Thursday, January 7, 2010

Iran bans "color-coded" organizations

You have probably already heard that Iran has banned a list of 60 foreign organizations. Here is a list of these organizations:

1. Soros Foundation -- Open Society 2. Woodrow Wilson Center 3. Freedom House 4. National Endowment for Democracy (NED) 5. National Democratic Institute (NDI) 6. International Republican Institute (IRI) 7. Institute for Democracy in East Europe (EEDI) 8. Democracy Center in East Europe (CDEE) 9. Ford Foundation 10. Rockefeller Brothers Foundation 11. Hoover Institute at Stanford University 12. Hivos Foundation, Netherlands 13. Menas, U.K. 14. United Nations Association (USA) 15. Carnegie Foundation 16. Wilton Park, U.K. 17. Search for Common Ground (SFCG) 18. Population Council 19. Washington Institute for Near East Policy 20. Aspen Institute 21. American Enterprise Institute 22. New America Foundation 23. Smith Richardson Foundation 24. German Marshall Fund (US, Germany and Belgium) 25. International Center on Nonviolent Conflict 26. Abdolrahman Boroumand Foundation 27. Yale University 28. Meridian Center 29. Foundation for Democracy in Iran 30. International Republican Institute 31. National Democratic Institute 32. American Initiative Institute 33. Institute of Democracy in Eastern Europe 34. American Aid Center 35. International Trade Center 36. American Center for International Labor Solidarity 37. International Center for Democracy Transfer 38. Community of Democracies (?) 39. Albert Einstein Institute 40. Global Movement for Democracy 41. The Democratic Youth Network 42. Democracy Information and Communication Technology Group 43. International Movement of Parliamentarians for Democracy 44.Institute of Democracy 45. RIGA Institute 46. The Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School 47. Council on Foreign Relations 48. Foreign Policy Committee, Germany 49. Middle East Media Research Institute 50. Centre for Democracy Studies, U.K. 51. Meridian Institute 52. Yale University and all its affiliates 53. National Defense University, U.S. 54. Iran Human Rights Documentation Center 55. American Center FLENA 56. Committee on the Present Danger 57. Brookings Institution 58. Saban Center, Brookings Institution 59. Human Rights Watch 60. New America Foundation

This list seems to be somewhat botched, as one organization is listed twice (New America Foundation). some of these are probably harmless and some that should be there are missing (I suspect that repeated translation are the issue here). But some of these are truly amazingly toxic fronts for US subversive efforts. If one looks at the recent history of the various "color-coded revolutions" or what happened in Venezuela, it is evident that what Iran did is actually an extremely wise move, even if it was ridiculed by Western pundits (in particular those who work for the above mentioned organizations).

I would hope that other countries such as Russia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Lebanon, Serbia, Belarus and many others would soon follow Iran's example and stop being idiotically blind to what these organizations (maybe not all, but definitely the most of them) really are and what their true mission is.

To all this I would personally add Doctors Without Borders which is a front for the French foreign intelligence service and the ICRC which is a front for various European intelligence services (though I don't know if either of the two are currently present in Iran).

President Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez are the only two political leaders which have succeeded in surviving a color-coded and CIA-run "revolution" and both of them are clearly thinking along the same lines (Venezuela has also banned some "democratic" organizations with "ties" to the USA). Right now the most threatened independent political leader is probably Evo Morales and I sure hope that he will soon follow their example.

If the world wants to rid itself from the rule of the USraelian Empire it better start taking active measures in disabling the instruments which this empire uses to subvert and incorporate independent countries.