Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Netanyahu, Obama and the rest of them are polarizing the world, and this is a very good thing indeed

Yesterday I watched with some amazement how the entire US Congress stood up and down and up and down and up and down again "interrupting" Netanyahu's speech with obligatory standing ovations and thought to myself, is there any way at all a country could humiliate itself any more?  Keep in mind that the man for whom the US Congress folks were obsequiously hopping up and down is the same man who humiliated the US president in public, inside the White House.  Now, setting aside all the empty rhetoric, was was Netanyahu's message to Congress and the rest of the world?  Simply this: Israel does not give a damn about international law or public opinion and the only thing Israel will ever "negotiate" with the Palestinians is a wholesale unconditional surrender.

This is actually very good news.

It is good for the Palestinians because it makes any and all forms of "negotiations" with Israel look exactly like what they are: at best, a total waste of time, at worst, a euphemism for capitulation.

It is good for the (few) mentally sane Israelis who are not subscribing to the prevailing racist ideology because it makes the racist delusion of a "two state solution" unambiguously unachievable. 

It is good for the entire Middle-East because it further polarizes all politicians into two clearly separated groups: on one side Israeli puppets and traitors and on the other (more or less) popular leaders actually representing their constituencies.

It is good news for the USA because it now shows to those how still have a functioning brain that the real "President" of the USA is Benjamin Netanyahu and the real "Congress" of the United States is AIPAC.

The first necessary step in resolving any problem is to diagnose it.  Without that first step, no solution can every be found.  In this case, the entire planet has a problem and that problem has two faces, like a coin: a secular one and a religious one:

The secular one is called Zionism and it can be summed up in the following sentence: "God does not exist, but He gave us the Holy Land".  This ideology is a co-product of 19h century European nationalism and it is therefore not surprising that it is racist, imperialist and colonial in its deepest core.

The religious one is called Talmudic/Phariseic "Judaism" (which has nothing in common with the religion of the Old Testament and) which can be summed up in the following sentence: "God created Jews in His image and likeness and He created the goyim from (a different essence from) the earth".  This belief in two different essences between Jews and goyims can only be described as Satanic (as Christ Himself said I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan Rev 2:9).

What we see in modern Israel is an inevitable fusion of these two initially distinct ideologies into a new one, which could be loosely referred to as the self-worship cult of the Jewish tribe.  This cult has a new, quasi Christ-like, messiah - the Jewish tribe as a whole who suffered during the so-called "Holocaust" for the sake of repairing the world (tikkun olam).  This collective messiah has lead the Jewish people back to the Land of Israel and he will restore peace to the entire planet by ruling the world from Jerusalem with the Jews as mediators between God and the goyim (hence the "undivided and eternal" capital of Israel).

This is not an ideology which can be negotiated with.  Certain ideologies or world views leave some room for compromise, but one which is both "God-given" AND racist does not.

Is this nuts?  Yes, absolutely.  Is this Satanic?  Totally.  Is this real?  You bet it is!  Just listen to Netanhayu and the rest of them.  They have finally come out of "their closet" and they are openly proclaiming their beliefs.  The predictable result of this great "coming out" (which, I would argue, began under Clinton) will be the inevitable polarization of the entire planet into the same two camps as in the Middle-East: those who are with "them" and those who are not (does that not remind you of Junior's "you are either with us or with the terrorists"?).

The stakes in his conflict are truly huge, way bigger than only Palestine or the entire Middle-East.  What is at stake is the soul of mankind, our very humanity.  Will we submit to the absolutely evil ideology combining secular racism and religious satanism, or will our civilizations fight for the idea of the common humanity and brotherhood of ALL humans?  Will we find it in ourselves to finally "globalize the Intifada" or will we submit to the Synagogue of Satan?

Though at times this Synagogue of Satan appears almighty, it is not and the real outcome of this struggle is not only external, but it is also internal: it is primarily fought inside the soul of each human being.  As soon as a person commits himself/herself to resist evil that evil is already instantly defeated in the soul of this person!    Sure, the Empire seems powerful, but its power is only external.  The reality is that it is being beat on all fronts and it is on the retreat - in particular inside the mind and souls of more and more people.  Just think of how many people reached their "breaking point" listening to Netanyahu, Obama and the rest of them in the past couple of days.  Whatever the figure, I can promise you that more people opened their eyes to what is really going on than were put to sleep by it all.

Netanyahu and Obama are probably doing more than anyone else to globalize the Intifada and, for that at least, we ought to be grateful.

The Saker