Friday, January 28, 2011

Tehran 1979 - Cairo 2011? (some random thoughts)

I am amazed by the video coming out of Egypt.  I constantly switch from al-Jazeera, to RT TV, to Press TV and back.  Could it really be that the Mubarak regime could really fall?

(I got to give al-Jazeera a big "bravo!" for its coverage of the events in Palestine and Egypt.)

I have written many time here that Egypt is the most important and also the weakest link in the Zionist cordon surrounding the Palestinian people.  If Egypt 'falls' - so will the Gaza blockade.

Amazing times.

First, in farway Tunisia, the Ben Ali regime fell.  Then, far more amazingly, the Hariri regime in Lebanon fell. Then, thanks to the Palestine Links on al-Jazeera, the Abbas regime in the West Bank did not fall (Israel would never allow that), but appears totally paralyzed.  Now the Mubarak regime is shaking and could well collapse.  If so, I can only say

FINALLY!!  Glory be to God!

As with any revolution, there might be attempts to derail or co-opt it.  (The return to El Baradei to Cairo reminds me of Bakhtiar trying to control the Iranian Revolution).

This is far from over, and its too early to call. But I want to believe that finally the entire edifice of USraelien control over the Middle-East is falling down.

I know, some think that all these events are CIA-inspired or even CIA-driven.  I don't buy that.  This is not the "Gucci-Revolution" we saw in Iran and I don't believe for one second that the Egyptian elites are behind these events.  Sure, they might try to co-opt it (see above), but they are currently not in control.

What are you guys thinking about all this?

Let us know, please.

The Saker