Friday, September 9, 2011

911 truth: Israel, Jews, Neocons and the ADL - now that you mention it...

In preparation for the 10th anniversary of September 11th attacks, the Anti-Defamation League went on the offensive with a long article entitled "Decade of Deceit: Anti-Semitic 9/11 Conspiracy Theories 10 Years Later", a very interesting piece indeed which I urge you call to carefully read.  FYI, on of the persons the ADL mentions, wrote a reply in the form of an open letter to Abe Foxman, the ADL director.  Anyway, Abe's article has an interesting structure.

He begins by saying how bad the "anti-Semitic faction of the 9/11 Truth movement" is.  Then, he goes on listing all the "bad things" these folks say.  What he does not do, however, is in any way shape or form try to dispute or, much less so, disprove the claims these folks make.  I guess in his logic if "bad, bad, really bad" people says XYZ, then XYZ is self-evidently wrong.  Either that or, and I am inclined to believe the latter, he is training his audience of doubleplusgoodthinking Israel-fanboys to reject as crimethink any and all forms of arguments XYZ without any need to actually *think* about them.

Clearly, Abe thinks that we are all idiots and he wants to train us like Pavlov's dogs, to have a unconscious conditioned response rejecting whatever it is that the ADL finds objectionable.

Think about it: if "conspiracists" is bad, and "anti-Semite" is superlatively loathsome, then just imagine how absolutely unspeakably abominable an "anti-Semitic conspiracist" will be!

Seriously, the Imperial Establishment is clearly "pushing back" with all its power propagandistic power.  Alas, it's not only the ADL, its the entire propaganda machine which is barraging us with propaganda, from the BBC, to Alexander Cockburn - the anti Truther campaign is in full swing.