Friday, November 6, 2009

US backed putchistas renege on power-sharing deal

Looks like Honduras is back to square one. Even though the agreement specified that Congress should meet to restore Zelaya to power for the interim period until the next elections in November, the putchistas declared that they "did not consider the Congressional vote demanded by Mr Zelaya to be an essential part of the agreement". According to AP President Zelaya has now officially announced that "The accord is dead (...) there is no sense in deceiving Hondurans". As for Micheletti and his thugs, they have announced that they have formed a "national unity government" without any representatives from the Zelaya camp. Some national unity that will be...

None of this is surprising, really. The next phase is also easy to predict: no country in the Americas will recognize the predictable results of the inevitably rigged elections in November except for, of course, the USA and Colombia. Honduras will become totally isolated from the rest of Latin America and the coup regime will have to resort to more and more violence to keep control of the country. Unless, of course, the people of Honduras refuse this outcome and the country erupts into a wave of civil disobedience and protests.

Yes, it is time for elections in Honduras. But not by means of the electoral farce the putchistas are organizing, but in the streets.

In the meantime - for those of you who understand Spanish - here is an interview of President Zelaya by the TV station Telesur made just a few hours before the negotations collapesed:

and the declaration of the representative of President Zelaya following the breakdown of the negotiations: