Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Iran Foils Zionist Mossad Scheme to Sabotage Iranian Nuclear Program, ’’Israeli’’ Espionage Networks Collapse like Dom

The list of scientists assassination goes on, where the Zionist Mossad has assassinated some of the major nuclear scientists in the Arab countries.

Of these scientists for example, is the Egyptian Nuclear scientist Samira Moussa, who made a study on stopping the power countries' domination over the possession of nuclear weapons, and reached a result where an atomic bomb could be provided in all the countries of the world.

The Zionist Mossad assassinations continue as more scientists are targeted including Egyptian Scientist Yahya Al Mashhad, who followed up the Iraqi nuclear program, and scientist Saeed Sayyed Bdeir, who came up with 13 scientific studies over satellite moons.

Furthermore, the Mossad assassinated the Lebanese scientist Rammal Hassan Rammal, who was considered to be one of the most important physicians in the 20th century.

Another Egyptian nuclear scientist, Mostafa Msharfa, was also assassinated by the Mossad, and was one of Albert Einstein's students, and one of his assistants who helped him reach the theory of relativity.

In this context, the Mossad has been apparently responsible for most of the assassinations of the scientists in the Arab and Islamic world, in addition to the disappearance of several others.

On another hand, there is also the Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qader Khan, known as the "Father of the Pakistani Nuclear Bomb", was spiritually devastated after being set to house arrest due to a judiciary sentence caused by the western powers.

Zionist attempts to jeopardize the capabilities of the entire nation continue, and recently, a western Zionist scheme was revealed, which aims at sabotaging the Iranian peaceful nuclear program.

This was sought through pursuing Iranian nuclear scientists, kidnapping them, and terminating them, and this comes after the west's failure in sabotaging the nuclear program.

On this level, Iran has recently announced it has revealed the veil off a Zionist espionage network, which was discovered to be responsible for the assassination of Iranian Nuclear scientist Masoud Ali Mohammadi a year ago.

On another hand, the recent years revealed the intensity of the effect of the enemy's strategic firms within the Arab and Islamic countries, especially after several Zionist Mossad networks were revealed in Lebanon.

Furthermore, the Dubai police what capable of revealing the Mossad network that conducted the Hamas leader assassination, Mahmoud Al Mabhouh, also the Egyptian authorities were able to arrest the Egyptian espionage agent Tareq Abdul Razek for working for the "Israeli" enemy .

This revelation took the Egyptian authorities years of monitoring, leading to other revelations of three "Israeli" espionage networks in Syria and Lebanon.

Although Egypt has signed a compromise convention with the Zionist entity, the Egyptian national security was included in the Zionist intelligence violations, in addition to other espionage operations.

The following are several Zionist Mossad breaches in Egypt:

In 1985, Egypt declared the arrest of an espionage network of 9 Mossad members.

In August 1986, another espionage network was arrested, where many of its members were employees in the "Israeli" Academic Center in Cairo, in addition to a US woman who worked in the US Aid Committee.

The Egyptian security firms found some video recordings and photos, in addition to a studio including a broadcast and receiving station.
It was later revealed that these photos were taken for Egyptian army units during night time using laser beams.

In the late 1986, four espionage agents were arrested in Sharm Al Sheikh.

In 1987, an espionage network was revealed, regulated by tourists while visiting in Sharm Al Sheikh.

In 1990, security firms arrested Ibrahim Mosbah Awara for taking part with a Zionist intelligence general in instigating the Egyptian girl, Sahar, into triggering conflict against Egypt.

Sahar had refused to spy on her country, and informed Egyptian security firms of the attempts to recruit her for the "Israelis".

The "Israeli" agent was then arrested and was sentenced to 15 years of prison.

In 1992, Al Masrati network, including 4 agents collapsed. The members were Sobhi Masrati and his children Majed and Faeika, in addition to another agent named David Ovits.

Faeika Masrati confessed in the investigations that the Mossad recruited her to work for them two years earlier through David Ovits, who took part in training her on how to gather information about military and strategic targets, in addition to general figures in Egypt.

There is no doubt that the Zionist enemy's espionage networks are falling apart like domino rocks in Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Dubai, and other countries.

Amir Moussawi: Zionist Enemy was Surprised of Iranian Development in Revealing its Espionage Networks

In this context, the Iranian Strategic Expert Amir Moussawi confirmed that revealing the Zionist espionage network in Iran came in an early stage.

He also referred that this network had a dangerous and broad scheme working in accordance with an agenda special for the Iranian nuclear program, the nuclear scientists, and the missile defense system in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Moussawi referred that the Zionist entity was surprised with the revelation of its networks after it spent great amounts of money to spy on Iran through its neighboring countries, in order to sabotage the Iran's nuclear program and missile defense system.

Furthermore, Amir Moussawi clarified that the US and "Israel" were incapable of attacking Iranian targets due to the Iranian forces' readiness, and that is why they decided to spy on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In an interview with Alintiqad.com, Moussawi referred that these networks were put into action between Iran and Arab countries to conduct sabotaging operations, in addition to espionage operations to gather information on Iran.

In this context, The Iranian Strategic expert stated that Iran was capable of purchasing evident documents that confirm that the Mossad and the Central Intelligence of America (CIA) had a hand in the revealed espionage network.

According to Moussawi, these espionage networks worked accurately and in a highly developed status, yet the Iranian forces proved-on another hand-high development, and were capable of discovering these networks.

Moussawi added that "Israel" knows that Iranian human capabilities are very high, clarifying that what Iran reached in its nuclear program and military defense system, was dependent on the Iranian scientists.

Amir Moussawi stated that Iran did not exploit any foreign expert, which is why the Zionist enemy and the US administration are still incapable of knowing details regarding the Iranian nuclear development.

Moussawi referred to the reasons of the "Israeli" and US irritation in light of little information present regarding the Iranian nuclear program:

1- The Enormity of the Iranian Nuclear Program

2- Iran not exploiting foreign nuclear experts and depending on Iranian nuclear experts

3- Being incapable of gathering information from the inside of Iran

Amir Moussawi referred that the Zionist enemy must be frustrated for its failure in purchasing any information, adding that the enemy was surprised for an unexpected event, which it the developed capability of the Iranian forces in revealing the espionage networks.

Hicham Jaber: Zionist Espionage Networks Collapsed like Dominos Rocks

On his part, Head of Middle East Center for Studies and Public Relations, Major General Hicham Jaber believed that the intelligence issue is very important, and lies on top of the Zionist enemy's priorities.

On this level, Maj. Gen. Jaber referred that despite that "Israel" had before aced its espionage system, yet it discovered after the July 2006 war that it needed many accurate information, and this resulted in its defeat against the resistance, as proved in to Winograd report.

Jaber clarified that "Israel" used all developed technical methods to spy on Lebanon, including the latest networks revealed in Sanin and Barouk, in addition to espionage attempts against the resistance's telecoms network.

Maj. Gen. Jaber said the "Israeli" enemy used phone wiretapping, reconnaissance planes, in addition to recruiting agents capable of gathering more information about their targets.

Maj. Gen. Hicham Jaber confirmed that the espionage agents arrested in Lebanon collapsed like domino rocks, referring that there are still many other unrevealed espionage networks in the country.

In an interview with Alintiqad.com, Jaber clarified that revealing the veil off the Mossad agents represents a big loss for the Mossad.

He also stressed that the resistance in Lebanon is a major target for the Zionist intelligence, adding that the enemy aims through spying, at preventing further defeat in any upcoming war.

Regarding the espionage networks in Iran, Jaber confirmed that there is no possibility for no one to spy on Iran.

Jaber referred that intelligence members usually exploit the occupation of a journalist, a reporter, or a businessman, but it is not easy for "Israeli" or western espionage networks to break into Iran.

""Israel" does not dare to install espionage networks in the Islamic Republic of Iran, that is why it exploits other countries for this aim", Maj. Gen. Jaber said.

Regarding the presence of Mossad networks in Iraq, Jaber referred that Iraq is a country opened for the Zionists due to the US occupation.

He clarified that many of the espionage networks present in Iraq not only gather information, but also conduct military and assassination operations, in addition to triggering sectarian conflicts.

Hicham Jaber added that "Israel" is aiming at dividing Sudan since the Bin Gurion government in 1955, and has recently achieved its goal.

Head of Middle East Center for Studies and Public Relations referred that Egypt is full of Zionist espionage networks due to its acceptance of the "Israeli" enemy.

Jaber also revealed that there are some agents that enter the Egyptian territories through the Zionist Embassy in Egypt, considering that revealing the "Israeli" espionage networks by the Egyptian firms has political aims.

Maj. Gen. Hicham Jaber said that "Israel" aims at spying on Egypt until achieving peace with it, because it believes that Egypt could be an enemy any second.

Tahsin Halabi: Zionist Mossad is Incapable of Conducting any War in the Region

On his part, Syrian Expert in Zionist affairs, Tahsin Halabi confirmed in an interview with Alintiqad.com, that the collapse of the "Israeli" espionage networks represents a big slap in the face of the "Israeli" Mossad.

He added, "Especially in the face of former Mossad Chief Maeir Dagan, who "Israel" considers as the most successful Mossad Chief, yet he has left his position after great failure before and during the July 2006 war".

Halabi referred that the "Israeli" enemy's defeat back then was a defeat for the Zionist Mossad, because the information purchased by the "Israeli" army was handed in by the Mossad.
According to Halabi, after 2006 and following years, many failing operations conducted by the Zionist espionage system could be mentioned.

Of these operations, Halabi referred to the Dubai operation, where the aim was not to assassinate Al Mabhouh, but it was to kidnap him.
"The other face of this operation's failure was the revelation of 27 Mossad members", Halabi stated.

He added that Dagan lost 27 men of his finest, because after their identity is revealed they are discharged from service.

On the level of "Israeli" espionage in Iran, and assassinating nuclear scientists, Tahsin Halabi referred that not only Gaza, Lebanon, and Syria are subject to the "Israeli" aggressions, but they also include the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Halabi said it is normal to witness the revelation of "Israeli" espionage network in Iran, especially that the "Israeli" enemy has made efforts to have access to be an insider in Iran.

Halabi confirmed that any scheme for another "Israeli" aggression on Gaza or against the resistance in Lebanon will have negative results on the spirits of the Zionist generals, saying that this will lead to shaking the trust between the Mossad and the Zionist occupying army.
Expert in Zionist affairs said that the Mossad has witnessed its biggest failure in the Teshreen (October) War, where it failed to present any stance or information about the war launched by Egypt and Syria against "Israel".

Halabi referred that it [Teshreen War] led to the shaking of trust between the enemy army and the Mossad intelligence.

Ahmad Shaaban: "Israel" Spies on Egypt Despite so-called "Peace Agreement"

On another hand, Egyptian Political Analyst Ahmad Bahaa Al Dine Shaaban referred in an interview with Alintiqad.com that the major indication of revealing the Zionist espionage networks in Egypt, is that the Zionist entity considers this country as a major enemy, and will not hesitate in breaching its borders or security.

Shaaban added that spying on Egypt despite the so-called "Peace Agreement" with "Israel", confirms that "Israel" does not put any standard to its breaches.

He added that "Israel" considers Egypt as a major foe in the region, and is working on gathering information to recruit agents to work for it against the country.

Shaaban called upon Arab countries and regimes, stressing on the importance of being aware from this enemy, in addition to installing plans to reveal its violations against the nation.

The Political Analyst added that the problem today lies in some Arab countries that claim the importance of accepting peace with the Zionist enemy, adding that therefore, these countries appear to be easygoing with the enemy, and are not serious in confronting it.