Monday, May 23, 2011

Glorious victory for the invincible Tsahal!!

Commentary by Mark Regev (or was it Barak Obama? don't matter - same thing):
It is good to see that the glorious and invincible IDF (aka 'Tsahal') continues to maintain a clear military edge over the terrorists and enemies of democracy, civilization and progress. As the only democracy in the Middle-East continues to be surrounded by millions of barbarians representing an existential threat to the peace-loving Jewish state of Holocaust survivors, and as the specter of a Second Holocaust looms big over our eternal friends, the SIX MILLION (!) Jewish people of Israel, it is absolutely vital that the eternal alliances between the USA and Israel remain as strong as ever, to the point of making the two states indistinguishable.  Let the murderous thugs like Ahmadinejad and the "A-Team of terrorism" - Hezbollah - know that the young men and woman of the Jewish state of Israel will stand strong and proud in defense of the enlightened values of Jewish supremacy, religion-based racism and full-spectrum brutality dominance (aka the Dahiya doctrine).  At a time when the New Antisemitism is on the rise - "The belly is still fertile that gave birth to the vile beast" - and when millions of innocent Jews worldwide are threatened by a Second Holocaust, it is reassuring and deeply comforting to see that those who made the desert green in the land without people for a people without land, are now standing as one in defense of our common values.  Let the Antisemites and self-hating Jews worldwide behold how their terrorist friends are dealt with by the enlightened security forces of Eretz Yisrael acting in self-defense.