Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah speech of May 29th, 2009

Speech delivered by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah marking the Resistance and Liberation Day ceremony held in Baalbeck

I take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, The Lord of the world. Peace be on our Master and Prophet – The Seal of Prophets – Abi Al Qassem Mohamad Bin Abdullah and on his chaste and kind Household, chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers. Eminent scholars, brothers and sisters, peace be upon you and Allah's blessing and mercy.

First I want to congratulate you all -O our people and dear ones in Bekaa and especially in Baalbeck-Hermel area - on the ninth anniversary of the Resistance and Liberation Day. You were equal partners in making this day. You were among the pioneer founders of this resistance and among the first who sacrificed for it and embraced it. This day is perfectly your day. This dignified and kind Lebanese region formed, with its people, mountains and valleys, the taking off platform for the resistance since its very first days. Here in the city of Baalbeck, in the religious school of the awaited Imam Mahdi (pbuh), in the tender fatherly bosom of Sayyed Abbass, the first nucleus of the resistance party –of Hezbollah- was formed. As the Zionist enemy occupied the South, Western Bekaa, Rashaya, Dahyieh, Beirut and Mount Lebanon, Bekaa opened its arms and heart. Thus were the centers for volunteers, polarization, training, exercising and arming. And thus was the taking off platform for the resistance. The share of Bekaa in the resistance wasn't just logistic and supportive. It was rather partaking with son-offering. You sent the best among your sons, men and dear ones. They fought in Western Bekaa and Rashaya until 2000. They fought in Dahyieh, Beirut and the South until the liberation of the border line and until 2000. You offered martyrs and bore the burdens of the resistance. Still your sons are in the lines until now. During July War, your brethrens and sons in Bekaa fought in Bint Jbeil and Aita Shaab, Maron Arras and all the front lines. You have bore the burdens since the first days. Your region was being bombarded because it is a resistance area and not because it supported the resistance or is the back platform. We all remember the bombings that led to the martyrdom of many of your dear ones in the city of Imam Assader on the way to Baalbeck, Sayyar addarak, Janta, the barracks and hills surrounding the city of Baalbeck, Khawam Center and the region's headquarters among other places which were bombarded in the town and other regions in Bekaa.

The highest price paid was during July War when Bekaa was the partner of the South in destruction, displacement and the fierce and savage war. Dear ones! You did not act pursuant to regional mentality as if saying: It's the South which is under occupation. We in Bekaa are not concerned. The border line after 1985 was under occupation as were Bint Jbeil, Hasbaya, Jizzine, Shebaa, Kafasrshouba and Naqura. So what have the villages of Baalbeck and Hermel to do with that? What have Western Bekaa and Zahle to do with that? You could've said: We are not concerned. Still you did not do that though you were able to do that. Well, all through history, there were the front of fighters and the front of laggards. Laggards always find pretexts, excuses and fatwas also. We could say we are a deprived neglected area. Nobody asks about us. So what are we to do with this battle? You could find excuses but you didn't. Before 1982 and even after 1982 – all through the years of your support after the establishment of the resistance and Hezbollah – you acted pursuant to your kindness, faithful, Islamic, Qoranic, prophetic, moral and national background. You looked at the whole nation and started from what Allah Almighty molded you with: chivalry, zeal, enthusiasm, knightly, faith, the love to Allah's prophets and messengers and to Mohamad and his chaste Household. This is a testimony I give to Allah, the Hereafter and history. You rose, resisted, fought and bore the burdens of that. You performed your duty and did not wait for anyone from the whole world –even in Lebanon - to move with you just like all those who believed, launched and embraced the resistance. You did not wait for a national consensus (though we like to reach a national consensus and hope that will be achieved.) A national consensus is better and more powerful indeed. Here I like to hint that there was never a national consensus on any resistance whether in ancient or modern history. Whenever an enemy occupied a country, people might be divided into resistance fighters, disappointed laggards, collaborators besides those who would bargain on choices other than the resistance. Yes the resistance since the very beginning didn't attain national consensus. Thus it did not lose it because man doesn't lose something which does not exist. So how can someone shows up now and say that the resistance has lost the national consensus due to the domestic politics? We ask: Was there a national consensus before Hezbollah got engaged in domestic politics? In 1982 or 1985 and after and even before 2000, some political forces in Lebanon since 1982 till this very day did not issue one statement or take a position at least which backs, supports or sympathizes with the resistance. So there wasn't ever a national consensus, though it's better to have national consensus. Anyway there was a great popular embrace for the resistance. All nationalists embraced the resistance besides all those who believe in Lebanon and its dignity, pride, independence and sovereignty. Here I like to say: How would Lebanon become steady while Israel violates its horizons daily and we do not take any action? How would Lebanon become steady and Shebaa farms and Kafasrshouba Hills are under occupation? How would Lebanon become steady and it is threatened with risks and we do not take any serious action to confront threats and risks? Still from the very beginning, people embraced the resistance and you were among the first who embraced it despite the fact that the state abandoned you. You did not forsake your nation though the successive governments denied you even a drop of water. Still you offered a river of blood. This was your oath, O brothers and sisters! Among you are families of martyrs, wounded, freed detainees and owners of demolished homes. You are adorned with the spirit, soul, memory and fragrance of the master of the Islamic Resistance martyrs Sayyed Abbass Musawi, Im Yasser and little Hussein besides all the martyrs of the Resistance which you took part in establishing and launching. You took part in its process, victories, sacrifices and challenges and it is now facing great challenges.

Here I would like to remind you of the topics I will handle: Bekaa and the Resistance, the challenges facing the Resistance in the current and upcoming stages and our responsibilities towards it, Bekaa and the state and the elections in Bekaa after several days on June 7. O people of the Resistance! Your resistance is now as always facing great and serious challenges. This makes us all shoulder great responsibilities. After the victory of the Resistance on May 25, 2000, Zionists started working on a new strategy. I will make a brief presentation to reach a conclusion. This new strategy was announced several times by former Israeli Foreign Minister Sylvan Shalom. He said: We are working to make the whole international community against Hezbollah. We will work to issue international resolutions to put an end to Hezbollah. We will work to present Hezbollah as a terrorist group according to the international community and all world states. And actually, the Zionists exerted great efforts in this framework. Some states – such as the United States of America - responded and put Hezbollah on the terrorist list.

After 2000, states responded to the Israeli attempts and put Hezbollah on the terrorist list such as Holland. Still other countries refused such as France. Other states refused first such as England but listed the foreign security branch (and some time ago it added the military wing) to the terrorist list. Great efforts were exerted by the Zionist lobby worldwide to convince the world governments to put Hezbollah on the terrorist organizations lists. Notice that this is not analysis. These are the admissions of Sylvan Shalom who said that Israel made Resolution 1559 in the UN Security Council. Some Lebanese might have contributed to this resolution whether they knew it or not. I don't want to accuse anyone of treachery. Some Lebanese who are linked to Resolution 1559 do not know the Israeli backhands. External and internal interests met and led to Resolution 1559. Still Sylvan Shalom acknowledged that Resolution 1559 was Israeli made in the first level to put the resistance under pressure. Then September 11 events took place. Afghanistan was occupied, Iraq was occupied, martyr Premier Rafiq Hariri was assassinated. Syrian troops left Lebanon. Elections took place afterwards which brought the current party to power. Since then and despite the Quartet Alliance, our openness and cooperation, the main axis of that movement of that party was the arms of the resistance. The arms of the resistance were between two swords. Some talked about disarming the resistance, and others talked about the resistance handing in its arms. The other parties were in between these two stances. Now disarming necessitates force and we must move towards disarming the resistance. Some talked about disarmament and wanted that. Others didn't talk about disarmament because they knew that Hezbollah can't be disarmed with force. They rather talked about handing in arms. That means that Hezbollah hands in its arms to the state. We were put before this great event. Since 2005, with whatever politicians and foreign delegates we met, the topic was the arms of the resistance as if there is no other problem in Lebanon which must occupy the Lebanese. It was as if there are no economic, financial, living and social crises. It was as if there aren't any deprived and overwhelmed regions and as if the entire country was living in luxury. Don't we have around fifty billion dollars as debts on Lebanon? Don't we have occupied lands? Don't we have detainees in Israeli prisons? Don't we have Israeli violations of the Lebanese sovereignty? So it was as if there isn't any problem in Lebanon but the arms of the resistance which liberated Lebanon from the greatest Israeli invasion which took place in 1982. So all discussions, pressures and efforts stressed on one issue. For anyone who wants to make a critical study of the previous stage, this is one of the mistakes of the political party in that stage. I used to tell them – even in some internal dialogue sessions: Go address the problems people are suffering from: deprivation and negligence. Let people feel that you are a responsible government. Empower the army and then talk about the arms of the resistance. Then you will find that people started backing you in our face. But it seems the schedule did not have long time duration as we have heard in the past few days. There were pledges to solve the issue of arms (whether by force or by dialogue is another story), but it seems that the time given was limited. On the other hand, how did we act? We called for dialogue. In fact, it's Hezbollah who evoked the term national defense strategy. It was we who called for dialogue over the national defense strategy. We were backed by the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) as mentioned in the text of the Agreement between Hezbollah and the FPM. We said: Let's make dialogue. We frankly felt that in the past years, some were not concerned about how to protect Lebanon, how to liberate the rest of the lands and detainees and how to face Israeli violations and threats. There only concern was how to take off the weapons from the hand of the resistance. What might happen next doesn't matter. This mentality made Lebanon liable to violations all through these decades. It's the mentality of not answering the question of how would we protect Lebanon and its people? How do we defend Lebanon and its sovereignty? How do we safeguard Lebanese lands and waters? The answer was Lebanon's power is in its weakness! Thus were the successive occupations, invasions and weak-deeming until Israelis mocked us. You remember the mockery during 1967 War! It was a real mockery when Israeli chief of staff forgot Lebanon as he was saying this army was to be dispatched to Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Gaza Strip and the West Bank. When asked about why he didn't dispatch any brigade, battalion or squad to Lebanon, he answered the musical band would do in Lebanon!! Is that true or not? What made Lebanon now the strongest and most important element in this equation and battle? What made Lebanon fearless and rather really ready to face not the musical band but five squads, a hundred squads and even the entire Israeli army? It is you and your resistance and indeed not the logic of weakness and feebleness and the logic of the ostrich which hides its face in the sand.

We came under much pressure in sessions, meetings, in the media, psychological wars, alluded threats, external pressures… Yet we adhered to our right, faith, path, resistance and weapon.

Well after despair in political efforts came July War which has the true aim of crushing the resistance and the popular milieu which embraces the resistance. July War failed to do that with Allah's assistance and the firmness, sacrifices, strength and steadfastness of fighters. After July War, we returned to the very symphony from the very beginning: the resistance and the arms of the resistance. What shall we do with the resistance arms? The resistance arms must be handed in as if after July War and all what afflicted Lebanon, all the developments which hit the region and all the internal crises in Lebanon there remained nothing but the arms of the resistance!

Brothers and sisters! Three years have passed after July War. Israel acknowledged its defeat. It worked at addressing its flops and faults. For three years Israel has been undergoing exercises and maneuvers and within days it will stage maneuvers at the level of the entire entity. For three years it has been arming and fetching new airplanes (as if it lacks that). Israel is working day and night to restore its power and prestige. Still the resistance which defeated Israel was obliged these three years to discuss and defend itself daily before those who want to disarm it! Where is justice? What is this logic? Where are national feelings? Where is fairness? Israel is preparing while Lebanon is doing nothing whether strengthening its army, arming it or reaching a true and serious defense strategy. On the contrary Israel is addressing the points of weakness which were sensed during July War while in Lebanon some were trying to exterminate the points of strength that made victory in Lebanon in July War.

We used always to say in this framework: build a strong capable state and an army which is able to defend the country and then we will sit aside. But who is ready to finance and arm the Lebanese army? After all these experiences, we all know that neither the USA nor the West nor the overwhelming majority of world and Arab states are willing to arm the Lebanese Army in face of Israel. As for the logic that if they gave weapons to the army they will reach the hands of Hezbollah, this is groundless because they know very well that the resistance has enough weapons. The resistance which vows to destroy the Israeli Army squads in southern Lebanon doesn't need weapons that America (or other countries) might give to anyone in Lebanon. The Russian government is thanked. In the past we didn't comment, but 10 Mig airplanes do not really change the equation. What's the credibility for whoever wants to help Lebanon? Now, there are important states in the region which do not fetch airplanes because balance won't possibly be achieved with Israel. Rather they fetch anti-aircraft. Whoever really wants a strong army in Lebanon must provide it with anti-aircraft, anti-tanks, armors and long and mid-run rockets so as to achieve balance. In no other way the army will not be able to defend the country in face of an army as strong as the Israeli army. So who is ready to provide Lebanon with arms? Vote for the opposition and then I will tell you who will do that. Did the Lebanese government ask Syria for weapons, rockets and artillery and it said no to Lebanon?

I followed up His Excellence President Michael Suleiman’s visit to Iran. True, Iran did not offer arms to Lebanon and can't and will not offer, because this is not logical. But, until this moment, Lebanon did not ask for weapons from Iran. Well despite Iran not offering arms, Iranian President Ahmadi Najjad was subject to endless criticism. What would be the case if it did? Now suppose that Iran said it is ready to arm the Lebanese Army. What do you need? Rockets, anti-air craft, anti-tanks? Let's make an agreement on that. Then many people in Lebanon will say Iran wants to push Lebanon into war and include Lebanon to the Syrian-Iranian axis through arming the army. This is why no one should wait for Iran to offer arms. However any Lebanese government which would ask the Iranian leadership for arms saying: We are a country which is targeted by Israel. We need a strong army but nobody offers us the appropriate weapons. Well, what if US Vice President brought us a few tanks, cannons and truck? What are they good for? But should Lebanon ask Iran for weapons, what would the Islamic Republic’s response be? Will it help Lebanon or not? I know the answer. All of you know the answer. I know that Iran and especially Imam Leader Sayyed Ali Khamenai (May Allah prolong his life) will not withhold anything that could render Lebanon a strong and honorable country and without any preconditions. I tell you this: If the Opposition Alliance won the upcoming elections and formed a national government, the Opposition (and Hezbollah which is unfortunately accused of not wanting a strong army) will fulfill its program and work on having a strong national Lebanese army which is capable of defending Lebanon. Some would say: It is easy. O resistance, hand over your arms to the Lebanese army. As such it will be strong. They are mistaken. This cannot be because the types of weapons we have are of no use for a regular army. Our weapons are good only for a popular resistance. If our arms are given to a regular army, it won't be able to make any balance with Israel. The value of this weapon is that it's in the hands of a popular group with its tactics, school, mechanism, culture and secrecy. A regular army of a state and an official political authority can't act as the resistance is acting now. Thus if we gave our arms to the Lebanese Army, the latter won't be able to defend Lebanon as when these arms are in the hands of popular parties. This has much details but I will be content with this far.

So Brothers and sisters! What is important is that politicians and political forces in Lebanon be convinced that we want a strong army and that some truly get rid of the mentality and theory that Lebanon's strength is in its weakness.

Brothers and sisters! Yes, challenges in face of the resistance still exist. The war that the Zionists are threatening to wage is still standing, though unlikely. After their flop in July War, they know very well – let the friend as well as the enemy listen: Israeli wars have failed in the past and they will fail in the future to eliminate the resistance. Thus it is more likely that they continue working on the choice of assassinating as they did with brethren martyr leader dear brethren Hajj Imad Moghniyah. This explains the great number of spying networks and collaborators which are searching for goals, personalities and places to be targeted. But the greater and more dangerous challenge remains what we are confronting now which is wrapped up in the persistence of Sylvan Shalom after 2000 in the strategy of presenting Hezbollah as a terrorist group which is attacking states, peoples and the international security. What is worst is the attempt to accuse Hezbollah of assassinating martyr Premier Rafiq Hariri so as that a Sunnite-Shiite sedition breaks.

Brothers and sisters! As for Der Spiegel, I want to stress that though it's true that officials said that the report was originally issued in Beirut (Well it's possible that someone in Beirut might have participated in it as was the case with Resolution 1559) but our information is that the report and the accusation are Israeli made. You have noticed how the Israelis swiftly launched accusations. Read also Israeli statements which, unfortunately, speak clearly of the entity’s relation with the international investigation. Let's be frank and overt. Yes brothers, since 2000, the grinding Zionist defeat and the resistance victory in Lebanon, there are those who are waylaying for the resistance, its arms, party and milieu. They have been making security, military and political schemes against the resistance and also working on directing the course of the international investigation in the assassination of martyr Premier Rafic Hariri against Hezbollah because they have consumed everything else within their reach. What are we to do with Hezbollah? We have killed Sayyed Abbass, and things carried on. We have killed Hajj Imad and things carried on. We have destroyed homes on the heads of their women and children and things carried on. We waged 1993 war (which they called The Liquidation), 1996 Grapes of Wrath War, 2006 July war, and still things carried on. They are facing such an unimaginably incredible resistance which goes with the saying for Imam Khomeini which Sayyed Abbass used to reiterate: Kill us; that'll make our people become more and more aware. What's the worst thing they can do against us or you, our men, elderly, women and children? It's to threaten us with death? Our answer is ready. It's not the answer of Hezbollah from this time but from hundreds of years. We suck it with our mothers' milk, and our fathers raise us on it. We tell whoever threatens us with death and killing: "With death you are threatening us O son of the pardoned. Death is but a habit to us and martyrdom is but an esteem Allah honors us with." They've realized that killings, massacres, assassinations, home destruction and instigation don't work with Hezbollah, the Islamic Resistance and the blessed people who support us. What else do they have but accusing us with assassination and of being a terrorist organization and with creating sectarian instigation against Hezbollah through everything possible? What's even more dangerous is orienting poisoned pens to consolidate this accusation. Anyway, we have passed these days a very dangerous stage. Praise be to Allah, thanks to the awareness of leaders and officials, the exposure of the accusation in Der Spiegel on the Israeli and Zionist level and the Lebanese responsible stance, we could surpass this dangerous stage. Still this challenge exists because some insist on persisting on this way and conduct because there is no other way or course. God willing, with solidarity, cooperation, agreement, awareness and wisdom, we will emerge from this challenge with our heads high, just like we have always done in all ordeals and challenges. I assure you that we want a national unity government following the June 7 elections. We want understanding and cooperation even if we had to make a review of the past not to open wounds but to draw lessons. Also in the issue of resistance and weapons, we support proceeding in dialogue. Some say that if the resistance wins, the national dialogue will come to an end. No! We support the continuity of dialogue because we want a true national defensive strategy that the government, the people and the resistance commit themselves to.

The other topic is Bekaa and the state: As for deprivation and negligence in Bekaa, the key and essential question is: Has the Lebanese state -as a state and a regime - and have the successive governments considered the Bekaa region a part of Lebanon or a Lebanese region? The government must answer this question. This is a main issue. This has to do with the state’s mentality and the mentality of officials since the establishment of the state of Lebanon. Indeed this problem is not that of Bekaa only but also of Akkar, the Muslim North, the Christian North, the South and all the marginal regions on the level of the nation and on the level of the capital. Remember that in recent years, someone told Bekaa residents that the main problem is your political choices. You are being punished because you are supporting Hezbollah and the resistance. This is not true because before 1982, Hezbollah did not exist. They will tell you: Before 1982 you were with Imam Moussa Assader. Well before 1960, Imam Assader wasn't there. Since 1948 - since Bekaa was part of Great Lebanon - it was neglected, forgotten and crossed. During the festival in the South, I read a text for Sayyed Abdul Hussein Sharafeddine. The importance of the text lies not in being for his Eminence but rather because it's from ancient history. It's an important historic document.

Today I will read another text by Sayyed Abdul Hussein Sharafeddine directed to then President Bshara el-Khouri. Back then, a problem had occurred in the Bekaa and some members of the region’s tribes escaped to the barren mountains. The government dispatched a massive armed force to pursue them. A catastrophe was on the brink of taking place between the military force and the tribes in the region of Hermel. Imam Sharafeddine sent a letter to President Bshara el-Khoury in September 1949 saying: "The tribes in Hermel did not rise against the authorities nor did they abandon any community. So why are horses and wagons being dispatched and in face of whom are spearheads and lances pointed? For these! (Well you are known since ancient times. Listen what Sayyed Abdul Hussein Sharafeddine said about you) They are but the brave who do not sleep with humiliation and do not live with disgrace. In the age of the revolution of the minds and enlightenment, Lebanon has acquired from this revolution what made it the center of attraction while those didn't have any chance or portion of that bliss. They were left until they were destroyed with revenge and assassinated with illness and poverty. Now they became locked between two fires: the burning fire of the government and the inherent fire of their statue quo. I fear weepers will be in every house in Lebanon when the two parties meet and the two lines clash. The military campaign is not to be underestimated in equipment and number while those taking refuge in the barren lands are acquainted to the area what makes them control the course of events. This and blood calls for more blood. Would your Excellency consider reviewing the methods of disciplining the delinquent and conquering the rebels? Wouldn’t you consider approaching them with an army of tolerance to feather with it the helpless wing of the nation and to cure the nation's sick side? Wouldn’t you consider disciplining them by taking them from unemployment to jobs and from despair to hope? Don’t you believe that building schools and hospitals would be more useful than peopling prisons and digging graves and that paving streets and roads is better than paving the way to lamentation and woes? Yes, we are sure that your noble character, intelligence, expectations and high spirits make achieving that certain and guarantee development and prosperity to Lebanon and happiness, welfare and security to its people. Peace be upon you when you let peace prevail and sponsor security." Peace be upon Sayyed Abdul Hussein Sharafeddine who did not receive any reply or action. Well this goes back to 1949. This is the very logic, mentality and position. Since the establishment of the state of Lebanon, they look at the land of Bekaa and do not see it a land of the nation. Today Bekaa has proven through its patriotic conduct and the blood tax it paid that it is one of the dearest parts of this country. So the issue here is that of mentality.

During the past years, we tried – as Hezbollah – through our self-capabilities and institutions to address some of the aspects of deprivation in this region and to heal wounds. Our brethren MP have worked all through these years incessantly and despite besieging and boycotting to make good and kind achievements. However, never a government assumed a true responsibility towards this region and the other deprived regions. No party, institution or side can be an alternative to the state in shouldering its responsibilities.

In the elections of 2005, we had a chance. We had hoped that we would be able to serve this deprived region- on top of which is Bekaa - through our Quartet Alliance and our partaking in the government. Unfortunately, the former government was different. It had political commitments which came before any other developmental, social or economic priorities. Whenever we talked to them about Bekaa, they answered us by talking about the arms of the resistance. We would talk about the Province of Baalbeck-Hermel; they would debate over the resistance arms. All their priorities were different. Four years have been lost in political conflict and that was not to the interest of Lebanon and the Lebanese people especially the deprived. In the elections of 2009, we have a better chance. What's this better chance? It's that we will go to voting stations and vote for a political alliance which is the Lebanese National Opposition. It is a cohesive, strong alliance that has one common vision. The overwhelming majority of this alliance is from the poor and deprived regions. It is an alliance which proved its firmness before tough challenges. Thus we have a chance. Should we help this alliance win, we would see a new government. Its mentality is that of the relativity of the deprived regions and balanced development in those regions what surely assumes giving the priority to developing the deprived regions. In the past years, we exerted efforts that could draw from the previous governments a decision to form the Province of Baalbeck-Hermel and the Province of Akkar with the cooperation of many of our friends. We thought that forming a province would help in the development of this region when the idea of the Council of Developing Baalbeck-Hermel was refused. We were told that they want to cancel all development councils and go to a Ministry of Plotting. Yet political cunning has preventing even appointing a mayor to the Province of Baalbek-Hermel. In the recent appointments, we acknowledged there are vacancies but said that as long as we are in the government we will not accept the appointment of any mayor in Lebanon if mayors for the Provinces of Baalbeck-Hermel and Akkar are not appointed so as to consolidate these provinces. So the area of Bekaa and Baalbeck-Hermel are before a real chance.

There is another point which I would like to stress so that we cooperate on addressing. I hope those who write commentaries in the Assiyassiya Newspaper to take what I will say into consideration. On the issue of tens of thousands of arrest warrants in Bekaa, if the opposition wins the coming elections, the upcoming government will call for the formation of a joint ministerial-judicial-legal panel to study this file from A to Z. I will not lie on anyone. I am not promising or talking about a general pardon. There are arrest warrants against culprits who shed the blood of innocent people. I can't call for a general pardon for them. This is the right of the families of the innocent killed, and we are religious people who fear Allah and the Hereafter. I can't call for a general pardon for these killers and culprits who shed the blood of the innocent. So this is the right of the families of the victims. There are arrest warrants against thieves who burglarized the money of people, terrorized and wounded them. This is different but still there are thousands of arrest warrants for other reasons which might be studied especially that that region has much legal vacuum and many legal troubles which the successive governments must assume finding solutions for them. There is the issue of water, electricity, land partition, public properties, green bills… This issue must be addressed in a legal, moral and humanistic way without any right being lost and anyone being oppressed. We must tackle this issue seriously so that the army and the security forces won't continue having tens of thousands of arrest warranties. We can't carry on this way: We would try to pursue someone and he wouldn't stop what pushes us to open fire on him, kill him and kill women and children and create a conflict that will consequently cause action and counteraction. We don’t want to see any conflict between the army and security forces on one hand and the people on the other. That's because the army, the security forces as well as the people are our sons and brothers.

We must not remain stuck in this issue. A while later, someone will accuse Hezbollah saying: Hezbollah knew. It was covering the issue. This is sheer falsehood. We will not settle on a temporary solution. A conflict erupted between the army and the so and so family in a definite place; we go and address it… Anyway after the elections, I call for a radical solution to this issue. The issue must be discussed legally and juristically in which rights are preserved. Surely it must be settled because it is irrational that the army arrest more than 30000 people in Bekaa.

Another top priority in the developmental field for the upcoming government will be agriculture. They campaign against illegal culturing and we agree with them, but there should be alternatives. If the opposition wins elections and a new government is formed, some people will say the country is economically tired. I tell them the first to benefit economically will be Bekaa, especially Mid Bekaa and more precisely the area between Shtoura and Masnaa. Why? That's because if the Opposition wins and forms a government, this government will deal with mutual respect. Indeed it will be a government of sovereignty and independence and not a government of scheming against Syria or a government of struggling and conflicting with Syria. We want to work at easing tension between Lebanon and Syria. Now we have diplomatic relations and the Syrian ambassador is welcome in Beirut indeed. When the atmosphere is at ease, you've seen that before 2005 the area between Shtoura and Masnaa was one of the most important markets in Lebanon. It's a very important economic area. The land prices rose as did the prices of stores and houses rose. There was an economic and construction boom in that area. Well from 2005 till now, we go that way and we feel that we are driving on a secondary road in a village in Mount Lebanon! Isn't this the truth? So if the atmosphere becomes at ease, things will be different. Indeed some are trying to frighten people saying that should the Opposition win, Lebanon would turn into another Gaza. Now I don't have enough time to discuss these great and many differences. The circumstances in Lebanon are totally different from Gaza and the oppression of the people of Gaza who are being targeted as are the brethrens in the Resistance especially the brethrens in Hamas. The issue of Lebanon is different and I don't have time to discuss these differences though that helps in the elections.

Brothers and sisters! On June7, you are before great responsibilities. In the coming stage and days, we have three electoral districts: Western Bekaa-Rashaya, Mid Bekaa – Zahle and Baalbeck-Hermel. In Zahle there is competition. In western Bekaa there is competition. In Baalbeck-Hermel, there is no competition. We should compete in constituencies where there is competition. Where there is no competition, like in south Lebanon, our votes should be a referendum. Some might say why there should be a referendum here. There is no competition. If there is no competition, there are no elections any more. We will go to referendum first because in Baalbeck-Hermel there is no competition and second because as the South is the first concerned area with the referendum on the resistance and its arms, Baalbeck-Hermel along with the South is concerned in the referendum on the resistance and its arms. Why is it so? That's because since 1982, the South is being bombarded as is Baalbeck-Hermel region. Baalbeck-Hermel is not just a back platform. Baalbeck-Hermel is an equal partner with the South in fighting, confronting and opposing as well as in martyrs offering. Thus Baalbeck-Hermel is concerned in saying its word on June 7. In Zahle and Western Bekaa, we clearly and proudly back the Opposition tickets for which we will vote. I hereby call on our supporters in the Western Bekaa and Rashaya and Mid Bekaa to consider every opposition candidate in the Opposition lists as a candidate for Hezbollah, the resistance and Sayyed Abbass Musawi. As for Baalbeck-Hermel, before making a clear address, allow me to renew – on my last speech as it seems before the elections - my gratitude to the deputies who worked for years in the Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc: MP Jamal Taqsh, MP Hassan Huballah, MP Mohammad Haidar and MP Amine Sherri who sacrificed for the sake of alliances and the Opposition. I would also like to thank two dear brethrens MPs Ismail Sukkariyeh and Pierre Serhal. After my thanks, I would like to address you and all the Lebanese. We are facing elections in which the US administration is directly involved through forming tickets, solving ticket-dilemmas and pumping money. The most senior political official is involved in these elections. It's not the Secretary of State but rather the US Vice President in person. If they were able to bring Obama they would have done that. The elections we are facing are also plagued with personal drives, accusations and rumors including Der Spiegel. There are no red lines. Still look what took place when Iranian President Dr. Ahmadi Najjad spoke about elections without interfering in them. He did not speak in favor of one group against the other. What Ahmadi Najjad said was an analysis and a description. He said in case the opposition wins the elections, things will change in the region. (That's true. Who is saying otherwise?) If the Opposition ruled, the resistance will be stronger. Well today the government and the Parliament all day long are threatening you with a knife on your back, heart, bowels and head arguing over the resistance and saying: Hand in your arms. Hand them in. The other view is that of a government and a Parliament which address you saying: you made an achievement. You are one of the points of strength. We want to discuss with a nationalistic mentality what to do with the resistance. Shall we enforce the resistance or not? Would that ease the country or not? In one case Lebanon is harmonious with its neighbors. In another case, Lebanon has been opening a front with Syria for four years. So indeed the situation in the region will be different. In fact Najjad did not interfere. He just made a description which is a true description. But unfortunately I did not hear from all those who commented on President Ahmadi Najjad's analysis one word on Barak’s warnings to the Lebanese. It's not that he called on the Lebanese not to vote for Hezbollah (And there is a great difference between calling against and threatening). He rather warned the Lebanese of voting for Hezbollah. Then he says that if the Opposition wins, the Lebanese people will have to face the might of the Israeli army! Now did anyone answer or comment on Barak's words. Never! This scarecrow - the might of the Israeli army - had been crushed under the feet of our children and not our fighters in Lebanon. Barak still thinks that this is 1948, 1967 or 1982. Today, Israel is engaged in the parliamentary elections in Lebanon with warning, threatening, alluding as well as with the international investigation, Der Spiegel and the conspiracies knit in Tel Aviv universities because it is afraid. Why is it so? That's because the triumph of the Opposition means that the scheme of besieging, hitting, isolating and liquidating the resistance has failed. The triumph of the resistance means that the leaderships which will rule Lebanon will be true believers that Lebanon’s strength is in its power not its weakness. It means that those who will rule Lebanon will be true believers in Lebanon's sovereignty, independence, strength, honor and dignity. That means that the leading authority will not be intimidated by threats and warnings. That's why Israel is that much concerned in the parliamentary elections. So the decision is in the hands of the people. On the 7th of June, the answer will be in the voting ballots. I will not invest Barak's words as some tried to invest the words of Ahmadi Najjad. The two are by no means comparable. The choices are clear before your eyes.

You, the people of Baalbek-Hermel voted in 1992, 1996, and 2000 to let the voice of the resistance be heard in the parliament. In 2005, you voted to protect the resistance and build the country. You have protected the resistance but the country was not built because of what took place. The 2009 elections are different. These elections are to protect the resistance that protects the country. It’s an election for building the country, uniting the country and strengthening it.
You, the patriotic people, did not begrudge offering your blood. So indeed you will not begrudge giving your votes. We count on you. And who are you? You are the owners of proud spirits, zealous souls and chaste and kind bosoms. You never favored the obedience of the ignoble to the death of the generous. When the ignoble Zionist backed by the ignoble of the world put you before two choices: war or humiliation, you shouted with your voices, blood, awareness and great determination – old and young, men and women alike - the cry of your Imam, the Master of Martyrs, in historic Karbala: Disgrace, how remote! You sacrificed excessively and had patience in the battlefield. The fruit was the resistance, jihad and victory.

You, O the proud people of Bekaa and Baalbeck-Hermel! O protectors of the country, the martyrs of resistance, the trustful, the loyal to the vow, the gallantry, the enthusiastic and the arduous! June 7 is waiting for you. You, the people who took the pledge with Imam Moussa Assader at this very square and who renewed your pledge with Sayyed Abbass Musawi at this square also, were loyal to your vow all these years while standing all the challenges and hard times. You are invited to a new oath of faithfulness and gallantry on June 7. I hope you will show up massively in voting stations where there is no competition but rather a referendum. On June 7, come from every city, town, village and farm in Baalbeck-Hermel holding the yellow flags and the Lebanese flags. Turn the elections to a festival for the resistance. I like to stress on this call: Consider every name in the Baalbeck-Hermel ticket as the name of Abbass Musawi, Ragheb Harb and Imad Moghniyah. As I know you because I lived with you for years as a youth and tried you closely as Hezbollah did all through the past years, our bargain is on you, your loyalty, your sincerity, your presence and your will to renew your pledge of allegiance to the resistance on the 7th of June.

Brothers and sisters! I congratulate you on the glorious day that you made with blood, tears, patience, sincerity and sacrifices. You are the ones who opened the door of victories to Lebanon and the nation and closed the doors in face of defeat to Lebanon and the nation. With you, your men, your women, your loyalty, your faith and your presence there shall be no more defeats. There shall be only victories. Long live your proud resistance. Long live Lebanon. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessing.