Saturday, January 3, 2009

The anthem of the glorious and invincible "Tsahal"

(The anthem of the Israeli military by Robert)

If Hizbollah fucked us up
And made us run with our tails between our legs
Lets pound our chests to the prisoners of Gaza Hell yeah

If all our threats to pulverise Iran serves only as comic relief
Lets snuff the lives out of the Jabaliyans Hell yeah

If our illusion of invincibility is forever shattered
Lets flatten Rafa Hell yeah

When our neurotic and imaginery superiority is forever rendered moot
Lets show the defenceless of Khan Yunis how brave we are Hell yeah

If we are terrified of taking on the soldiers of Hamas
Let’s send in F-16s and Apaches Hell yeah

If the hand of time is dealing our Zionist dream a cruel blow
Let the wretched of Deir al Balah feel the full force of our frustration. Hell yeah

If the knowledge that taking on Iran would sound the death knell of our racist project
Lets have an orgy while the defenceless of Al Shati are incinerated. Hell yeah

We are the soldiers of the IDF
Forward we march, except when confronted by Hizbullah. Oh yeah

We are the proudest of ethnic cleansers
We wear that badge with honour and pride. Fuck yeah