Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lack of change we can all believe in

So Obama, having betrayed every promise he ever made, was in a popularity free fall for a looooooong time already.  Then he decided to announce that he would seek a second term.  That did littele to improve his ratings.  Then OBL was "killed" (on Holocaust Day!) while Obama was about to depart for a trip to New York to visit "ground zero".  That did the trick and his popularity jumped right back up. It's all just so all so *perfect*

The scary thing is to imagine what happens if Obama's popularity surge proves short lived.  There is still a long while to go before the elections, and the 10th anniversary of 9/11 is coming up this Fall.  Add to this the promise that 'al-Qaeda' will "retaliate" for the killing of OBL and you would see what this looks outright frightening.

Also - "waterboarding works".  Or, at least, that is what the US regime would want us to believe (they say that it was the mass waterboarding of KSM which yielded the name of the courier which lead the US to OBL).  So to "protect us" all, the TSA will keep on porno-scanning and "enhanced groping", the folks in Gitmo, Bagram and elsewhere will keep on waterboarding, and the NSA/FBI snooping on all our communications.

That is the *lack* of change we can all believe in.

In the meantime Russia is still trying to catch-up with the USA: the Russian government has announced that it is now introducing US-style color-coded "terrorism alert levels" which the US just dump.  *Hopeless* [sigh, rolleyes].

The Saker