Thursday, September 20, 2012

And now, a word from an enlightened secularist

I hesitated for a while before posting this, but ugly as this guy is, he does deserve to be better known.  For one thing, Pat Condell  makes no secret of his rabid hatred for Islam, Christianity and any other religion or, for that matter, anybody religious.  He is an iconic example of what I would call the "degenerate Crusader": he is still filled with the condescending arrogance of his Frankish civilizational progenitors but he expresses it in a very modern, "grinning homo" kind of style.   

Listening to this man is definitely a rather most unpleasant, sickening, experience but, I would argue, a useful one.  That is the true face of militant secularism and religious people should always remember that.

The Saker