Monday, January 5, 2009

Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah Speech of January 2nd, 2009

The speech delivered by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on the sixth night of Ashura in the central council held in Sayyed Ashuhadaa (pbuh) Compound in Rweiss.

…. The factor of faith is the important factor that was introduced to the element of resistance in our current age. We respect and esteem all resistance movements, resistance cases, resistance factions and all previous and current fighters and peoples who resisted. But there are differences at times in factors of strength and factors of weakness. In the struggle with the Israeli enemy, let's take the model of Lebanon and then I'll go to the model of Gaza because what is taking place day after day affirms what we've said on the first night that it's a Palestinian replica of July Aggression 2006.

The main development that took place in Lebanon after 1982- i.e. in the eighties and nineties -and is still continuous to this time is the introduction of the factor of faith – faith in Allah, the resurrection, Doom's Day, Heaven and Hell, judgment, reward and punishment, martyrdom and the reward of martyrs, jihad and the reward of fighters and their lofty status. This factor was powerfully introduced and the issue wasn't anymore that of a meter of land we fight for restoring though its duty to restore it; or a river we fight to restore though it's our duty to restore it; or the sovereignty which we have to safeguard and it's our duty to do so. This is a duty we have to perform. But when man's aspirations become much more than land, water, sovereignty, the world, the Globe, the skies and lands and touch on that vast world, "the Heaven which broad width is as that of the skies and lands set for the chaste", to the status of fighters and the martyrs which Allah, the Almighty allotted for them on Doom's Day, morals, spirituality, will, determination and motives become different. In such cases, the ability to bear calamities and to stand the loss of the beloved, the dear, the children, money and wealth becomes something else. The ability becomes different because it's in the eye of Allah and in the path of Allah. So if it's reserved by Allah it will not be lost in vain but rather it'll be rewarded and Allah the Generous and the Bountiful will make the best reward for fighters and well-doers.

This comprehension, this faith and this knowledge is what made the resistance in Lebanon continue, develop, grow and remain steadfast and made our people bear calamities. What are the interpretations the world gave for such public models which were presented in July 2006 War. How did they interpret the people's steadfastness, firmness adherence to the resistance despite the demolition of tens of thousands of residential units and the displacement of more than a million human beings? For 33 days they remained outside their homes then they returned proud, clinging and backing the resistance. Where can they find such a model? This is the factor of faith we are talking about. This is when we believe our deeds are in the eye of Allah. In Karbala, when Al Hussein (pbuh) offered his companions, household members and brethrens and was left alone in the battlefield, he asked for some water for his enfant. His child was slaughtered. He gathered the blood in the palms of his hands and threw them towards the horizons and said: "What makes me stand all this is that it's in the eye of Allah." This is the culture of faith and fighting with this background.

This culture – the factor of faith – was introduced forcefully to the side of resistance in the Arab-Israeli struggle. This is what is not comprehended so far by the Zionists and they won't be able to comprehend. This is not comprehended also by some Arab rulers who collaborate with the Zionists who believe that with a war like July 2006 War they can wipe the Lebanese resistance from existence, and with a war like these days war they can wipe the Palestinian resistance from existence. They are mistaken. Neither they nor their masters can comprehend that this battle has entered a totally different stage. For two decades at least, this struggle has entered a new stage. This new stage's motive, title, and incentive are the belief in Allah, trust in Allah, content in Allah, dependence on Allah, and hope to win Allah's reward whatever the worldly results were. So it's one of the two good results either victory or martyrdom. Both are good results hoped to be bestowed by Allah, the Al Mighty.

When the factor of faith is introduced to the battle, there won't be any place for defeat and psychological breakdown. That's because if the fighter gained martyrdom he would've won and if he gained victory, he would've won. Thus Al Hussein (pbuh) considered what befell him in Karbala as a victory. It's rather the greatest victory that changed the route of this world and the Hereafter.

Today such a faithful, steadfast, patient, God-trusting, God-believing resistance is fighting in Gaza whether fighters or leaders. The whole world is waiting to see the consequences of shelling unarmed civilians which is killing hundreds. The whole world is waiting to see the resistance raising white flags and the people of Gaza rebelling against the resistance, abandoning it and announcing their surrender. That's what's taking place now.

Unfortunately, on the Arab official level, the aggression started on Saturday, but the Arab foreign ministers didn't convene until Wednesday. They did not agree on holding an Arab Summit or anything else. Doesn't what's taking place in Gaza deserve that Arab rulers meet on one united table? They can't meet on one table basically because they'll be due to take a united stand and decision. The most achievement made by the Arab ministerial council was forming a delegation to head to the Security Council on Monday. Why not Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday of Sunday? Even more, the Council thanked some Arab nations on their great stands that back and support the Palestinian people! Well, why Monday? I said on the first Ashura night that I'm saying things I didn't say in July 2006 War. Then we didn't need anything from Arab rulers. We didn't bet on them or ask for anything from them. We were under fire but still I used to say we want nothing from them but to leave us alone. Now what can we call what is taking place? Assuming responsibility or involvement? Why did they delay their going to the Security Council until Monday? They delayed their going so that the Israelis take their time. That means that from that date until Monday nothing will take place neither in the Security Council nor with the Arabs. Indeed it's impossible that an Islamic Summit be held? They weren't able to hold an Arab Summit. So indeed they can't hold an Islamic Summit. So until Monday, O Olmert, Livney and Barak take your time. But after Monday, you'll be embarrassing the Arab delegation who is heading to the Security Council. So it's demanded that until Monday you put a decisive end to what's going on. Still that doesn't mean that if the Israelis failed to do that before Monday, the Arabs won't be ready to give them an extra period of time that may prolong for days and weeks. This is similar to what took place during July War in which they made extra weeks' prolongation. Isn't this the bitter and painful truth? But this bet on Gaza to fall down did not work so far. These Arabs did nothing. If their stand really expresses their peoples' choice, why are they preventing demonstrations? If the Egyptian official position expresses the will of the Egyptian people, why were tens of thousands of policemen deployed in Cairo's streets to prevent any demonstration from taking place? Let the Egyptian people express their stand and viewpoint via sit-ins.

Today in many Arab countries the peoples are prevented from hitting the streets to express their viewpoints. Even this is prohibited. They'd be arrested, beaten and hurled in prisons. This took place in more than one Arab country. Those leaders don't bear to hear the cry of a few thousands in this or that street calling on them to assume their responsibility. These leaders don't comprehend what they're doing. The result of abandoning strugglers and resistance fighters was all through ages and in the modern time nothing but humiliation, disgrace, loss, dispersion and a feeling of weakness and futility. Isn't this the case now? To bet on a breakdown is futile. What we see in Gaza now is but steadfastness despite the great sacrifices and a continuation in rocket shelling on a range that's including more settlements. The debate started anew in Israel. It's important for some people that the tragedy be highlighted. True the tragedy must be highlighted. We mustn't ignore it. But we must see the other sides. The 7th day ended up and the resistance in Gaza with all its factions and people are still steadfast and firm despite the massacre. Now senior Israeli experts and analysts are saying time has gone in which Israel can decisively end a battle in six days. The six-day battle time is gone though Israel was then fighting a number of Arab countries and Arab armies on a number of fronts and it won. But now Israel is killing the people in Gaza without achieving any of the actual goals of its aggression. Here the 7th day ended up. This issue we'll tackle later while discussing defense strategies. Was the regular army alone defending Gaza the battle would have been wrapped during the first days. But since the people and the public resistance – the children of Gaza, the men of Gaza and the women of Gaza - are defending Gaza, the track went other wise. Well, Israel can wrap up in 6 days a battle against a number of Arab armies but in seven days it can't wrap up a battle against the resistance in Gaza. Still in 33 days it couldn't wrap up a battle in which it was furnished with all what it needed in its war against the resistance in Lebanon. They started talking about this. Today in Israel they are seriously talking about a political way out and a political solution. Why? That's because continuing in aerial bombarding will lead to more massacres. And those who could stand this great number of massacres can stand more because they have no other choice -because the other choice given is surrendering. The Israelis say that the only choice left after aerial targets are nearly exhausted is a land operation. They are all talking in Israel now about hesitation concerning a land operation. This is one of the consequences of the war on Lebanon. Today they recalled the first days of July War when their tanks touched Aita Road and were destroyed by bombs. Then other tanks entered but were destroyed by anti-armor weaponry. Military experts are saying if our tanks entered Gaza we don't know what is awaiting us in Gaza and we are close to elections.

True there is a bloody scene in Gaza but in Israel there is still a scene of confusion. In Gaza there is a scene of steadfastness of the resistance. I believe that this steadfastness will yield its fruit. This resistance will not be but a victorious resistance because we believe that the people who resist faithfully and sincerely while trusting in Allah and with such high readiness, firmness and patience will be rewarded in good results. Those who bet on the opposite will lose. As I said on that evening, we are before a great test, a great evidence and a new logic which will be established as a result of this resistance.

We must make sure we are among the people who have this faith, this knowledge, and this recall for the Day of Judgment and Resurrection Day so that we be worthy of assuming our responsibilities in this World. There are other sides for this topic which I'll tackle tomorrow if God wills. Peace be upon you and Allah's Mercy and blessing.

This understanding, faith and knowledge are what made the resistance in Lebanon carry on, develop, grow and remain firm and made our people steadfast. What are the interpretations which were given by the world for such public models during July 2006 War? How did they interpret that: the steadfastness and firmness of the people, their clinging to the resistance despite the demolition of tens of thousands of residential units, the displacement of more than a million human beings? For 33 days they remained outside their homes. Then they returned proud of the resistance, firm in their adherence to the resistance, supporting the resistance. Where can they find such models in the world? This is the factor of faith - seeing their deeds in the eye of Allah. When Al Hussein's (pbuh) friends, household and brethrens and he remained all alone in that battlefield, he asked for some water to his enfant. The child was slaughtered from the vein to the vain; he gathered the blood in both palms of his hands and threw it towards the Horizons and said: "what makes what have befallen me easy is that it's in the eye of Allah". This is the culture of faith and this is jihad with a faithful background.