Tuesday, March 22, 2011

President Medvedev makes a VERY defensive statement about Libya (UPDATED!)

Absolutely amazing stuff.  Russian President Medvedev has just make an extremely defensive declaration about Russia's decision not to veto the UNSC resolution on Libya.  Here it is in Russian (sorry for those who do not speak the language - its the only version I have found so far):

As soon as I get a transcript or a subtitled version I will post it here.

My own personal feeling that the Medvedev-Putin conflict might well be real.

The Saker

PS: If you want to hear the actual words of Putin which got Medvedev so defensive, click here (mp4 video file) 

UPDATE: thanks to Balqis De Cesare (thanks!!) here are both statements:

Putin: http://premier.gov.ru/eng/events/news/14542/ 

Medvedev: http://eng.kremlin.ru/news/1933