Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Alex Jones is an agent provocateur for Uncle Sam

Wow, I just took at look at (the excellent) informationclearinghouse.info when I came across this:

Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan On Gun Control

Now, I have to admit that I have always intensely disliked Alex Jones, not so much for anything he said, but more for his delivery: he speaks like some typical inbred redneck half wit, an almost a perfect caricature of the arrogant, ignorant, loud and obnoxious American, the kind that is hated and despised worldwide and who, therefore, stays at home and avoids learning a foreign language at all cost.  Of course, that is hardly much of an argument.  According to the Bible, the prophet Moses was "weak in speech, and slow-tongued" (possibly a stuttering problem) and had to speak through Aaron to get his message across.  Being aware of the very real contribution of Alex Jones to the 9/11 issue, I did not want to criticize him too much.  But having now seen this video, I can only come to the conclusion that Alex Jones is far worse than the hysterical imbecile he tries so hard to impersonate during this interview, he actually is an agent provocateur.

Think of it, two of the most visible "truthers" which do get (some) airing time on mainstream media outlets are Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura - the same type of testosterone-poisoned loudmouths who will immediately turn off anybody with a minimum of education.  This is hardly a coincidence, I think.  Folks like Jones and Ventura serve the same function in the USA as Vladimir Zhirinovsky in Russia: they say a great deal of very important and true things, but they mix in a lot of utter nonsense and a delivery style which makes them look like lunatics.

It is also rather obvious that Jones only clearly caters to the least educated part of the US population.  When he shrieks that Mao, Chavez and Castro took guns away from their population or when he says that civilians armed with semi-automatic guns could prevent a despot from coming to power, he is clearing aiming his message at those whose only form of "education" is sitting in front of a TV (anybody else would only listen to such crap with a mix of amazement and disgust).

It is no wonder at all that CNN's Piers Morgan let Jones spew all this nonsense like some court jester or buffoon without interrupting him, only to then ask his opinion about 9/11.  Having made a complete fool of himself, anything Jones would say at this point would sound as complete hogwash, which it does this time too, of course.  Did you notice the banner "Jones conspiracy theories" which appeared at the end of the interview to reinforce the message?

It's not only 9/11, by the way.  There are a lot of articulate and very well-spoken opponent of gun control in the USA who could make a very good case for their point of view, but just like the articulate and well-spoken truthers, these guys get much less air time than the "obviously crazy" ones.  I would say that Uncle Sam kills two birds with one stone here: he makes both truthers and supporters of the 2nd Amendment look like retards who need to be send to grade school to get a minimal education and some lessons in basic civility and table manners.

Both Jones and his Russian alter-ego Zhirinovsky still have a substantial following and that is very discouraging, at least to me.  The big difference is that at least in Russia we now have democratically elected President and government of real patriots, whereas the USA is firmly in the hands of the two factions of the 1% Party: the Republicrats and the Demolicans.  This is why the situation in the USA is so much more immensely tragic.

The Saker