Saturday, January 2, 2010

A big "THANK YOU" to all of you!

Dear friends,

I have to frankly admit that when I posted my "Where do YOU want to go" piece I was a little unsure as to the kind of feedback I would get. Reading through all your comments now, I am deeply touched by your words of support. Blogging is in many ways a somewhat frustrating activity as I have no good way to see whether anybody cares, whether anybody needs this. Your comments are a huge encouragement for me and they come at a good time for sure.

I began 2010 by literally wiping off tears off my wife's face while hearing the fireworks going off outside our house (we are trying to avoid bankruptcy). Considering that the USA is now directly involved in at least five and a half wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and, covertly, Iran) I suspect that many families met 2010 in very similar circumstances, or worse. And make no mistake, things are only going to get worse. Consider this: the top 1% of Americans are now richer than the bottom 95%. Or how about this figure: nearly half of all US children and 90 percent of black youngsters will be on food stamps at some point during childhood. And I suppose that you already know that the USA spends more on defense aggression then the rest of the planet together. As for the Zionist "Nomenklatura" which has taken over the USA, it has literally gone insane with imperial arrogance, hubris and delusion. Expect no reform of any kind. None. "More of the same, only worse" is the motto of Obomb'ya's Administration.

The process of Zionization of the US polity which began under Clinton, which continued under Bush is now complete with Obomb'ya. For the vast majority of us this means even less civil rights or freedom, more state violence and much more economic hardship. The corporate press will, of course, write long articles about some "recovery', but by know we all know better than to listen to their garbage.

In a time like that when we are all feeling discouraged and powerless to make any change, it is very important for me to know that I can make my own, small, tiny difference with my modest blog and I will keep working on this blog as best as I can.

I was very surprised to see that most of you did like the rather "format-less" format of my blog. For me, this is the easiest way as it grew naturally out of my own way of doing things, but to see that most of you are also comfortable with this rather eclectic mix of 'recycled' articles, short comments and lengthy analyses was a surprise to me.

One criticism which I did expect was that some of you suggested that I drop the 9/11 Truth topic. I understand your point of view which, after all, was also mine for 7+ years, but I have to very honestly tell you that I cannot follow your advice here. After making a great deal of research into the entire 9/11 topic I came to the rock-solid conviction that this was a false-flag operation orchestrated by the Zionist Nomenklatura currently in power in the USA. The fact that there are so many indisputable proofs that this was an 'inside job' is a crucial chink in this Nomenklatura's armor and this chink needs to be exploited to the full. Simply put: if we can make the truth about 9/11 known we can most probably bring down the entire gang. Furthermore - we owe the truth not only to the thousands of Americans which died on 9/11 and thereafter, but also to the millions of people who have been killed, maimed, kidnapped, tortured or displaced as a direct consequence of this false flag criminal act. Lastly, the folks who are the real culprits are still out there, still in power, and they might well use a nuclear device next time. God only knows what will happen to the USA and the rest of the planet if that happens. No, the truth about 9/11 is not a topic I am willing to drop. No way.

Several of you have expressed a desire for more analyses about what is happening in Russia. Ok, I can do that and I will gladly try to do that regularly.

I will also try to report as much as I can about Hezbollah.

What is going on in Latin America is also hugely important and I will try to cover it the best I can.

I will also come back to the topic of the recent developments in Iran which, yet again, are grossly and obscenely mis-represented in the corporate media and, alas, a good part of the (supposedly) "Left-leaning" blogosphere. Russia, Lebanon, Latin America and Iran are all key battles being waged in the USraelian Empire's long war against the rest of the planet.

There are three areas which I would like to cover, but for which I would frankly need help: India, Kurdistan and the Balkans.

India is clearly in a deep political crisis and the numerous acts of violence which repeatedly have taken there show that the government is either unable or unwilling to prevent them. While Pakistan has long been on my list of most dangerous states on the planet (along with Israel, Turkey and the KSA), India has all the signs of going the "Pakistan way".

The topic of Kurdistan is also one which would deserve far more attention, if only because the the intricate relationship between Turkey, Israel and the USA and because the political importance of the Kurds in Iraq and Iran.

Sadly, I am frankly no expert on Turkey or Kurdistan and I don't feel that I am competent to express myself on the intricacies of these issue. So while I realize that they are very important, I simply cannot pretend be a know-it-all and claim that I can cover them adequately. So I ask you all the help me with this and send me any and all materials which you find relevant to a better understanding to these issue.

On the Balkans my problem is somewhat different. I was professionally involved with the war in Bosnia, at least in the sense that I studied it in depth and that I had full access to the daily UNPROFOR intelligence briefings. In fact, this is the war which ended up costing me my career as a military analyst, but which also freed me from being a loyal accomplice of the US/NATO aggression against the Serb nation. Bottom line - I used to know the war Bosnia very, very well. I did "catch" the US/NATO war in Kosovo, but after that I simply had no time to follow the developments there. As a result, I now have only a very superficial understanding of what is really going on in Serbia and NATO/KLA-occupied Kosovo. Again - I know full well that this conflict was not "solved", but only temporarily frozen and that the next "round" will inevitably happen. I just don't have enough hours in a day to keep myself informed of the current situation there. If any of you can help me with this I would be very grateful to you.

I want to mention one more region here, the Caucasus. I don't believe that Georgia will try to re-take Abhazia or Ossetia anytime soon, not with Russian forces now deployed inside this republic (including, according to at least one source, a full SU-34 wing already in Abkhazia). The situation with Chechnya is more worrying, I think. Yes, the Russians did, I believe, win the 2nd Chechen war, and the Wahabi insurgency has been practically wiped off (including all its main political and military leaders), but then the Russian did something rather risky: they handed the entire Republic to Ramazan Kadyrov and his thugs. Kadyrov is clearly smart and ruthless, but his violent and corrupt rule is clearly alienating a lot of Chechens. I do not believe that a full-scale insurgency is likely to resume there, at least not as long as the current government is in power, but a resumption of a terror campaign mixed in blood feuds between the various 'teips' (clans) is, alas, a real possibility and I will keep an eye on developments there.

Another potential flashpoint here is the Ukraine which has been slowly but surely rotting out under the various US puppet regimes since independence. I do not expect Russia to overtly intervene as most Russians are now coming to realize that Russia is, in fact, better off *without* its western frontier (that is what the word "ukraina" means, by the way - 'frontier region'. Before 1917 people used to speak of the "Siberian ukraina" or Siberian frontier). Sure, Russia wants the Crimean Peninsula (which only was administratively part of the 'Ukraine' because of a decree by Nikita Khrushchev), but the rest of the Ukraine is of no use to modern Russia besides as a transit point for Russian gas, and it is not even reliable in this aspect. No, the real risk for the Ukraine is a internal conflict opposing the pro-US wealthy elites from the Western Ukraine to the rest of the population. The entire Ukrainian polity is corrupt beyond belief and the country itself simply cannot be run solely on the systematic opposition to anything Russian. Chaos and collapse are inevitable there and that means that violence is inevitable. Since the US puppet regime in Kiev will always blame any and all problems on the hidden hand of Moscow, and since the US and UK will always automatically side with anything anti-Russian, we can be sure that trouble in the Ukraine will rapidly degeneration in serious tensions between Russia and the USralian Empire. I will try to keep an eye on this too.

I think I have pretty much covered my plans for 2010. Please let me know if you have any thoughts on any of this, and thanks again for your kind words of encouragement.

Best of luck for 2010 and kind regards,

The Saker