Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lovefest around the "Only Democracy In The Middle-East"

First, it was Erdogan who declared that henceforth the Turkish Navy would escort ships headed for Gaza with humanitarian aid.  It sounds fantastic, of course, but its all hot air.  Turkey is not going to confront the Israelis on the high seas because their US masters will simply not allow that.  Still, it says something about the public opinion in Turkey.

But the really amazing thing is what happened in Cairo: the people stormed the Israeli Embassy (for the 2nd time!) and the Israeli Ambassador, his family and staff had to be evacuated back to "Eretz Yisrael" under a military protection escort.  According to Russian TV reports, the same crowds also attacked the Egyptian Ministry of State Security and, now watch this, the Saudi Embassy!

Both Erdogan's statement and the riots in Cairo were triggered by the exact same feature of the Israeli mentality: the categorical refusal to apologize for unjustifiable violence. In the first case, Israel refused to apologize for the Mavi Marmara massacre, in the second case, Israel refused to apologize for murdering Egyptian border guards.  Both of these events are highly symbolical as they illustrate some key Israeli points of view:

a) We don't care about borders or international law
b) We will kill as many goyim as we want
c) Goyim lives are irrelevant
d) The Chosen People do not apologize to goyim

We could call it "criminal chutzpah" I suppose.  Or "political sociopathy".  Or "national antisocial personality disorder".  Or good old racist hubris.  Different expression, same mindset.

What these guys are getting wrong is this: the land they occupy is not in the Brooklyn or the 4th arrondissement of Paris.  This is the Middle-East, where honor means a lot, and where cop-outs about "anti-Semitism" are met with dismissive smiles or giggles.  Hence the current love-fest all around the "Only Democracy In The Middle-East".

As for the Israelis, they are doing what they do best: they are calling Uncle Sam (Uncle Shmuel?) to the rescue.  To some degree, this will help tone down the Turkish rhetoric, but with the Egyptians - it will only make things "worse" (or better - depending on your point of view).

I am particularly amazed at the Egyptian people.  By attacking the Israeli Embassy, then the offices of the State Security and then the Saudi Embassy villa, they are really "connecting the dots", aren't they? 

The road to al-Quds goes through Riyadh, doesn't it?