Monday, November 9, 2009

President Zelaya makes an important statement on DemocracyNow

I have just listened to President Zelaya talking to Amy Goodman on Democray Now. Here is the exchange which concluded the interview:

AMY GOODMAN: We have ten seconds. What would bring you, your side, back to the negotiating table?

PRESIDENT MANUEL ZELAYA: [translated] After four months, I cannot go back to negotiation with the coup regime at all.

AMY GOODMAN: Five seconds. Translate?

PRESIDENT MANUEL ZELAYA: [translated] This is now in the hands of the OAS (...)

That is a very encouraging sign that President Zelaya now fully understands the nature of "trap" of negotiating with the putchistas, in particular under the "auspices" of the USA. There is, of course, absolutely nothing to negotiate about, and the coup regime and their CIA masters never had any intentions to find a compromise. In fact, a compromise - any compromise - would be detrimental to Honduras and the cause of democracy in Latin America. The only acceptable outcome in a comprehensive defeat of the coup leaders and their US supporters.

What Zelaya did not say is that besides the OAS, it will be for the people of Honduras to free their country. All the OAS can do is back them, but they need to go out an openly confront the coup regime.