Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Breaking News: the Israelis massacre refugees in a UN compound (again)

It is an Israeli tradition of sorts to attack UN compounds in each of its war. Remember the first and second Israeli attacks on the UN compound in Qana? Well, this time the 'glorious and invincible Tsahal' did it again: they just attacked a UN compound in Gaza killing 40+ people who had found a shelter in this school converted into a refugee center. As always, the UN had given the Israelis the GPS coordinates of the compound. Actually, the Israelis hit the first UN compound on Monday morning, but that initial strike did not achieve the intended result. This latest strike, however, will probably give the Israelis a sense of "teaching the UN a lesson".

I am just curious about one thing: will the Israelis actually claim that Hamas was firing missiles from inside (or nearby) the UN compound?