Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Check out how Jewish Democrats meddle in the *Republican* race

Check out what I found in my email box today:

National Jewish Democratic Council
Dear NJDC Supporter,
Jewish Republicans and Jewish Democrats disagree about so much, but there's one thing on which we see eye-to-eye: Ron Paul is bad news when it comes to Israel.
Click here to watch the video!
The New York Times reported Sunday about some of Paul's fringe following, which also includes white supremacists and anti-Zionists -- and how Paul would "not disavow their support." The Ron Paul newsletters that traffic in racism and conspiracy theories are now legendary. If you have any doubts, watch him in the video slam U.S. support for Israel on Iranian government television ( click here or the image at right to watch the video).
But now comes another discovery surrounding Ron Paul: As JTA reports today, a former Paul staffer, who is Jewish, explains that his boss was "most certainly Anti-Israel, and Anti-Israeli in general." To top it off, he notes that Paul "strenuously does not believe the United States had any business getting involved in fighting Hitler in WWII."
Ron Paul has every reason to be taken seriously given the " rock-solid" campaign he's waging. I wrote in the Huffington Post about how serious a threat Paul is, what NJDC has done surrounding Democratic outliers in the past, and how Jewish Republicans should do more than pay lip service.
With the Iowa Caucus one week away, the time to act is TODAY. Please take these three steps right now to encourage the GOP to take this threat seriously!
Send an email to Mitt Romney (click to send) telling him that you find Ron Paul's views to be abhorrent -- and that as someone who claims to be a leader, the time has come for Romney to break the silence and condemn these dangerous views regarding Israel and so much more.
Send a message to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus (click to send) indicating that as leader of the Republican Party, you demand that he break the silence and condemn the abhorrent positions of Republican Rep. Ron Paul -- the current GOP leader in the polls in the Iowa Caucus.
Forward this critical effort to your friends and family -- help make sure they take action surrounding this presidential frontrunner today.
Both former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and RNC Chairman Priebus have not hesitated to level false criticism at Democrats over Israel; but when it comes to Ron Paul, where Jewish Democrats and Republicans alike agree that he's no friend, Romney and Priebus have been silent.
Please help encourage them to "find their voice" by taking action today.
David A.
David A. Harris
President and CEO 
Note: I hesitated whether to calls this post "Check out how Jewish Democrats meddle in the *Republican* race" or "Check out how Zionist Democrats meddle in the *Republican* race" but then I simply decided to call these folks what they call themselves.   I personally dislike the conflation of Jewish=Zionist, but then neither do I like to use cute euphemisms.  Lastly, not being a Jew myself, it really is not my problem whether these folks give all Jews a bad name or not.   Their problem, let them deal with it.
As for the substance of this email, it really shows to what degree tribalism supercedes largely irrelevant differences between the "Republicrats" and the "Demolicans".  What matters to them is Israel, as for the USA, its just a tool.

The Saker