Friday, March 18, 2011

Hezbollah statement commenting on the bloody repression of civilian protesters in Bahrain

In His Name be He Exalted

Commenting on the bloody repression that targeted protesters in Bahrain, Hezbollah issued the following statement:

"Before the excessive use of violence to suppress the peaceful demonstrations by the people of Bahrain to claim their legitimate political rights, the violence which is associated with the use of arms and which came directly after the visit of US Secretary of War Robert Gates to Manama, Hezbollah condemns these irresponsible acts against peaceful citizens and sees them as an aggression on freedom of expression and all the fundamental rights of citizens who aspire to a greater political role with the aim of servicing their country, the rights guaranteed by all international laws and conventions.
Hezbollah believes that the intensive use of violence does not serve the future of Bahrain and has a negative impact on stability in the country, besides hampering the efforts aimed at reaching a political solution to the crisis in this dear Arab country."
Dear all,

- The peaceful popular protests in Bahrain were a civilized civil expression of rightful legitimate rights against appropriation and marginalization

- The Bahraini authority have used force unjustifiably which led to the killing of tens of people and the injury of hundreds.

- The authority has brought in external Saudi support under the pretext of joint defense.

- There is not an external threat to Bahrain; there is, rather, a national rights movement led by members of parliament democratically elected by the people.

- The US interference seems suspicious, for the US Defense Minister was in Bahrain a few days ago, and as soon as he left, the crackdown and suppression started, and today US Assistant Secretary of State Feltman is there; one wonders, is he offering dialogue advice or crackdown advice?

- I think we should all cry out in order to save human lives that are being threatened for the mere reason of demanding their simple rights.

International Relations- Beirut