Friday, November 6, 2009

UN vote shows weakening of USraelian Empire

The United Nations General Assembly voted yesterday overwhelmingly in favour of endorsing the Goldstone Report. In total, 114 states voted to adopt the report and 18 objected. It is interesting to look at the list of countries who actually voted against it. We can split them into the following groups:

A) Core members of the USraelian Empire:

Israel, the United States, Canada

B) Core members of NATO and the Echelon alliance:

Australia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands (France and the UK are missing!)

C) Core members of the NATO colonies in the "New Europe":

Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Macedonia, the Ukraine

D) The usual "South Pacific powerhouses":

Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau

E) Panama (uh?!)

All in all, this is pretty embarrassing for the USraelians: they could not even get all NATO or Echelon countries to oppose this resolution. After all, the 44 countries which abstain did not have the courage to face their own public opinion's outrage at such a stance.

Considering the desperate efforts of the US Congress and the Obama Administration to oppose this resolution by all means, this outcome is yet another proof of the fact that the Israelian Empire is far weaker today than it used to be.