Friday, September 14, 2012

Statement of the Head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei

In the name of Allah the most Gracious, most Merciful

Allah the Dear an the Wise said: "Fain would they extinguish Allah's light with their mouths, but Allah will not allow but that His light should be perfected, even though the Unbelievers may detest."

O Iranian people, o Islamic Ummah

The vicious hands of the enemies of Islam had once again uncovered it's malice by offending the noble prophet (PBUH); and it revealed by this crazy, repulsive act the spiteful Zionism's anger at Islam and the Quran's sparkle in the world.

The indication to this crime's publicity and great sin lies in the fact that they targeted the most sacred, luminous character in the world with their disgusting exaggerations.

The hostile policy of Zionism and America, as well as the leaders of international arrogance is behind this repulsive act. Those imagine in vain that they could damage the high position of the Islamic sanctities in the eyes of the rising generation in the Islamic world, and extinguish the roots of their religious believes.

If they hadn't supported the previous links of this chain, like Salman Rujdi, the Dutch caricaturist, and the American pastor who burned the Quran, as well as the anti-Islam movies that were produced under their demand in Zionist capitalists' centers, things wouldn't have led to this unforgivable sin.

The prime suspect in this crime is Zionism and the American government.

If the American politicians were honest in their claims of not being involved, then they have to punish those involved in this disgraceful crime and its backers, with a punishment proportionate to the crime that hurt the hearts of the Islamic people.

Brothers and sisters in various parts in the world should realize that such desperate acts by the enemies against the Islamic awakening, are an indicator to the significance of this revolt and its steady growth.