Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Russia is considering shutting down YouTube

According to the very official Rossiiskaia Gazeta quoting the Russian Minister of Communications the Kremlin is seriously considering shutting down YouTube.  They could do that under a new law called "On the defense of children against information which can damage their health or development".  Furthermore, the Russian agency in charge of communications has already demanded that Internet service providers block the streaming of "Innocence of Muslims" on the grounds that it is "extremist" and "similar to child pornography".

This makes sense.  Russia is clearly siding with the Islamic world here, not only in its capacity as a nation with a strong Muslim minority, but also as a country which has as a policy to defend Russia's "historical religions".

I can imagine the outrage this will cause in the Anglosphere: the anti-Putin hysteria will now reach a new height, no doubt.

The Saker