarian perspective, and not to politicize this case at all. Consequently, the families which immigrated to Lebanon and are seeking refuge in Lebanon, in the Lebanese government, and the Lebanese people must meet care whether they are with the regime in Syria or against the regime in Syria or neutral – meaning they are not with or against the Syrian regime.

This is a humanitarian case which must not be politicized. If there are any remarks over politicizing this case, they must be heard and addressed.

Moreover, we can't in Lebanon and for whatever consideration close the borders with Syria. We can't do that while showing our comprehension and evaluation of the consequent political, security, economic and social risks that follow this great and massive immigration. However, for the same reasons that I mentioned at the beginning, we can't say: Let's take a decision to close the borders for whatever reason. We must accept this humanitarian outcome and work at addressing its economic, security and political repercussions. We mustn't take a negative choice as its risks are greater than any other choice.

Comprehending the case of immigrants needs a great and clear official stance. And I believe that the government will discuss today or soon a comprehensive plot on this perspective. This case also requires political cooperation too. Today, I call on you and on all the Lebanese – as we have called in the past – to embrace these families in the various regions – in our houses, public places, and institutions. We must embrace these families from a humanitarian, moral, and responsible respective despite the tough living conditions which many Lebanese families are suffering from. However, this is a responsibility which we must not abandon. From our perspective, we are exerting our efforts. However, all must exert their efforts on the official and popular levels. Indeed the true solution for the cause of immigrants is not closing the borders. The true solution for the cause of immigrants is addressing the reason. That means working to find a political settlement in Syria which halts bloodshed and puts an end to fighting and the war taking place so that these people return to their houses and land. This is what is required today. Thus those who hold responsibility for the continuation of immigration themselves assume the responsibility of the continuity of bloodshed. They themselves are preventing the Syrians from moving towards political dialogue and a political settlement whether inside Syria or on the level of the states in the region or on the level of the international community. These do not think except of their projects and interests. They have wrong evaluations which I have tackled before. Since the beginning of the events in Syria, they said two months. Then they added another two month. Again they added two months. Two years have passed so far, and all data say that if the battle continues militarily, it will be a long, bloody, destructive war. The horizon of a political solution is open. However, some are crippling a political solution. Again today we want to say that the tyrants and the criminals who hold responsibility of the bloodshed in Syria, the responsibility of the humanitarian tragedy of the immigrants who fled to Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq or other countries are those who are preventing a political dialogue, a political solution, and a political settlement in Syria.

This is not in harmony with the state of staying apart. That means that the Lebanese state is today concerned in telling the Americans, the Europeans, the United Nations, and the Arab League: O people! In such a way, you are making Lebanon bear what it can't tolerate on the economic, social and political levels. It is not enough to speak and comment on the repercussions of these events on Lebanon. There must be a serious political movement in Lebanon. That means that Lebanon must develop its political stance towards practicing pressure or backing all those who are practicing pressure to find a political solution, political dialogue, and a political settlement. We must not stick to staying apart, sit cross-handed and assume the repercussions of these events.

Fourth we tackle the case of the Lebanese kidnapped in Syria. This is one of the repercussions of the above case.

During all the past period, you noticed that my brethrens in Hezbollah and I tried always to remain apart from approaching this cause so that no expression, or stance or word may be misused. However, unfortunately, today and after all of this period of time, it has became clear that this case is being exploited in a vicious and loathsome political, media and moral way. It is exploited to provoke states and political forces and to cause gaps in our Lebanese society and to try to stir up discord between the Lebanese people.

Since the first day, we told the families of the kidnapped to hold the state responsible and that the state is concerned, and that the state is concerned to assume its responsibility. We called on them not to block roads and not to resort to negativism. That was a general national stance.

Today all of this period of time has past; still the required result is not reached. Still when the families of the kidnapped make any movement, some sides interpret that politically. Well, this is the families' natural right. They did not coordinate with Hezbollah or with Amal Movement. They did not talk with anyone. This is their natural right.

However, when the families feel that the officials in the state and the state are acting in a serious and true way, they won't need to resort to the street.

I personally consider that the movement of the state – all of the state and not only the government – as far as this cause is concerned is unconvincing and unsatisfactory with my respect to all the efforts which have been exerted. Some presidents, officials, and ministers say they made calls or contacts or went or held meetings. Still that does not address the cause.

Today, the state that says that it assumes the responsibility of its citizens must exert a distinctive effort.

There are two points to be tackled in this perspective.

The first point is that I clearly call on the Lebanese state or the Lebanese government to negotiate directly with the kidnappers. Where is the problem in that? That takes place in the whole world. The greatest states in the world do that. The states which refuse to negotiate with terrorists do that. Let no one set valueless political considerations. Shall I remain putting off? If I or any Lebanese talked with the Turks who may understand my tongue or make limited moves, we may not reach anywhere. First, I call for direct negotiations. The Lebanese government must charge one of the official Lebanese officials to go to Turkey and meet one of the kidnappers and negotiate with him. After all, this way is one of the followed ways. The rational people follow it, and all the states follow it.

Second: The Lebanese government must exert special effort to pressure the states that are influential on the kidnapping side. We must not deceive each other. Are there groups in Syria on which no one may practice pressure? That is not true. There are states which finance, arm and open borders. Clearly I say there are three states which are influential and which are able to end decisively this cause. These states are Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Why do we waste things? These three states pay money, finance and arm. They communicate with the fighting groups. Turkey offers the various facilitations on the border. The Lebanese state has its relations and is a member in the Arab League and in the Organization of Islamic Conference. It is not accepted anymore that the so and so official say he made such call or contacts. That does not mean there is a serious follow up on behalf of the state as far as the kidnapped cause is concerned.

I am still calling on the families to bargain on the state and the endeavors of the state. However after all, our dear state! If you find yourself incapable, tell the families of the kidnapped, tell the political forces in Lebanon and tell us too that you are incapable.

Then people will know how to address this issue and this cause. They will know how to act and what to do. After all, options are not nonexistent.

Thus as far as this point is concerned, I call on the Lebanese state to undertake a true, serious, responsible action, and not to be content with blaming the families or on commenting on the warning of the families and their wrath as they are rightful in showing wrath, agitation and anger because they did not find in the state the serious action and practice as far as this cause is concerned.

The fifth point leads us to the final part of the speech. Today there is a great file on which great expectations are linked as far as addressing or helping Lebanon in addressing its economic, living and social crises. It is the file of gas and oil.

Indeed we always insist that addressing this file is in the hands of the state. The state alone is able through its responsibility, institutions, and authorities to address the living file. The successive governments assume the responsibility of the state Lebanon reached on the economic, living and social levels.

Now to avoid attacking each other, let's say there is a gate for hope. The gate for hope is the promising oil and gas wealth which all the Lebanese officials talk about. Inshallah it would be a blessing. Inshallah, it will not turn into a wrath because some documents, journalistic reports, and studies say that one of the reasons for what is taking place in the neighboring countries has to do with oil and gas. That means that some states may be destroyed so that definite international sides may put their hands on this national wealth.

Today we have a great hope. If Lebanon could seriously make use of this wealth, that will provide Lebanon with great and reasonable financial capabilities. That will in turn help Lebanon repay its loans and address its social crisis. Thus we will not remain battling over the serious of ranks and salaries, installing university professors permanently, and enriching the deprived countries. That's because poverty is what brings along problems. Still money and wealth with tyranny, sectarianism, and insincerity may also cause wrath and catastrophes of another kind.

The current government has fulfilled the essential stages of this file. This will be added to its records. This is not an easy file. This is a complicated file for more than one reason. Now we move to other essential stages. Here we must unfortunately record that our enemy – the usurper, occupier, thief who is plundering the wealth of the Palestinian people - has achieved the various stages in three months as was said in media outlets. They will start extracting, selling and exporting, while we – the Lebanese – are still preoccupied with the preludes.

How long will the second stage take? Only Allah knows. This indeed requires a different, serious, national, and responsible action on behalf of all leaderships and officials in this state. Handling the file of oil must be in a different way. This is not a file that has to do with a party. It is not a private file. It is not a sectarian, factional or regional file. If there is an oil wealth in the sea of Lebanon whether facing the South or the North, it is an oil wealth to all of Lebanon and to all the Lebanese people. We must handle this file as being a national, historic chance to pull Lebanon from its status quo. This background imposes a different conduct.

There is another important question which must be addressed in this file. This wealth may bring along Israeli threats and dangers especially concerning the regions or the wells that may interpenetrate underground or undersea. Even the drilling companies or the companies which may be charge may also be threatened from here or there – from the Israelis or their masters to prevent Lebanon from benefiting from this wealth. How will the Lebanese state address this issue?

Here I call for a national strategy. If the state leaves this to us, we are ready.

Frankly, in the past, the state left liberating the land to the Lebanese people. It was absent. It was even negative. The Lebanese people via the various factions, movements and parties fought and made liberation in 1985. They made liberation in 2000 too. The popular resistance in Lebanon proved that it is able to defend the country. Do you like to leave this issue to the Lebanese people? Then the Lebanese people and the various classes of the Lebanese people will see what their choices are. Their options are clear. Or do you rather like to put a national strategy to protect the oil wealth?

Israel has a clear strategy. Brothers and sisters! All the Lebanese must know that when the oil and gas wells were discovered, Israel made amendments in its sea force, rocket force and air force, and it activated drills and all what guarding the oil wealth needs militarily and security as well as on the technical, information, technological and arming levels at the same time in which Israel was building platforms and excavating.

What did we in Lebanon do? We have a couple of rifles and rockets with which we can defend the country. We wake up in the morning and go to bed at night and we find them talking about the arms of the resistance. In such a way you want to defend the oil wealth which is a historic chance for Lebanon and for pulling Lebanon out off its crisis?

If you want that the Lebanese people do not alone assume the responsibility, please – O state – build a strategy. If you are not able to set a comprehensive national defense strategy - because some people have put impossible conditions to go back to the dialogue table - at least the dialogue table or the Lebanese government or the Supreme Defense Council must put a strategy to defend the national oil wealth. We are ready for what is required from us as a resistance in this national strategy. We have always bore difficulties and repercussions and we were not partners in the profits. You know that. We are ready to assume responsibility again because the blessings of this issue will benefit our entire nation and all of our people. We are not seeking a portion or a share or a finger lick. However we very much care that Lebanon as a nation, as a people, and as a state be able to extract oil wealth and benefit from it for the public interest of the country.

In this framework, I must assert on the day of Abi Abdullah Al Hussein (Peace be upon him), on the day of loyalty, the firm stance, and the determination which Zeinab (peace be upon her), Zein Al Aabideen (Peace be upon him) and the small children who were in the procession manifested. We too express the very stance and we know that in the next year as far as the resistance is concerned, we are before very great and important challenges. We know that the Israelis and the Americans are besieging us in the whole world and in the region. There are efforts to put Hezbollah on the European terrorist list. There are US decisions to prevent any activity or movement in Latin America. There are efforts in the Arab and Islamic world to make a devil of the resistance in Lebanon and to take revenge from this resistance which defeated Israel and embarrassed the Arab rulers and regimes. It also embarrassed many of the forces which claim being resistance movements in the nation. However on the Arbaeen of Abu Abdullah Al Hussein (Peace be upon him): All the efforts will be gone with the wind. Today in America and Israel they started discussing the repercussions of the events in Syria on the level of Hezbollah and the resistance armament in Lebanon. They are verifying if there is still arms transfer or did that stop? Did the arm stock start to retreat or it did not start to retreat? What is the horizon of this stock in the future? Indeed some people are helping them. Their only preoccupation is that in Lebanon there is this possibility for power which we must besiege, isolate, fight, and put an end to. However today – on the day of Zeinab (Peace be upon her), we tell America and Israel and all those who stand by their side and conspire with them: "You may contrive and try however much you can. By Him, you cannot achieve our status, nor reach our position, nor can you affect our mention?"

Today on the Day of Arbaeen of Al Hussein (Peace be upon him), we recall the stance of the tenth of Muharram. We tell the whole world which is thinking and bargaining on the possibility of harming us: In 1985, what did the resistance own whether from arms, equipment and numbers? Still it defeated Israel – the strongest army in the region. In 2000, what was the possession of the resistance from arms, equipment and numbers? Still it defeated Israel in 2000. True in 2006 capacities were better; but they were incomparable to the capacities of Israel. You are being wrong when you read our power in the equation of numbers, arms and rockets. Our true power is in our faith, will, determination and adoration to Allah, the Prophet of Allah, and the Master of Martyrs. It is in our determination and seeking of a noble life. It is in our culture that says: Life is in your death victorious, and death is in your life oppressed. You are wrong when you read the true power in our stance which we drew from Karbala and which we reiterate every day and every hour in our stance and practice. Again we say: The bastard son of a bastard has put us between two choices all through history: war or humiliation. Humiliation! How remote!

Today we recall the stance of our Imam Zein Al Aabideen (Peace be upon him) who was chained in the procession of captives. This state has its mighty natural and psychological repercussions. Still when he was threatened by being killed by Ibn Ziad, he said his well-known statement: "Are you threatening to kill me – O son of the freed". This is what we say to all those who threaten us. We say the word said by our Imam while being handcuffed. However, we are today saying the word of our Imam while we were and are still moving from power to power and from victory to victory: "Are you threatening to kill me O son of the freed. Being killed is just our habit. And we gain honor from Allah when we are martyred". Isn't this our culture? Isn't this our mentality and faith? Haven't we asserted this all over thirty years?

Thus I tell every foe and friend, and all those who love us and are worried and they are numerous in Lebanon and in the Arab and the Islamic world: Do not be afraid on this resistance because its will and the source of its power are from another nature.

Today we are in Marjet of Ras Al Ain. We are near the Shrine of the Head of Imam Hussein and the procession of the captives. In this square, the Imam of the resistance – Imam Sayyed Mussa Assader – stood and gave awakening and zealous speeches. It is the square of the Master of the Islamic Resistance martyrs – Sayyed Abbass Mussawi. It is the square of the first launching of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon. From this square we renew our oath to our Prophet (Peace be upon him and his Household), to the prophets of Allah (Peace be upon them) and to our Imams (Peace be upon them), to the Master of our Martyrs, to all the martyrs, to all the freemen, to all the honorable, to all the sanctities, and to all those who refuse oppression, humiliation and occupation: We will remain in Hussein's square of Karbala. Nothing wills apart us from him: neither chilly coldness, nor extreme hotness nor death nor killing nor threats nor offerings nor sacrifices no matter what they might be. Our call will always remain: At your service, O Hussein.

Peace be on you, my master and Lord Abi Abdullah, and on all the souls gathering around your holy site. Peace be on you as long as I remain alive and as long as night follows day. May Allah make it not my last visit to you. Peace be on Hussein, Ali the son of Hussein, the children of Hussein and the companions of Hussein.