Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gucci leader open letter to the Iranian people

Found on the FOX News website:

The following is the translated text of a letter purportedly from Iranian presidential candidate Mir Hossein Moussavi to the Iranian people, posted on Sunday.


My Fellow Compatriots,

From all over the country complaints of irregularities of this election have reached me. I am confident that this outpour of complaint is being sent not because of me but because of a concern that a new style of politics is being imposed on our country.

What we have witnessed over the past few days has been unprecedented in the Islamic Revolution. And if people are following the turn of events with great concern it is because they are worried about the great achievements obtained over the course of this Islamic revolution.

Those people that have committed enormous violations in this election and are showing unbelievable results are now seeking to validate the results and start a new history for our country.

During the election I clearly talked about violations and escape from the law and reiterated that the use of such tactics could lead to dictatorship and authoritarianism. And our people today have reached a point where they can sense such a threat in the distance.

We who are committed to the Islamic republic and its constitution firmly believe in the "vlayat Fagheeh" [Ayatollah Khomeini's theory of Islamic governance] as one of its pillars and will follow our political moves within this framework. I hope that the outcome of our moves will demonstrate the incorrect results of this turn of events. While at the same time I warn that in this country no one who is passionate about the Islamic revolution will not accept the current outcome. This is what the blood of thousands of martyrs commits us to taking responsibility to our actions.

Dear People

Today, I through a letter that I sent to the Guardian Council have requested that the results of this election be void and I see this as the only way to regain public trust and support in their government. My suggestion as your public servant is that you continue your rallies in a peaceful and non confrontational manner.

We have request from the officials a permit to conduct a nationwide rally in all of our cities so that our people can through their vigilance demonstrate their dissatisfaction of the election results. The acceptance of such an act will be a good way to avoid current discontent.

With the color green which symbolizes faith, freedom and tolerance and religious faith, and with the slogan of "Allah o Akbar (God is great) which goes back to the roots of our revolution we shall continue our rally.

This color and slogan is unifying of our support base and is the best way to communicate with each other and reach each others hearts.

Regrettably there has been an effort to disconnect our communications and in doing so this movement can go astray from a movement with a clear objective to one that can cause great harm and disarray. I am certain that your creativity will help us find new ways of communication with each other so that our actions can deliver the right kind of results that we want and in doing so we can serve our political system in the right way.

As a supporter of our police force I strongly suggest that they restrain from using brutal and violent means to suppress spontaneous demonstrations so that people do not lose confidence in this invaluable institution. These people are out in the streets to protect their rights just as much as yours and they are your brothers and sisters. The strength of our military force comes from their unity with the people and in the future shall this unity remain.

In hopes of better days.