Monday, December 5, 2011

This is what they call a punishment, setback and defeat (UPDATED 2x)

With around 95% of votes counted, here are the results in terms of seats in the next Duma (for percentages, see previous post, update 3)
  • United Russia: 238 seats
  • Communist Party:  92 seats
  • A Just Russia: 64 seats
  • Liberal Democratic Party of Russia: 56 seats
This is what the Western press calls "Voters punish Putin", "Putin Setback", "Putin barely hangs on to  majority" or "Poor results".  That, and of course, "fraud", "irregularities", "marred elections", etc. etc. etc.

Had this been the USA, the UK, France, or Israel, that would have been called a "landslide victory" and a "strong popular mandate" I suppose.

It's also amusing to me how they all fixate on Putin, never Medvedev.  Heck, even when Medvedev was in power, the Western pundits were insisting that Putin was the "real" ruler of Russia.

No wonder they are called "Presstitutes"...

UPDATE1: Hillary chimes in: she has "serious concerns" about the elections in Russia. Yeah, I betcha she does indeed.  With all the pro-US parties failing to even enter the Duma, I can imagine how depressed she must be...

UPDATE2: for a true masterpiece of how to turn black into white and and flip all the fact on their head, check out this amazing Reuters "analysis" in the Jerusalem Post.