Thursday, September 22, 2011

Explosions indeed, but caused by water and aluminum: a new theory about 911?

Yup, they came up with yet another theory to 'explain' the collapse of the Twin Towers.  This time, the Twin Towers fell, I kid you not, because of an explosion caused by a mix of water and aluminum.  You can read all about it here.

Well, I would say that the glass is clearly half-full, because at the very least they admit that explosions did cause the collapse.  That is in itself very good news indeed.  You just got to love this quote:

The aluminium-water scenario would also account for explosions from within the buildings just prior to their collapse that have fuelled conspiracy theories suggesting that the structures had been booby-trapped.

Yeah,  good thing the 'conspiracists' kept bringing these explosions up, or nobody else would have...

I wonder whether "exploding water and aluminum" can also account for the unexploded thermitic material found in the WTC dust?

But then, 9/11 Truth debunkers do really believe in miracles, don't they?