Thursday, January 27, 2011

Speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah January 25th, 2011.

In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be on the Seal of prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi Al Qassem Mohammad and on his chaste and pure Household. Peace be on you my master and Lord Abu Abdullah and on all the souls gathering around your holy site. Peace be on you as long as I remain alive and as long as night follows day. May Allah make it not my last visit to you. Peace be on Hussein, Ali the son of Hussein, the children of Hussein, the companions of Hussein, the orphans of Hussein and the womenfolk of Hussein who were taken as prisoners. Peace be on all of them on Al Arbaeen day that marks the 40th day following the martyrdom of Imam Hussein.

Scholars, brothers, sisters, adorers, consolers and consoled! Peace be on you all and Allah's mercy and blessing.

First, I ask Allah Al Mighty to accept from all of you your offering of condolences to the Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him and on his Household) and his Household on the Arbaeen of the Master of Martyrs. You have come from all around this chaste and prideful region – the region of Bekaa and the city of Baalbeck – to commemorate this occasion. I ask Allah Al Mighty to reward you generously and accept wholly your work, condolences, tears, sadness and determination.

Brothers and sisters! On this great and solemn occasion, I would like to say a word on the occasion, a brief word on the region and a word on the Lebanese recent developments especially that we are living important, sensitive and decisive days in the history of our country.

First, on the occasion of Al Arbaeen, I say that when we commemorate this occasion here in Baalbeck, millions of lovers commemorate it in the city of Karbala and in many other cities around the world, we would be in fact renewing what took place on the day of Ashura - meaning the bloody confrontation. It is a struggle between righteousness and falsehood, between faithfulness and treachery and between justice and oppression. Al Arbaeen is an occasion to renew the memory of Ashura. Al Arbaeen is an occasion in which we recall the procession of the captive women and what took place in Ashura.

The long captivation procession which the killers had aims behind was not a haphazard trip. The long sad heartbreaking captivation procession extended from Karbala to Kufa along 2000 kilometers, while the womenfolk were in that situation and circumstances until reaching Al Sham countries and the Lebanese territories where the procession of sadness and the procession of the women captives crossed the villages of Qaa, Labweh and Maqneh until reaching the city of Baalbeck where you are massing. From Baalbeck the procession headed to Damascus which then was the capital of Yazid (Bin Muawiyeh).

This historic, jihadi, tolerant, strong-willed, determined, prideful, believing and God-trusting procession included Imam Ali Bin Al Hussein Zein Al Aabideen – who remained from the Messenger and the Prophet and his Household - besides a large group of women who included the daughters and grandchildren of the Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him and his Household), the wives of the brave faithful martyrs who were killed in Karbala and a number of children and orphans. Accompanying the procession were the heads of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him), Abi Al Fadel Al Abbass (pbuh), the martyrs of the Prophet's Household and the companions of Al Hussein who remained faithful and were killed with Al Hussein (pbuh).

This procession which included these dear, holy and precious members was moving from one city to another, from one village to another, from one desert to another and from one hill to another to be seen by all tribes, clans, habitats of towns and residents of villages in very hard and tough conditions: handcuffs and chains around feet, whips lashing backs and chests, curses and abusing words showering over them, incessant threats of killing and liquidation… What is more aching is that the people who were guided by their grandfather and his religion and sacrifices were summoned in every city, town and village to hold shows of rejoice and celebration to hail the victory of the murderous authority which killed the grandson of the Prophet of Allah and the rest of the sons of the Muhajereen (those who emigrated with the Prophet to Medina) and Ansar (those who supported the Prophet while still in Mecca) on the tenth day of Muharam of the year 61 A.H.

By making this procession walk all this long distance, the authority wanted to achieve several goals including revealing its victory, oppression and power. Sayyeda Zeinab (pbuh) hinted to that in the speech she delivered in the palace of Yazid in Damascus. So first they wanted to show their victory, oppression and power. They also wanted to rejoice over the misfortune of the captured and reveal the spirit of revenge and renew what took place in the battle of Badr. In this framework, they said a day in return for the day of Badr. They wanted to say for history and the Ummah that what took place in Karbala was a response to Mohammad and his companions who fought and gained victory in Badr battle over Qoraish and its tyrants. So they wanted to humiliate the Household of Mohammad (pbuh) and touch on their will, belief, determination and trust in Allah, in the future and in Allah's promise to grant His followers victory. Among the goals also is frustrating the Ummah and threatening everyone who thinks of making a revolution and standing in face of the tyrant that they will kill him and behead him and take his women as captives. In 61 A. H. there wasn't anyone dearer, greater and of a higher status higher than Imam Hussein in the conscience of the nation. Still the authority had killed him, beheaded him, roamed with his head and those of his companions in every country and taken as captives his women and even the Prophet's daughters.

So the procession was a policy of terrorizing, crushing and frustration to everyone who might think of voicing out the truth in the face of an autocrat or of making an uprising or a revolution, or fight and revolt. Thus, they wanted this procession to pass in through Iraq and Sham – these two regions which were most important and decisive and capable of deciding the form of the nation, the caliphate and the political future.

This autocratic decision was a show of slyness by Yazid. However, since the days of Adam, Allah Al Mighty has been guarding His religion securing His prophets, defending His followers and guarding His message. {They plot and plan, and Allah too plans, but the best of planners is Allah}. This procession which was meant to achieve these goals was the complementary piece that achieved the goals of the martyrdom of Al Hussein and his blood and cry made on the tenth of Muharram in Karbala. This planning reminds me of the divine planning in the story of Abraham (pbuh) and the story of Moses (pbuh). When Namroud wanted to put Abrams in fire, he called for the people to come from all around his kingdom to witness the burning of Abraham. But then the miracle was. Allah Al Mighty asked the fire: {O fire! Be thou cool and a means of safety for Abraham}. Namroud plotted to absolutely get rid of Abraham. Allah Al Mighty planned in return. If Abraham wanted to roam from one village to another and from one town to another to gather the people around him and preach them about monotheism and show them his miracle, how many years, miracles and effort he would have needed? However Namroud with his wrong plotting he gathered the people for him to witness the great miracle. This is what took place with Moses (pbuh) too. If Moses wanted to move in the kingdom of Pharaoh from one city to another, from one town to another and from one tribe to another to preach them about monotheism and reveal his miracle for them, he would have needed much time and effort and many miracles. However Pharaoh's bad plotting pushed him to gather all the people of Egypt on the Day of the Festival and put Moses before the challenge. Moses' miracle overpowered the magic of the magicians. {They plot and plan, and Allah too plans, but the best of planners is Allah}.

If Yazid and Ibn Ziad took Imam Zein Al Aabideen, Zeinab, the women, the orphans and the heads secretly to Medina and left them there and prevented them from leaving it, would the voice of Hussein, his blood, his word, the injustice made against him and all these values, concepts, events, greatness and principles which were consolidated in Karbala have reach the Ummah in 61 or 62 or 63 A.H.? Would all of that have reached us after hundreds of years? However they aimed for something from this plotting and Allah wanted something else. True it included the pain of captivity and the sorrows of Imam Zein Aabideen and the womenfolk; however this is the path of Allah, this is the path of challenge, this is the path of sacrifices, this is the path of blood and tears shedding and losing face, this is the path of the followers of Allah all through history. This procession left from Karbala to Kufa and met with people who massed to celebrate the victory of Yazid but then their festivals turned to a very touching consolation scene as Zeinab, Sukeyneh and Fatima made every eye and heart cry. She told them the truth. All through the way – from Kufa to Nissibeen, to Aleppo, to Hama, to Homos, to Baalbeck until reaching Damascus, the speech was overt. The exploitation of facts was strongly present even when Zeinab was not allowed to speak out. The tragic scene said quite much: the heads, the orphans, the mourning women and the Imam who was bound with chains. People would approach and ask: Who are you O captive woman? Who are you O orphan? They would answer that they are the daughters and orphans of Mohammad – the Prophet of this Ummah. This fact was enough to reverse things upside down. Many of the cities, villages and towns which welcomed the procession of captives with celebration, turned their festivities to melancholy when they knew that these captives were not dissidents from Dailam but rather the grandchildren and the orphans of Mohammad (pbuh). All of this Ummah read in the Book of Allah: {Say: No reward do I ask of you for this except the love of those near of kin}. Muslims might differ on the issue of Imamate, caliphate and the rule after the Prophet of Allah, but they do not differ over their love to those near of kin to the Prophet of Allah and their love to the Household of the Prophet of Allah. When Muslims among the residents of cities and towns in Iraq and Sham knew that these are the near of kin whom Allah has asked them to love, things used to change and alter. Soon I will mention evidence on this concept in this perspective.

So in fact this truth could clarify things, arouse the nation, break the fear barrier, and carry the blood of Al Hussein to every land, heart and mind bringing with it the light of guidance, the courage of revolution and the logic of refusing humiliation and oppression. Following hundreds of years, who conveyed to us this slogan which we always reverberate and address all the tyrants of the world with when they want to humiliate us "Humiliation…How remote!"? Those who conveyed this slogan from Karbala to us are those captive women and orphans who were apparently captives and prisoners however in fact they were the true liberals of this Ummah. That's why no soon revolutions did move in Kufa, Iraq and in more than one Islamic country. Thus were the revolutions of Tawwabeen, Al Mukhtar, Zaid Bin Ali (pbuh). Even the revolution of the Abbasids wasn't first known to be the revolution of Al Abbass family. This revolution overran the authority of the Umayyad family within few years. For how long did the Umayyad family remain in authority after the martyrdom of Al Hussein (pbuh)? The Umayyad family might have ruled for hundreds of years. But this blood that was shed in Karbala and the shout of the captive women from one country to another stirred up the Ummah. The Abbasids raised black slogans as a show of mourning over Al Hussein. Their revolution raised the slogan of taking revenge for Al Hussein even if they were deceiving the nation saying they would hand the authority to who the Household of Mohammad wanted. Under the name of Al Hussein the great revolution took place and swept the rule of the Umayyad family after few years. This was not to be was it not for Karbala, what took place in Karbala and the complementary part consolidated in this great historic procession.

I will give two evidences before moving to the last two sections of my word.

I will relate two texts: The first event took place in the Grand Mosque which is now known as the Ammawi Mosque. The captives were taken there in the presence of Yazid, his ministers and dignitaries. We must suppose that the Mosque was crowded not with ordinary people but with heads of tribes and prominent figures whom Yazid invited to celebrate his grand victory and his great revenge for Badr.

Anyway, Ali Bin Al Hussein (pbuh) sought to stand in the mosque and talk to the people. Yazid refused, but the people who were there said: Allow him. He is a broken young man. What might he say? Let's listen to him. We would like to listen to what he might say. Upon the insistence of the crowds, Yazid allowed him to ascend the platform. So Ali Bin Hussein (pbuh) ascended the platform and delivered a speech. Indeed I will not relate the whole speech because it is somehow long. Let's go directly to the evidence…

First he praised Allah – the historians say – and delivered a speech which made all eyes weep. So Damascus and the Ammawi Mosque wept for what took place in Karbala and what happened on Al Hussein (pbuh) in the presence of the killer. Then he delivered a speech that made all eyes weep and all hearts ache. Then he said: O people! Allah has given us six things and privileged us with a seventh. He bestowed on us wisdom, patience, dignity, eloquence, courage and love in the hearts of believers. We were privileged by having His chosen Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) belonging to us. To us belong Essedeeq and Attayyar. To us belong the Lion of Allah and His Prophet. To us belong the grandsons of the Prophet of this Ummah. Those who knew me had known me. As for those who did not, I will inform them of my noble descent. O people! I am the son of Mecca and Mina. I am the son of Zamzam and Safa. That means I am the son of Mohammad Bin Abdullah (pbuh). I am the son of Mecca and Mina. I am the son of Zamzam and Safa. I am the son of who held the black stone with the trims of the gown. I am the son of the best of those who have ever put on Ihram and performed Hajj. I am the son of who was taken on the night journey from the House of Allah to the Mosque of Aqsa and then to Miraj. I am the son of who was taken around by Gibrael to Sidratul Muntaha. I am the son of who led prayers of the angels of Heavens. I am the son of who received the revelations of Allah. I am the son of Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh). So I am not from the Turks or from Dailam. I am not an outlaw. I am the son of your Prophet, Messenger, guider and master. These women are my aunts and sisters – the daughters of the Prophet of Allah (pbuh).

He goes on saying: I am the son… I am the son… I am the son… He relates the events that took place. Then he says I am the son of Fatima the best women of the world. He went on saying I, I, … Always keep in mind that this was taking place in Damascus and before Yazid until the people started crying and yelling. Yazid was afraid an ordeal would take place. The mosque and the crowds in the mosque were about to raise and revolt. Yazid therefore ordered the "Muezzin" to call for prayers. He thought that would make the Imam halt his speech and thus the story would be over. When the Muezzin said "Allahu Akber – Allah is the Greatest", the Imam testified: Nothing is greater than Allah. When the Muezzin said: "I witness that there is no god but Allah", Ali Bin Al Hussein said: "My hair, flesh, skin, bones and blood bear witness on that." When the Muezzin said: "I witness that Mohammad is the Prophet of Allah", he turned to Yazid and said: "Is this Mohammad your or my grandfather? O Yazid! If you claim he is your grandfather, it will be an open lie; and if you say he is my grandfather, then why have you killed his family?" This is a part of crying out with righteousness and revealing the truth. When the people of Damascus heard that, they became angry and sad and revolted until Yazid was afraid of an ordeal prevailing. Here when Zein Al Aabideen says: I, I, I… he is not bragging. He rather wants to make people know him and know the truth about this group who were killed, captured, humiliated and forced to walk for 2000 kilometers.

The other evidence is taken from Zeinab's (pbuh) speech. This event also took place in the palace of Yazid. In both evidences we sense pride, will, trust in Allah and full certitude about the promise of Allah Al Mighty. This pride is sensed despite the handcuffs and the chains, despite all the sufferings and pains. Imagine a woman who had witnessed what she had witnessed in Karbala and walked all this long way while the heads of her brother, other brothers, cousins and nephews were before her eyes day and night! What would her case be? She is a lady. Eventually a woman is molded with emotions and tenderness. Still she stood as unmoved as a mountain in the council of Yazid when she saw him with the head of Al Hussein before him. He was violently striking the front teeth of Abi Abdullah Al Hussein with his stick. She could not bear that. Zeinab stood and delivered her speech. Though she was surrounded with Yazid's strong men with their spears and swords which might cut her into pieces, she was not afraid or scared. History conveys to us that when she heard him saying while striking the lips of Abi Abdullah Al Hussein (pbuh):

If only my ancestors who were killed in Badr Battle witnessed the fear of the Khazraj from the hit of swords.

They would have cheered with joy and said O Yazid May your hand never be paralyzed.

We rewarded them what they did against us in Badr. Now the balance is equal.

She could not bear that. She stood and said:

"Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds and blessings on my grandfather, the Chief of divine prophets". She wanted to let the people know that Mohammad is her grandfather and she is his daughter.

"Allah says, and His word is true: {Then evil was the end of those who did evil because they rejected the communications of Allah and used to mock them}"

I will only cite an extract because the speech is long.

"O Yazid! (Notice the strength, firmness, will, determination, confidence and pride) Do you believe that you have succeeded in closing the sky and the earth for us and that we have become your captives just because we have been brought before you in a row and that you have secured control over us? Do you believe that we have been afflicted with insult and dishonor by Allah and that you have been given honor and respect by Him? You have become boastful of this apparent victory that you have secured and you have started feeling jubilant and proud over this prestige and honor. Well, wait for a while then." (Have patience! Why are you in a hurry?)

"Well, wait for a while. Do not be so joyful. Have you forgotten Allah's saying: {The unbelievers should not carry the impression that the time allowed to them by us is good for them? Surely we give them time so that they may increase their evil deeds, and eventually they will be given insulting chastisement}

"O son of freed slaves! (She is reminding him of Mecca because he recalled Badr.) Is this your justice that you keep your own daughters and slave maids veiled while the daughters of the Prophet of Allah are being paraded from place to place exposed.

You have dishonored us by unveiling our faces. Your men take us from town to town where all sorts of people, whether they be residents of the hills or of riversides have been looking at us."

The near as well as the remote ones, the poor as well as the rich, the low as well as the high - all casting their glances at us while our position is such that there is no male relative of ours to render us help or support.

Whatever you have done proves your revolt against Allah and your denial of His Prophet (s) and of the Book and Sunna that the Holy Prophet (s) brought from Allah. Your deeds should not cause amazement because one whose ancestors chewed the livers of the martyrs (She is reminding him of his grandmother Hind), whose flesh grew up on virtuous people, who fought against the Chief of divine prophets, who mobilized parties for fighting against him and drew swords against him, should conspicuously excel all Arabs in unbelief, sinfulness, excesses, and enmity against Allah and His Prophet.

Later on she tells him: "You did what you wished, but remember that you have cut your own skin and your own flesh to pieces. Soon you will be brought before the Holy Prophet. You will be overburdened with the weight of your sins committed by shedding the blood of his progeny and by dishonoring his family. The place to which you will be taken will be before all the members of his family. The oppressed will be avenged and the enemies will be punished. You may contrive and try however much you can. By Him who honored us with revelation, the Book and Prophethood, you cannot achieve our status, nor reach our position, nor can you affect our mention, nor remove from yourself that shame and dishonor that is now your lot because of perpetrating excess and oppression on us. Your word now is weak and your days are counted and your crowds are to be dispersed."

The truth is what Sayyeda Zeinab said. His word was weak; his days were but counted and his crowd was soon dispersed.

This chaste blood could upraise the Ummah. It evoked the whole nation including its Muslims and Christians. History mentions to us how Christian churches in Sham dealt with the procession of the captives and with the head of Abi Abdullah Al Hussein (pbuh) and the extent to which they were greatly moved and aggrieved. They showed condemnation in many councils even in Yazid's council when a Christian stood and told Yazid: I am one of the ancestors of so and so – one of the followers of The Christ (pbuh). Hundreds of years have passed over the death of my great grandfather who is the direct follower of the Christ. Still people seek my blessings. And this is the son of your Prophet's daughter – and it has not been long since you Prophet had died – and you kill him, behead him and take his womenfolk as captives. He was thus taken away and killed.

In fact, this procession shook history. This procession is the voice of blood. Thus we stand today on the day of Al Arbaeen to salute Zeinab and the cry made by Zeinab and Zein Al Aabideen. Our commemoration today and here in the city of Baalbeck comes in the framework of the special significance of this timing and location. The procession of the captives entered this city back in year 61 A.H. between Muharam 10 and Safar 20. Here where you gather they stopped and dismounted. Here the blessed heads were placed. Here drops of martyrdom blood were shed. Here Imam Zein Al Aabideen (pbuh) and Sayyeda Zeinab (pbuh) prayed, thus your land became holy. Here signs of the processions were left as memorials. Here some of the children were left – meaning Sayyeda Khawleh (pbuh). Here there is a headstone for a miscarried fetus and there is a headstone for another.

This year we wanted to commemorate this very concept. I want to thank you because you came from all around the area. Al Arbaeen anniversary will to us in Lebanon from now on be commemorated in the city of Baalbeck for the special significance of the location. This commemoration today is only the beginning. We – all among us who remain alive - must cooperate in the years to come to consecrate and deep-root and develop this occasion and memory. This region has been honored with the procession of the Prophet's Household, the head of Abi Abdullah Al Hussein (pbuh) and the prayers of Zein Al Aabideen (pbuh). In fact, this region remained faithful to this procession, cry, slogan, truth and values. Allah Al Mighty chose that after all these long centuries the Resistance be launched in Lebanon in 1982 to crush the most dangerous US-Israeli project - which was aiming at changing the identity of Lebanon, altering Lebanon's truth and adjoining it to the Zionist project forever - from the land of Baalbeck, the city of Baalbeck, the houses of Baalbeck and from this very field where you gather to answer the call of Al Hussein after hundreds of years saying: At your service… O Hussein.

In this field we recall all those days during which it used to be said that Israel defeated all. We recall the days when many broke down as they viewed the defeat, the collapse and the surrender. We recall the days when our leader, master and teacher – the Master of our Resistance martyrs – Sayyed Abbass Mussawi (May Allah bless his soul) in this field, he put off his religious attire and put on a military suit. He held a rifle and addressed the young men of Bekaa. He called them to join the training camps and the resistance fields. Since then, Baalbeck became the land, fortress, stronghold and den of the Resistance in hard times, calamities and afflictions. Today all of Bekaa meets in Baalbeck to mark Al Arbaeen of Al Hussein (pbuh) and the specialty of this Karbalai occasion through the faithfulness you announced and under which banner you offered thousands of your children and dear ones as martyrs. Your houses were demolished as the tents of Al Hussein (pbuh) were blazed. Still you did not hesitate. Your young children were torn apart in the towns of Bekaa as was the enfant of Al Hussein. Still you remained steadfast. You abandoned your homes for weeks. Still you did not lose power or fell depressed. That's because you are fit to hold this banner and to embrace this occasion and build on it for all the years to come Inshallah.

On the day of the oppressed, the revolutionist, the fighter and the Resistance – on the day of the blood which gained victory over the sword and the righteousness which perished falsehood – it is indispensable that we say a word on the region. On the day of Al Hussein (pbuh), we salute the revolutionist, uprising Tunisian people who are calling for their freedom, dignity, honor and rights. They are rejecting to surrender to the tyrant and his force, suppression and authority. We in Lebanon of the Resistance address the people of Tunisia with a salutation of esteem. We call on them to stick to awareness, unity and coherence to carry on struggling and not to allow anyone to deceive them and waste the achievements of their revolution and the blood of their martyrs. Days ago, we heard that Mr. Jeffrey Feltman – who is dear to some of the Lebanese who call him as "our friend Jeff" – traveled to Tunisia. This is a bad omen. The Tunisian people must be aware. When Feltman goes to Tunisia and says that he wants to talk with the Tunisian provisional government about the procedures, elections and liberties, we must know that there is a new American conspiracy woven stealthily and overtly on the revolution and the uprising of this people. This US intervention in Tunisian affairs must be rejected; or else wherever the US goes – especially this sorcerer Feltman - devastation, rupture and sedition go with him.

On the day of the oppressed, we must recall the prideful Palestinian people who are besieged in Gaza and persecuted in the West Bank. We must recall thousands of the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. The whole world talks about Shalit – a killer, aggressive soldier – and forgets thousands of oppressed Palestinians who are people of rights. We recall the houses which are demolished in East Al Qods and other cities in the territories occupied since 1948. We recall Al Qods as today also it was announced that some of the excavations leading to Al Aqsa Mosque will be carried on. We recall millions of refugees against whom the whole world is conspiring to keep away from their lands, homes, fields, rights and sanctuaries while they view how they keep them in exodus whether in Argentine, Paraguay, Australia among other countries. On Al Arbaeen of Imam Hussein (pbuh) we say: We in Baalbeck, Bekaa, Lebanon, Hezbollah and the Palestinian resistance since the very first day we believed in Palestine, the people of Palestine and the oppression of the Palestinian people. On that path we offered our dear martyrs. We will remain next to this people. We will offer sacrifices together, fight together, gain martyrdom together and make victory together Inshallah.

On the day of the oppressed, we must condemn the hands of crimes and murder which do not tolerate even the freedom of raising religious slogans by those who differ with them on their ideas and viewpoints. The martyrs who fell on their way to Karbala and in Karbala this year while heading to visit Abi Abdullah Al Hussein (pbuh) are but victims of this darkness, apostasy and criminality. Still all of this terrorism and killing could not hinder millions of adorers to reach the shrine of Imam Abi Abdullah Al Hussein (pbuh) to demonstrate there the concepts of faithfulness, obedience, love, passion and adherence to Al Hussein (pbuh) despite all the sacrifices.

On the Lebanese situation, no doubt today we are passing through a difficult and sensitive stage that necessitates a responsible performance, action and speech. We look forward for cooperation among all of us to overpass this critical stage. In confronting these developments and events, we resorted to constitutional institutions and legal options as it is said.

In confronting the indictment which aims at the Resistance, we undertook a natural act which is our constitutional right. The Opposition mps presented their resignation and toppled the incapable government. We headed to binding parliamentary elections that led to a clear result. A while ago as you were massing to commemorate the occasion, it was announced on TV screens that His Excellency the President had charged MP Najeeb Mikati to form the new Lebanese government.

As a matter of course, we can understand all feelings because there were tensed nerves and political, psychological, emotional and media tension during the past few weeks. The consultations battle was a very tough battle. Here I am telling you: Many around the world intervened in this issue. Imagine that the US Vice President Mr. Baydon contacted the head of one of the parliamentary blocs and called on him to vote for PM Saad Hariri. States intervened. Many calls were made. Still we can understand this issue and say: This is a political battle in which many intervened and for which great efforts were exerted. Still it was taking place within the legal and constitutional range. We reached this outcome. We can understand the feelings of wrath but I would like to make a simple comment and cross from this point to the essence of the issue: Suppose that the scene was the very opposite. Suppose that the other candidate was charged, and some people hit the street to demonstrate as what took place yesterday and today, you – O kind people - would have then heard condemnation from Washington. Everyone in Washington - starting with the State Department, the Pentagon, the White House and perhaps Obama himself – the west capitals and several Arab capitals would have referred to those who hit the street – were they from the Opposition – as revolutionists, dictators, outlaws and rejecters of the will of constitutional institutions among what you have been hearing in the past years. You would have witnessed an international media and political campaign and attack to this effect. Isn't this the truth? However because the demonstrations – which I reiterate saying that we can comprehend – were made by another camp which is in fact their camp, we find that the whole world remained silent. Those who used to talk about respecting Lebanese legitimacy, the parliamentary majority, the constitutional institutions, the democratic game and the constitutional right remained silent. I said so to make use of the lesson behind it and to be surer that this is the way things go. There are not united norms. If you respect the parliamentary majority, this is a parliamentary majority and that was a parliamentary majority. Why then you used to respect that majority and you don't respect this? Why you respect that will and you do not respect this will? If demonstration, hitting the street and blocking roads are a legal democratic right, why then you used to condemn the Opposition? And if that isn't a legal democratic right, why then you remain silent on parties other than the Opposition? All of that asserts that the ruler of the American, western and other world administrations is not united norms. Right and values are not the adopted norms. Norms are rather political considerations and interests and lining behind a party in face of another party.

Today I believe that all who have been giving us lectures during the past five or six days – since 2005 – on civilization, democracy and the will of the majority are through with these lectures. There is another situation.

Anyway, I call on all the Lebanese to seize the opportunity. Today there is a new opportunity. Bullying and trying to falsify facts about PM Najeeb Mikati are fruitless. It seems that some leading groups and not the good people – the people on the streets are good, faithful people who have definite ideas – know what they are doing and had made endless commitments. It seems that they by now have a great experience in falsifying truths and reversing facts starting with the international investigation, the STL, fabricating the false witnesses until reaching this new falsification. They want to say that the new designate PM is affiliated to Hezbollah. PM Najeeb Mikati wasn't as such and is not now as such. In 2009, you were allies and partners with him on the very list in the parliamentary elections. In general, the man is moderate. He wasn't with March 8 Bloc and the Opposition. Saying that he is the candidate of Hezbollah in an attempt to press on him in fact is a language that aims at sectarian instigation. What is meant is quite understood.

This is not the case. The Opposition was heading towards making another nomination. However, in the last 48 hours, PM Najeeb Mikati decided to run the elections. The Opposition found in the candidacy of Najeeb Mikati – what I am saying is the sole truth – a chance for Lebanon to step out of challenges and a chance to tackle things and meeting ends because the Opposition did not want to get engaged in a fierce battle with the other party. True it has reservations on a definite person nominated for premiership but it is not interested in annulling or canceling anyone or in forming a uniform government. Thus it found in the candidacy of PM Najeeb Mikati a chance for the country. Consequently it adopted this nomination and supported it. So neither the head of the upcoming government is from Hezbollah nor is the new government that of Hezbollah, nor is the new government run by Hezbollah. Anyway, a reputation of wealth is better than a reputation of poverty. All of that is to mislead internally and to cause instigation abroad. But whom do they want to instigate abroad? Will the Arab and Islamic peoples be sad if a resistance movement is leading the authority in Lebanon? Indeed not. The states they want to instigate abroad are America and Israel and all of those worried about the US-Israeli project in our region. This is the truth. Thus I hope that those would stop falsification because that would lead to a definite outcome. When we hear more falsification, lying and fabrication, we become more faithful in our sincerity, right and truth and sure that they are fabricating things against us because we are not as they claim.

Here I say again: We do not look forward to authority or a government. Until 2005, we never participated in any government in Lebanon. We have been called on to share in the authority several times. On the previous year before the martyrdom of PM Rafiq Hariri, he insisted very much on us to partake in the upcoming government. I used to tell him: We do not want to share in the government. We never ever looked forward to any government, administration or governments. All what we used to and still demand from the successive governments is that we in the Resistance and the Resistance movement have dedicated our souls to defend and protect this country and the dignity of the Lebanese and the Arabs, to raise high the heads of the Lebanese and the Arabs and to restore our territories and the sanctities. We only want two things from you: First, leave us alone and do not conspire against us, kill us and stab us in our back. We do not want from you even to protect us. We do not want from you but not to conspire against us. This is enough. I have told this to many. Let us alone. We are people who are heading for death in the South. Our people come from Baalbeck, Hermel, and the farthest regions in Hermel to be killed in the South. We want to be killed. You laugh at us and say that we are naïve miserable people who have no political project, and that our project is martyrdom. Well let us gain martyrdom but do not stab us in our back. Let us be killed by bullets targeting our chests and not our backs. When ever did we compete over a government, a ministry or an authority? Second we told them take care of the people and serve them especially in deprived regions in Akkar, Bekaa, the North and Tripoli. All through the five years of the tenure of the government of that party, what did they do with deprived areas? What did they do for Akkar, Tripoli and the North? I am not talking about Baalbeck and Hermel. This is all what we used to look forward to and aspire for. We do not seek authority or the government. O people! Our minds are in some other place. Our eyes are on some other place. People go to rest and sleep, and we go to exercise, train and get ready and prepared because we believe that there are great changes that will take place in the region; because we believe that there is an Israeli danger lurking and approaching; because we believe that the Palestinian people are at risk within Palestine; because we believe that Islamic and Christian sanctities are highly at risk; and because we examine what is taking place in the region. Our minds and hearts are in another place. You have brought us to the internal square because since 2005 you went to Washington and offered concessions. Since 2005, you have been conspiring against the resistance and its arms and very existence. You offered sacrifices. Even the dialogue table aimed at disarming the Resistance. Still you failed. You brought along July War on the Resistance in Lebanon. Still you flopped. Today the STL project aims at the Resistance and you will flop, and it will fail too.

Today I renew my call: We do not seek power. On the contrary, we are being criticized from several circles in the Opposition because we do not seek power. You hear their voices and they pick at us in internal sessions and at times in the media to the extent that some circles in the Opposition during 2009 elections accused Hezbollah of not acting seriously in the elections because Hezbollah did not want to achieve power and form an Opposition government. Aren't these facts?

The most flagrant falsification and fabrication is that Hezbollah wants to have control over the state and the government and to impose a prime minister and lay hands on the country. Many of the parties and forces address us saying that our problem is that you do not see but the Resistance and put aside the internal situation; and if you dealt with the internal situation, it is from the perspective of defending the resistance only. Our friends tell us this, and our foes accuse us of seeking to seize power, lay our hand on the country and implement an Iran project and a Persian project. We are stuck in the middle. This is all meaningless speech that will not lead anywhere.

As for Hezbollah, we have a clear viewpoint. We supported the candidacy of PM Najeeb Mikati and we call on him to form a national participation government and a national salvation government. Today the Lebanese are before a true opportunity to reunite. No one gained victory and no one lost. Let's cooperate and meet within the government. Refusing to share in this government means that you want to grasp the authority all for yourself and that you are ready to do anything for the sake of achieving power. You accuse us of that, while we do not seek power. We are saying: Do not stab the Resistance and we have no problem with you. Underlying, we have several comments on your economic and fiscal policies and the policy you adopt to run the internal affairs and cases. Still we were cautious in this perspective so as to achieve cooperation, coexistence and dialogue to address our causes and not to annul or cancel each other. The whole matter depends on the Lebanese. If we do not meet, cooperate and give PM Mikati a chance to make success, if we do not seek together to form a national participation government and a national salvation government, where to you would be taking the country?

Let me be frank with the other party: The world doesn't have time for you. International and regional states have many great concerns. So let's not waste time.

Now we come to Israeli threats and bullying. The Israelis have intervened saying that Lebanon has become wholly Hezbollah; this government is run by Hezbollah… Their sense of honor has been moved all of a sudden! We do not know what Israel will do with the country. What would it do more than what it had already done?

Now who is protecting the country? Is it the government? Neither the previous government nor the upcoming government would protect the country. Is the USA protecting the country so that it would be said the USA will abandon Lebanon? Are some regional posts defending the country so that it would be said they will forsake Lebanon?

Lebanon has been left for Israel since a long time. Before 1978 and in 1978 and in 1982, some Palestinian leaders in Lebanon used to say that we were shelled with Israeli warplanes from which we smell Arab fuel! Lebanon is defended by its Army, people and Resistance. Its Army is present, its people are ready and its resistance is prepared. What prevents Israel from attacking Lebanon is not the form of the government or its head or the form of its structure. It is rather the deterrence balance which was found by the resistance in Lebanon and is acknowledged by the Zionists. So do not worry about Israeli threats and bullying. Do not worry about all what is said around the world. All of us are able to overcome this stage. Lebanon today is the responsibility of all of us. The chance is there before all of us. Here again I call for seizing the opportunity, and whoever does not want to participate, let him give the government of PM Mikati a chance even if for one year and then let him try it. As for swooping down over this government in the media and in the street, this is a proof that he does not want the democratic game, circulating power and the work of institutions. He rather would be raising the slogan of "either I or no one else".

Brothers and sisters! May Allah reward you generously for your affliction by the martyrdom of your Imam. May Allah bless your kind attendance and dear and precious commemoration. Thanks Allah you are the sons of his very path and sacrifices.

Again I call you to be wise, patient and to have tolerance and steadfastness to carry on in your presence. Hussein will always be calling you to confront the Israeli and US challenge and to confront all the challenges posed by all the world tyrants. Al Hussein peace be upon him has been hearing your voice all through these years. Today on the occasion of Al Arbaeen of Imam Hussein we want him to hear our voices saying: O our master and Imam! We will not quit the squares. We will not be stingy in offering our blood and making any other sacrifices. Our voice will always remain thundering in our souls and reverberating all through time. At your service, O Hussein!