Thursday, January 15, 2009

The USA has lost yet another war - has anybody noticed?

One of the most inept war launched during the so-called GWOT (Global War on Terror) was the CIA-run war on the Islamic Courts in Somalia. Using a combination of Ethiopian troops, CIA goons and Special Ops, the USA invaded Somalia and took control of Mogadishu. Well, its over. The Ethiopians have left and the Islamic Resistance is back on control.

Yet another useless war initiated by the USA ends up in abject humiliation and defeat. The CIA goons will now get promoted, the Special Ops will get their medals, the Ethiopians will go back home, and the US corporate media will not report about it.

- Over one million refugees, over 16'000 civilians killed?

- Who cares about a bunch of niggers/hadjis/ragheads? Fuck them! We are AMERICANS!!

What else is new?

The Saker