Monday, June 29, 2009

I really need your help here!

Dear friends,

There are two stories which I am very interested in:

The first one is the story of the "Basij thug sniper on the roof who is not on the roof but on a motorbike who is not a sniper after all but who was shooting with a small caliber handgun". It is quite possible that the government is trying to cover up something here and is lying about this small caliber handgun thing, but I very much doubt this. They are, after all, raising the issue of Neda's murder at a time when this issue is quietly running out of steam. Then, a *small caliber* shot to the heart is something which is typical of a professional assassination. A small caliber is easy to hide, is quiet, very accurate and does the job very well, but only in the hands of a highly trained shooter. This story deserves all the scrutiny it can get. (did I mention that small caliber handgun is a favorite Mossad assassination weapon?).

The second story I am interested in is the story of the "fake Basij" recently arrested. Same disclaimer as above - could be just spin and damage control by the government. My questions here are: have the Basij deployed in Tehran been given weapons or not? That should be easy to verify. Second, has the local press revealed anything about the identities of the arrested individuals?

In particular, I ask those among you who either speak Farsi or have contacts in Iran to please help me and get me as many details as possible.

I would be most interested in the confirmation that Neda was killed by a small caliber hangun bullet.

We *know* that Neda was NOT demonstrating. All sources agree about that. We also know that she was NOT close to any demonstrations. All sources agree about that too. We also know that the images of her wearing green (the color of this "color coded revolution" have been doctored (that has been admitted by all sources too). But none of that is a "smoking gun" (literally). But if we could only get a confirmation that what killed her was a small handgun round we would have an absolute certitude that this is a false flag assassination.

I ask you to please make a real effort, use all your contacts, to try to establish what the autopsy report on her death said.

Needless to say, the corporate press and the Left-leaning free press will now hush up this story. Considering how much indignation and outrage (not to mention how little cool logic) they put into Neda's death, I don't expect anybody to come up with a mea culpa. So the ONLY chance to find out is, I believe, the local press in Tehran (either paper or on the Fari Internet). I don't understand Farsi and I don't have personal contact in Iran.

Bottom line: I really need help here.

Many thanks in advance,

The Saker