Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Russian 'Mousavi' found!

Sure looks like in my first post about the elections in Russia I missed the obvious "Russian Mousavi": the good old Mikhail "Gorbi" Gorbachev - the man which the West loves so much for wrecking the Soviet regime and country - now is calling for new elections.  Which makes me wonder if George Soros wants to be the (not quite Russian) 'Russian' Rafsanjani.  So far, he has kept a low profile, but "Gorbi" would never make a move now without asking his bosses.

As I am sure you have heard by now, there were some protests in Moscow and riot police was deployed.  This is not quite as sexy as the riots in Iran, but nonetheless a good showing for the "regime changers".  

Not everybody buys it though.  Check out this piece on the Lew Rockwell blog.  Instead of shedding crocodile tears about election fraud and a defeat for Putin, the folks at LRC are taking a closer look at the "Golos" "fraudbusters" and their ties to the US CIA sponsored organizations.  They even offer an interesting hypothesis:
Could US criticisms of Russia on the eve of elections somehow be related to Russia's surprisingly firm stance in favor of its ally Syria as NATO and its corrupt puppets in the Arab League prepare a Libya-style "liberation"
Kudos for  some good thinking here!

My personal feeling is that the West knows very well that there is not much it can do that stir some local protests here and there.  This is just a big rehearsal for the upcoming presidential elections.  Once Putin is re-elected - and it is pretty certain that he will - the West will not so much attempt to pull-off a regime change operation  a la 'Gucci Revolution' in Iran, but paint Putin as a dictator thereby returning to the 'good old Cold War' (at least from the point of view of the US and British oligarchies).

It is interesting that the Western narrative presents the Russian Communist Party as the main victim from the alleged fraud.  I suppose that the dismal showing of the pro-Western parties gives them no other choice.  Besides, the commies having already crashed the country in 1991, they can probably be counted upon to repeat that feat again.

Still, the irony of CIA-paid organizations shedding crocodile tears over how the Russian communists were robbed of their electoral victory is truly comical for those who, like me, remember the Cold War and how the very same CIA supported the so-called 'dissidents' against these very same Communists.

The Saker