Saturday, January 10, 2009

The speech delivered by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah January 6th

The speech delivered by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on the tenth night of Muharram in the central council held in Sayyed Ashuhadaa (pbuh) Compound in Rweiss – Beirut Southern Suburbs.

On this blessed night – the tenth night of Muharram – the night of determination, decision taking and will, I like to tackle first the real background and the general conclusion we sum from all our previous speeches in the past nights. I'll dedicate some time to tackle the latest developments and some remarks because tomorrow's speech can't comprise all points we have to highlight because of time limits…

It's inevitable to say that we feel sorry, distressful and grievous as our people in Gaza and Palestine are in the heart of the battle with the Zionist enemy. Their battle is clear in its legality, humanistic, national and moral aspects. Even more, in the Iraqi city of Mussel during a demonstration in which men, women and children were showing solidarity with the people of Gaza – the overwhelming majority of these demonstrators are not Shiites but they are Arab Sunnites, Curds or of different nationalities – a man came and crept among these demonstrators and bombed himself killing and wounding scores of demonstrators. What a crime? What's this antipathy and apostasy? This is very dangerous. This also took place in Al Kathemiyeh when a woman crept among Iraqi and Iranian pilgrims killing and wounding scores. What's the goal of this killing? What's the aim? What is achieved from this killing? What will they attain -those who put their souls and blood in the hands of leaderships who have no aim other than killing people around them with dark hearts?

In fact, man feels sorry for those who bomb themselves here and there. They are bombing and killing themselves in the wrong place. It's a catastrophe for them when they go to the other world hoping they'll be considered martyrs and among the people of Heaven. But they will be punished as killers of men, women and children. Where is their sense of responsibility? Should this great number of so called self-martyrs have been properly oriented from the beginning to kill the occupiers, the image of the region would have changed. This is the responsibility to be assumed. Today, praise be to Allah, resistance movements have well known and responsible leaderships. I'm not talking about Lebanon only but also about Palestine. Some always try to harm these leaderships and their faithfulness, authenticity and allegiance to their people and nation. This is a part of the battle. Israelis are working day and night to set apart the Palestinian people from their resistance leaders because they want this people to submit to their conditions and lose hope in the possibility of restoring their lands, sanctities and legal rights.

Unfortunately, some people in this world only claim they are defending and supporting human rights. We find that they daily condemn resistance movements, the leaders of resistance movements and resistance fighters while furnishing with pretexts criminals and murders who posses the most powerful killing instrument in the region. They say that Israel is defending itself, while the besieged women, children and those displaced from the Palestinian lands to Gaza Strip camps are attacking Israel according to many countries in the European Union and the US administration. That's why I don't feel surprised if I heard a European stance, on the level of governments, which is totally committed to the interests and security of Israel. But what is really regrettable is that Arab sides from various official, political, elite, media positions work to do harm to the choice of resistance and its leadership. They are accusing the resistance in its background, choice, accuracy, wisdom and responsibility. This happened in July War and is taking place again these days around the clock in the Arab world. Here I would like to stress for you all: I know the brethrens in the leadership of Hamas, Jihad and the factions which are fighting today with blood, flesh and fists in Gaza Strip. They are not pledged to anyone. I know them as I know the resistance in Lebanon. I assert to you the resistance in Lebanon was not and is not pledged to anyone.

On July 12th, the resistance in Lebanon chose to execute the capturing operation because it found that this is the only way to restore the rest of the prisoners and martyrs. I assert to you and I need not give evidence or make an oath: those whom we are accused of belonging to their axis – and we are proud of being in their axis – were not informed. Neither the Syrian nor the Iranian leadership was informed. Nobody was informed. We assumed responsibility pursuant to our background, care and love. We executed the capturing operation and the enemy reacted to the capturing operation by a sweeping war which was planned for from the beginning.

Some Arab leaderships are holding Hamas, Jihad and the resistance factions in Gaza the responsibility for deciding against prolonging the truce. Similarly, they also held us responsible for the war and as we held Resolution 1701 the responsibility of the war. This is the greatest oppression we faced and our brethrens in Gaza are facing today. All through history, never a capturing operation was retaliated by a sweeping war. And today what's taking place in Gaza? Wasn't shelling some Qassam or Qods rockets retaliated by horrible massacres against women and children and destroying the Strip? This is not logical. It can't be justified not even by what they call international law. They took the decision of not prolonging the truce because they were between two choices: prolonging the truce and staying besieged i.e. dying from hunger, thirst and despair or putting an end to the truce so as to pressure the enemy to reach a state in which the siege is lifted from Gaza. The leadership of the resistance - whether inside or outside Gaza - had no other choice. The alternative was staying besieged. The Palestinian people remain in pain while the enemy live in ease. Thus was this choice.

Today some are trying to do harm to this choice saying that putting an end to the truce was a Syrian or an Iranian decision. This is an unjust and ungrateful accusation. I know that the resistance leadership itself took this decision. It might have informed and discussed it with some of its friends but it took the decision. Nobody can impose that on it. Also in July War, it was we who conducted the war. Neither Iran nor Syria did dictate anything on us. This is a testimony before Allah the Al Mighty. Our allies and friends used to contact us to offer their help and discuss way outs to end the aggression. But all through July War never did anybody impose on us one choice or embarrass us with conditions. We were under pressure from other positions and places. This is another issue which I am not concerned in discussing now. Today the resistance in Gaza owns its decision. It only accepts or refuses any form of a way out. It only puts, owns or refuses conditions. Nobody in Iran, Syria or anywhere else in the world dictates anything on it against its will.

Some try to say that the reason behind the continuation of war and the refusal of Hamas, Jihad and the resistance leaderships to submit to the Israeli conditions is Iran's and Syria's interests in the region. This is much oppression. This resistance is based on the will of the people. It can't accept Israeli conditions. Was it able to do so, it would've accepted that from the very first day and prolonged the truce under the siege and dispensed with all what's taking place. Here I'd like to comment on what some Lebanese are saying. True brethren Said Jalili (the Secretary General of the National Security Council in Iran) came to Damascus and met our brethrens in the resistance leadership and came to Lebanon and met the presidents and me. The Iranian officials come here not to give orders. "Fight. Don't fight. Hold yourselves and stop" as some unfortunately are trying to say. Never. They come to discuss matters, give counsel and ask how they may offer help through their position, responsibility, capacities and capabilities.

I frankly tell you the resistance on the land of Lebanon and the resistance on the land of Palestine are not pledged to any country in the world. They rather act on the light of their national, legal, religious and moral responsibility. They are not mercenary resistance leaderships and movements because they are paying the heavy price: the blood of their families, women, daughters, sons and dear ones. They are the ones bearing wounds and pressures. This must be clear.

Today, in the light of talks about political solutions and draft resolutions in the Security Council, the resistance fighters and leaders – along with those embracing and supporting them in Gaza- are the only ones who have the right to accept or refuse any solution. Those who are standing killing, confrontation and the burdens of the resistance alone have the right to take a decision away from any pressure and theorizations from behind screens. Let nobody lessen or increase conditions. From our experience in July War, I address all concerned with an advice: let the resistance leadership in Palestinian – whose wisdom, courage, faithfulness and truthfulness you know and have been manifested all through the past years – be at ease when taking any condition which agrees with the interests of its people and it finds suitable. It is clearly announcing its true goal: stopping the aggression and lifting the siege. Let this leadership work to achieve this aim and let's all help it in achieving this aim.

Some can't imagine what I am saying because there are some regimes in the world which can't understand what independent movements mean. They deal with mercenary, collaborators and tools. Some Arab regimes do not know how to deal with independent movements or with movements independent in their decisions, leadership, administration and will. They rather try to confiscate decisions. One of the true aims of the aggression is confiscating the true decision of the resistance in Palestine in an attempt to steal this decision and will. From another perspective, if we looked at the political facts from which we must take lessons, Europe – i.e. the European initiative - is worthless. It is making an appeal despite its support to Israel, justification of what Israel is perpetrating, cover to the murderer and condemn of the victim. Then it asks Israel to make a 48-hour-ceasefire but finds no listening ears. It tries to give a political initiative but finds no listening ears. To whoever believes that one day Europe might protect anyone, I say: Europe doesn't protect anyone. It condemns the victim and supports the murderer. Then the murderer does not listen or even acknowledge it.

The stand of the Arabs is clear so far: hesitation, tardiness and weakness. Today as yesterday there were calls to hold an Arab Summit by whoever attends. This is the least duty. If a gathering Arab Summit is impossible, let the presidents, kings and princes who can attend meet and take the appropriate decision. Israel can't accept any initiative or solution except via the US, because basically Israel is an American tool and an American bullet in the heart of our region. Israel can't accept a European, Arab, Russian, Asian or Turkish initiative. The only side which must show acceptance so that Israel accepts is the United States of America which is offering a total coverage for the war as it did in July 2006 and which cripples any resolution in the Security Council through the veto. You know that the Security Council is weaker than taking a decision which is to the interest of the Palestinian people, civilians, children and women in Palestine. So today the issue is in the hands of Bush and the US administration and not in the hands of Olmert to take pain and talk with him and not in the hands of Livney and Barak. They are but small players in the limited arena they are allowed to play within. Yet the decision of war and the decision of its continuation and duration is a US decision executed by Israel.

Now if America wants to stop this war, the war stops. Any solution framework, or any decision in the Security Council accepted by America will be accepted by Israel. Deluded is he who believes that there is a separator, a margin or a partition between the two. These are illusions made by some elite groups. It's not as such. Consequently America is still giving a full coverage for the war. It's still giving time so that Israel – its tool in the region – is offered what enables it to achieve some of the announced or unannounced aims. Consequently political efforts are indispensable. Yet the ruler – as we used to say – is the field. As in July War, in the field women and children are being killed. But in this field also, rockets are still shelled and to destinations further than before and in the same numbers. More important is the land confrontation. Israelis didn't only hide the goals of the war and the aggression since the first day, they also – this is among what they benefited from July War – prevented the media from reporting. They closed the means of information. They drew off the mobiles from the officers and soldiers. Thus when you read Israeli media you find rare and little information about what's taking place in the field compared to the information spread and made accessible during July War.

Israelis are hiding the facts of what's taking place from the Israeli public opinion because they know the extent to which this Israeli public opinion can bear. Yesterday, the fighters in Gaza Strip and in more than one region of confrontation, made a great fighting performance which expresses a strong will to fight and reflects a high level of tactics and war art. The casualties in the enemy lines are – they have acknowledged that so far: the leader of Gulani brigade was wounded (and I don't know the seriousness of his wounds) and the head of a battalion in Gulani Brigade (and not a regular officer) was killed. Many Israeli soldiers are killed and scores wounded. They started gradually informing the public opinion of these facts. They started talking about difficulties in the field. They are obliged to talk about difficulties in the field. That's because following days of the land operation, where is the military achievement they used to promise them with? That's why they are obliged now to talk about field difficulties: tunnel nets, bombs which await them everywhere, and Palestinian self-martyrs who come individually towards an Israeli group and explode themselves. This reflects a level of harmony stronger than what took place in July War because this nearness in distance was not available in many places in July War. So they started to acknowledge that the will of the resistance is not harmed so far. Here lies the bet and the legend. The statue quo in the field will be imposed at the end on whatever political solution.

It's natural that Hamas leadership answers the call of Egyptian officials for talks and discussions because it was always demanded from Egypt to offer help. It's normal when anyone among us takes a stand against any Arab government, ruler or country when it abandons its duty. This is an effort or an attempt to approach an honorable solution that stops the aggression on Gaza Strip. This enemy, its masters and the whole axis which endorsed the war against Gaza is a foolish and dumb axis because the war – as July War – has so far came only with counter results. During the past few years and months, there was an American, Israeli and at times Arab attempt to drive the Arab and Islamic world to say that their enemy is not Israel but rather Iran. Weren't there great mobilized political and media efforts that go in this direction? He who wants to continue in this direction does not wage a war on Gaza. Dumb is he who wages a war on Gaza because this war has reminded the whole nation that the enemy is Israel which kills women and children and destroys mosques, hospitals and schools. It does not respect anyone in the world, not even the Security Council. A short time ago Olmert said clearly that if the Security Council took a decision of a ceasefire they won't commit themselves to it.

During the past few years, the Americans and the Israelis along with some Arabs worked to drive the struggle in the region to a factional sectarian struggle especially between Shiites and Sunnites. Also who wants to each this goal does not wage a war against Gaza because Gaza is a part of Palestine which means a lot to all Arabs and all Muslims. Those killed in Palestine are our brothers. This war has restored much of our bonds and shed away much of the wrong feelings which were wrought on for years. Much effort was exerted to let people fall in ordeals. During the past years also, there were great efforts to make normalizations with Israel. Even more, we started seeing that some Arab governments and countries, who haven't signed a peace treaty with Israel, are trying to make all forms of normalization with Israel. Livney started clearly announcing that normalization is the prelude to "peace" and not an outcome. Israel wants normalization – which Arabs have always offered as a price for a settlement with Israel – to be a prelude for any settlement. We've seen many attempts for normalization; conferences were convened and meetings and visits were made under various titles and slogans. Who wants normalization with Israel does not support such a war, and Israel who is asking from Arab nations and communities to normalize with it does not wage such a war. Thus this war is dumb. Praise be to Allah who made our enemies dumb and foolish and don't know but to shed the blood of the innocent. That's why when they scheme to execute their plots and to confiscate the righteous causes in our region, they flop and their goals fail with their own hands, foolishness, arrogance and dumbness.

… On this night, I like to recall with you the tenth night of Muharram. The decisive decision came when Al Hussein permitted to those with him to abandon him and leave amid the darkness of the night. They refused. This night is the night of renewing our pledge of allegiance to Al Hussein peace be upon him. So this allegiance is to righteousness, jihad, resistance, refusal of humiliation, support of the oppressed, in defense of rights to restore the sanctuaries and to refuse to give in and yield. The pledge of allegiance to Al Hussein is a pledge of allegiance to Allah, to be content, patient and submissive to the fate set by Allah. This pledge is coupled with enduring difficulties, giving, offering sacrifices, blood, souls and loved ones. And you are qualified of such a pledge. All through the past years, you were most qualified for this pledge. You've proven through all the calamities, difficulties and ordeals you passed through in Lebanon that you are most fit for this pledge. Tomorrow also you will prove that God willing. Tomorrow we will all gather to renew our pledge for Al Hussein (peace be upon him) to answer the cries of the oppressed and the besieged who are defending their rights. We renew our pledge, cry and call -which is embodied today in answering the call of our oppressed brothers in Gaza Strip and in every place in this world in which there is a persecuted, oppressed man struggling to defend his right. Tomorrow we will let our voice be heard by the world. We'll let the whole world see our fists. Tomorrow we will step out from sorrow to determination, from blackness to the making the future. We will shout in top of our voices for our commitment to the blood of our martyrs, the sweat of our fighters, the injuries of the wounded, the pain of our prisoners and ever-readiness to defend the resistance and safeguard our nation and sovereignty: Here we are at your service, O Hussein.

Tomorrow whatever the weather will be - rainy or sunny – you will renew the pledge. You are stronger than coldness and hotness. You are the people of giving and steadiness. Tomorrow is the day to show our solidarity and make our pledge. Tomorrow we will renew our stand, our belonging to the resistance and our enmity to Israel and the great devil who gives orders to Israel and uses it to kill our people and occupy the sanctities in our region.