Friday, September 12, 2008

Very interesting debate between Scott Horton and "Harvey from New York"

Two days ago Scott Horton debated a guy called Harvey Kushner from New York (I am not kidding!) at Texas A&M University and the resulting discussion is highly interesting to watch. First, Scott really ripped this poor Neocon into tiny little shreds over and over again. It is absolutely hilarious to see this so-called "expert" getting hammered by Scott who never pretended to be an expert on anything (even though he could teach graduate college courses on US foreign policy in any Ivy League college). Poor Harvey is reduced to "pulling rank" by referring to his lifetime expertise in the "real world" only to go on getting hammered by Scott again. By the end of the debate Harvey from New York was clearly frustrated, humiliated and angry. And so he should: I have rarely seen anyone getting so thoroughly thrashed.

The debate is also very interesting from another aspect. It clearly shows the mindset of kind of Fascist Neocon which have hijacked the USA in the last decades. Harvey from New York openly speaks of 5th columns, of an infiltrated Congress, of an infiltrated US military. Make no mistake, Harvey from New York cannot wait until the Federal government cracks down on any and all forms of dissent. Harvey from New York, when forced to admit that the USA is an empire, says that he is *proud* of the fact that the USA is an empire. Basically, Harvey from New York want to kill all those who oppose the rule of Harvey from New York over the planet. This is the real nature of the threat which faces the entire planet. Its really that simple and that basic. Harvey from New York vs. the rest of mankind.

Scott deserves a lot of credit for forcing this crazed Neocon to reveal his real nature and agenda.