Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Holocaust Backfires

by Gilad Atzmon

Ynet reports:

Peres in Berlin, Netanyahu in Auschwitz, Lieberman in Budapest and Edelstein at the UN headquarters in New York all plan to attack the Goldstone report into the Gaza war on International Holocaust Day this Wednesday.

Israel's political echelon will once again try to divert attention from the fact that the Israeli crime is beyond comparison.

Israeli Propaganda Minister Edelstein told Ynet before leaving for New York. "The connection between the Goldstone Report and the international Holocaust memorial day is not an easy thing”. He is indeed correct. The true interpretation of the Goldstone report is that Israelis are the Nazis of our time. “We must learn the lessons from what happened” Says Edelstein, “then too, those who yelled out were told that Hitler is a clown and that all the gloomy predictions of the 1930s were nonsense.”

Someone should advise the Israeli Propaganda man that by now no one regards mass murderer Barak, Nuclear enthusiast Peres, warmonger Livni or ultra racist Lieberman as clowns. We respect them for what they are. Yet, we prefer to see them locked behind bars.

In fact, those world leaders around the world who bowed to Jewish pressure and made the Holocaust into an international memorial day must have been convinced that the Holocaust carries a universal message against oppression and racism. They were actually correct, if the holocaust has any universal and ethical meaning, stopping the ‘Jews only state’ and bringing its criminal political and military leaders to justice is the true interpretation of the lesson of the Holocaust.

Propaganda Minister Edelstein added "on the Holocaust memorial day of all days, which also marks the battle against global anti-Semitism, we must discuss this connection, because today the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces are accused of harvesting organs and murdering children”. The Israelis better internalise that the truth of Israeli brutality is now common knowledge. IDF mass murder of children, elders and women is part of our collective memory. The Israeli institutional involvement in organ harvesting is also well documented and an accepted fact.

Minister Edelstein is wrong when he argues that "After World War II and the establishment of the State of Israel, anti-Semitism is not directed at Jews but at Israel and the Israelis. The Goldstone Report, the publications in Sweden about organ harvesting and similar reports, are simply a type of anti-Semitism." Edelstein is wrong because all the accusations against Israel are well grounded. Furthermore, the opposition to Israel, its Jewish lobbies and Jewish power in general is politically orientated rather than racially motivated.

In the wake of the ‘International Holocaust Memorial Day’ I will say it loudly and openly. To oppose the Jewish state and Jewish nationalism is the true meaning of the memory of the Holocaust. To say NO to Israel is to say NO to racism. This is what ethics and universalism are all about.
Commentary: This is an excerpt of the Ynet article Gilad is referring to:
Israel to launch attack on Goldstone Report on Holocaust Day. The world will mark International Holocaust Day on Wednesday. Monday will see President Shimon Peres fly to Berlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu leave for a visit to the Auschwitz death camp in Poland. They will be joined by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman in Budapest and Information Minister Yuli Edelstein in New York. Before meeting with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Edelstein referred to the report accusing Israel of committing war crimes in Gaza, calling it "anti-Semitic"
A BBC piece adds the following details about the "Holocaust Day" events:
Addressing Germany's parliament, Israel's president Shimon Peres said some of those who carried out the Holocaust "still live on German and European soil, and in other parts of the world". "My request of you is: Please do everything to bring them to justice." Shimon Peres was given a standing ovation by German MPs
Needless to say, the BBC makes absolutely darn sure that we all remain fully aware of the Only Correct And Historically Accurate Figure for the number of victims of the "Holocaust" by reminding us that "At least six million Jews were killed by the Nazis during World War II" (the "at least" helpfully leave room for an upgrade of this figure should it be needed).

Reading through all this nonsense I was reminded of Norman Finkelstein's thesis that every time Israel gets in trouble yet another unspeakable atrocity the Israel Lobby worldwide immediately initiates a propaganda campaign about the "new Antisemitism". What better illustration of that could there be then the frank admission that Israel to "launch attack on Goldstone Report on Holocaust Day".

It is also outright hilarious that a war criminal like Peres is asking the German Parliament to make sure that every Nazi criminal is brought to justice while the entire Israeli government and military high command is more than "qualified" to be brought to justice at a Nurenberg-like trial. That Peres got a standing ovation from the German MP - rather than a fit of hysterical laughter or, at least, some thrown eggs - is a telling illustration the firm grip the Israel Lobby has on European politics.

The Saker