Friday, September 19, 2008

Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah's September 16th speech - full transcript

The speech delivered by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in the Iftar of Support of Resistance Association - Beirut 16/9/2008

In the old times people’s health was better. Their worries were less than now because there weren’t any satellite channels and communication means. No one used to know what’s taking place around the world. But nowadays there are news bulletins. Anyone who watches them ends up with an aching heart. We see at news bulletins today that in Ethiopia alone 4700000 human beings are threatened by death because of famine. We are talking about people regardless of their religious affiliation. Among them there are many Muslims, Christians, atheists and others of other religious affiliations. This number includes children, women and elderly. Famine threatens millions in Somalia, tens of millions in India, Bangladesh, Burma and other regions around the world. This is the minimum number of human beings including men, women, children, elderly and infants who are threatened by death because of famine and poverty and still no one around the world takes action.

This world is dead. Its humanity and values are dead. World leaders make speeches on human values, democratic values and human rights. This is paradoxical. The whole world talks about human values and democracy while tens of millions die of famine. On the other hand, we see piles of money, gold and silver in the hands of a group of rich people. You might have noticed in news bulletins that year after year the group of rich people is becoming smaller. That means the wealth of a group is increasing while another group is being bankrupt. (I want to give an example. Some might say Sayyed Hassan is attacking the Arab world as it is sacred.) One and only one Arab state deposits in the banks of the USA (which is now suffering from a severe financial crisis) three thousand billion dollars. Indeed this was before the oil prices soared. I mean this piece of information is one and a half year old. Three thousand billion dollars are piled there. What are they doing with this amount of money? Look in Gaza, Iraq and Lebanon. It’s true that the Lebanese do not expose each other but don’t you see in Lebanon people searching in the waste containers for leftovers and clothes and the like? Doesn’t this scene hurt our human values, morals and religion? How can the owners of money piled in the US banks bear this scene? (No one is saying give us three thousand billion dollars we want to spend them on the hungry, thirsty, deprived and oppressed). A humble proportion of this amount may treat many economic and social crises suffered by the peoples of this region and the whole world.

Now we are tackling the issue of famine. Indeed if we touched on other issues: illiteracy, ignorance, celibacy, unemployment.. We must find solutions for all of these crises when we become financially able.

Still our wealthy governments collect and pile money while denying it even their peoples and not any other peoples. Here we feel the lack of the sense of responsibility. Is this what prophetic teachings try to promote?

Following this lead in, I say that the most important factor in the experience of the resistance and the resistance movement in Lebanon which takes pride in your support is the sense of responsibility. That's because in Lebanon and noticeably following 1982 invasion, many people – men and women- refused to know the meaning of humiliation and disgrace, of profaning the sanctity of land and taking control of the water and the sovereignty of land. Thus they took the initiative being moved by their sense of responsibility. Today this is the Iftar of the Support of the Resistance Association. I say that the resistance, the presence of the resistance, the achievements of the resistance as well as its takeoff are the natural outcome of this sense of responsibility and the lofty human feelings shared by many men and women in Lebanon. Was it not for this sense of responsibility, the resistance in Lebanon wasn't to be and we would've submitted to humility, occupation, submission, oppression and control of the Zionists of our land, wealth, water and nation besides our political decisions and the future of our children, grandchildren and the upcoming generations. But this sense of responsibility pushed many young men to resist the occupation with all possible means whether political, cultural, media, social, financial, moral… But above all comes the armed resistance in the battlefield where souls are sacrificed and blood is shed and where the enemy becomes subject to massive losses what forces it to pullout, retreat and be defeated.

The resistance in Lebanon is the fruit of this strong sense of responsibility and because of that it stands till today. I mean has this resistance been consisting of a group of young mercenary men – i.e. they are in the resistance because they are paid- it wasn't to last 26 years. No it is a resistance where its men are daily being subject to killing, liquidation and bloody confrontations.

What has made our men stick to their present status? What has pushed our young men to quit school and university and dwell in hills and valleys in southern Lebanon? That's because they feel responsible of defending their country – even if they believe and are convinced that the government is able of protect them because there is a slogan today that says: the government protects all, isn't it? It's right to say "all" but on the ground is the government really able to protect Lebanon? (We all agree on that. The answer is: no.)

Indeed we have to work industriously so that the government becomes able to protect Lebanon. We mustn't give in and submit to the status quo. They always wanted us to live in Lebanon under the slogan: Lebanon's strength is in its weakness. What's this strength? The tongue i.e. the Lebanese are good only in talking, giving speeches, writing, singing and reciting verse. Is this Lebanon's strength?

This strength does not protect anyone in this world neither in Lebanon nor in any other country. Lebanon must be strong. Its state must be as such too so as to protect the nation and the people. At one stage unfortunately the state was not only weak; it also did not have the will to confront. Even worse at times it was part of the connivance with the enemy at the beginning of the 80s. I don't want to mention other stages when the Israelis used to receive corporation at times. So these young men feel that their homeland is threatened and their people are at risk. They leave their homes, families, schools and universities to live in mountains and valleys in the south. I believe some of you ladies have got introduced to some of these young men. These young men lack nothing neither wit nor mind nor intellect nor personality. Then why this emigration to mountains and valleys to defend the homeland? Because there is a sense of responsibility? They have human values rooted in their conscience. What imposes on them to be in those positions? That's because they will also be asked on Doom’s Day? Because on the emotional level, they can’t bear that their people and country be humiliated or that they be aggressed against or that Lebanon be turned to a territory profaned by the Israeli enemy army, Mossad, security forces and so on. This is also the case of the families of these young men – their wives, mothers, fathers, relatives, sons and daughters who bear this kind of life. They also have their share in the sacrifice. So since the resistance has this sense of responsibility it could continue and also secondly it could make many victories and achievements.

We don’t want to speak about old evidences. The day before yesterday i.e. on Sunday usually the enemy premier at the beginning of the cabinet meeting gives a brief political speech. What did Olmert – who will leave in the coming few days fruitless and miserable – say to the Israelis? He said from their government’s platform – and this has its peculiar meaning because he is talking in the opening session of the cabinet meeting in the presence of the political and military leadership. First the story of the great integrated Israel is sheer illusion. Let no one lie anymore on the Israeli people.

Secondly Olmert said that it’s clear that the regional balance is suffering from disorder and our way in preventing the regional imbalance is in reaching an understanding with the Palestinians and making a settlement and in reaching an understanding with the Syrians and making a settlement. Then there is no military way-out to prevent the regional disorder according to Olmert.

The third point: time is not to our interest. If we didn’t make haste and reach settlements, every day that passes will make us feel remorse in the future. I’m not inventing anything from my mind. He – Olmert – said so during the enemy cabinet meeting.

The evaluation of these three points is clear. This means as a conclusion that after his lengthy experience Olmert – he couldn’t hold long as premier because he got involved in July war but still be he's among the ancient political leaderships in the enemy entity – told them that we are in a new status in the region. The regional situation is not to our interest. The possibility of addressing the situation with military means is unavailable to us. The available way is to make settlements. We must wipe from our heads the dreams we used to nurture. They are sheer illusions that have no place anymore. This is the conclusion. But why Olmert is saying this now? (Even though Netanyahu preceded him following Israel’s defeat in 2000 saying that the Israeli project came to an end following Barak’s decision to retreat from Southern Lebanon in that humiliating way in May 25, 2000.) What is the reason? Is it because there has become a multi-polar regime in the world? No in the past there was a bi-polar system in the world and Israel’s power, arrogance and oppression were increasing what was revealed in occupying more lands and imposing humiliating conditions on the Arabs. It’s true we are on the onset of international changes but their horizons are not clear yet? Is it because the Arabs were weak and now they are strong? No on the contrary, unfortunately day after day the Arabs are becoming number one absentee from all the regional and international developments. Where are the Arab states? Except for Syria which is trying to be on the move somehow and which position impose on it to be in the heart on this move, most of the Arab states are unfortunately absent! Today we can see Turkey, Iran, France, Europe and America – it goes without saying. But where are the Arab states? So is there a new Arab status that frightens Olmert? No indeed. There is no new official Arab status that frightens Olmert! The main development – and whoever has any other discussion can speak it out – that happened in the region since 2000 till today is the victories and achievements of the resistance movements in the region. This turning point started in 2000 with Israel’s defeat in Lebanon. This is the truth and nothing else. Should we remove the resistance movements, the resistance steadfastness, the resistance persistence and the resistance victory, on the contrary all the other factors would be helping factors for Israel to become more arrogant and oppressive in imposing humiliating conditions on all. Why did great Israel come to an end? There are three Israels:

1- Great Israel that spreads geographically from the Nile to Euphrates and this is expressed by the Israeli flag on which two lines are drawn to stand for the two rivers.

2- The big Israel which concedes geographically and contents with the historical Palestine but on which there must be a strong mighty state that imposes its conditions on the whole region and spreads its hegemony on the region even behind Palestine’s historical borders.

3- The ordinary Israel which borders are not determined until now and which nobody knows till now what will become of it. These are the three Israels.

As for great Israel, there are some factors that have to do with the steadfastness of the Arab states, Arab peoples and Arab armies in some stages in the War of 1973. But if I was to be humble I would say that the Resistance in Lebanon hammered the last nail in the coffin of great Israel when the former defeated the latter in 2000. Great Israel came to an end. So this great Israeli Army couldn’t stay not only in southern Lebanon but also in the border lines. So how can it occupy or take control of a vast geographical territory that is to comprise all the territories between the Nile River and the Euphrates River? Great Israel came to an end in 2000. Today Olmert -who is done and who is leaving - admitted that it came to an end. This is the truth. In 2000 it came to an end. They reached a conclusion that they must make settlements and agreements. The discussion turned to a mighty Israel within Palestine’s historical borders. This was the project of Israeli parties. Their ambition was always administrative self rule in the West Bank and administrative self rule in Gaza and that’s it. But developments took place following 2000 the most important of which is the outbreak of the blessed Intifada in Palestine and the resistance in Palestine which have imposed finally the pullout from Gaza. The significance of the pullout from Gaza is the retreat behind Palestine’s historical borders. The Intifada has imposed on Israel to build the Separation Wall. Thus the territories behind the wall are to be given up or negotiated. Then it retreated from Palestine’s historical territories. This is geographically speaking. Geographically I can say that mighty Israel in historical Palestine was defeated twice. The sign of the first is its retreat from Gaza. The sign of the second is the Separation Wall. As for great Israel, the mighty powerful, arrogant, frightening and hegemonic, I humbly say this great Israel fell in July war in Lebanon in 2006. Israel is not great anymore. Israel today is similar to the Arabs of the old times. It makes speeches, threats and talks day and night yet in vain. This is the status quo. When was Israel –when it wanted to launch a war- used to give speeches, threaten and horrify? All its wars were made all of a sudden. But today they need to make speeches and threat a lot to substitute for their weakness, impotence, powerlessness and the weak morals of their soldiers, officers and people with this arousing language. Today we are before an ordinary Israel which once was all-preoccupied with the Arab nation, governments and peoples. Today it is all-preoccupied with a handful of resistance men in Lebanon and a handful of resistance men in Palestine. It is preoccupied with them all day long. It also admits that they equal it in balance. It also fears imbalance if the Lebanese resistance or the Palestinian resistance owned this or that weapon. Thus today we are in a much advanced stage in this struggle.

Back to our present days and the time we are living in and pursuant to what is given and the reading of this experience we say that indeed we are all concerned in protecting our homeland and in fortifying and defending it. This kind of issues necessitates a specific national conduct and national dealing. Hereof I like to mention the last point. Yet before I’d like to mention a good news that’ll come subsequently and in which I believe: with the end of July War, the last developments in Lebanon, passing through May 7 events and Doha Agreement and the current national government, I can say that the resistance which has always been subject and is always being subject to liquidation attempts to suppress it has passed all these experiences and the real dangers are far behind it. From 2000 to 2006 till now, the Israelis along with the Americans and all who back and support them are working this year to beat the new powerful element which is the Resistance. It’s recommended that this resistance be put down and be ridden of by all possible means and even if many means were used: assassinations, the assassination of martyr leader Hajj Imad Mughniyeh which was not the first assassination. Sayyed Abbass, his wife and son and Sheikh Ragheb where among many resistance leaders who were assassinated. Still the resistance wasn’t shaken. In the contrary its power increased as well as its invincibility and ardor. It became more deep-rooted in the conscience of its people and more convinced in the righteousness of its path. Security action against the resistance for 25 years could not do harm to the resistance. Here I am saying: they can’t do harm to the resistance. Nowadays there is competition in Kadima Party. On the light of this competition they are posing a question to Livney saying if you received a line at 3:00 am and the Mossad Chief told you that there is a rare opportunity to kill Hezbollah Secretary General will you give a decision to kill him? She answers: Yes, I give a decision to kill him. Mofaz also issues a similar decision. Well I thank you. There is no problem. Anyone among our brethrens who have the honor of this moment – the moment of martyrdom- would have ended his life in achieving his utmost wish. These were the feelings of all our martyrs who passed and these are the feelings of those who are still alive. But what I would like to say that the Resistance since 1982 till this very moment and onward does not depend on one person no matter how important or essential he might be in the eyes of the people. The Resistance in Lebanon has passed the stage of depending on a political, or military, or field leader or a group of leaders or the like. It is a true public phenomenon. It’s able of producing leaders on all levels – leaders who are not produced theoretically but rather from amidst suffering, tough experiences, hard working, and from amidst blood and tears. Thus the security option is a failure according to the Israelis. So whatever they would do in the future will be fruitless.

As for the military option, before 2000, they tried everything and 2006 was the peak of their military option and still they flopped. What still remains? There remains isolating the resistance publicly. There they flopped too because the resistance is vastly present publicly. Here comes the importance of the public embracing from all the Lebanese sects and the various Lebanese political trends. Here comes the importance of the state embracing the Resistance instead of confiscating, restricting, deactivating and blocking it. This too we have surpassed.

The last and most dangerous point is the continuing attempts to drag the Resistance to internal fighting and to an internal ordeal under various titles: loyalty, opposition, sectarian and factional titles. This is what took place when they killed the opposition martyr during the sit-in and when killed other martyrs for the opposition. They wanted to drag the resistance to fighting. Under all circumstances and even in May 7, we surpassed that. Here I say again: We the Lebanese people have different readings of May 7. I say the previous government was pushed by international and regional nations and international and regional sides to take those decisions that aim at dragging the Resistance to a war of attrition. I repeat: it was demanded that the security forces and the army be dragged to a war against the Resistance. But what some opposition forces did –and not all opposition forces assume responsibility of what took place – buried the ordeal alive, exterminated a civil war and safeguarded the state and the army. Some try to say that what took place is the worst that befell Beirut. No what took place on May 7 saved Lebanon and the Lebanese state, army and people from the worst conspiracies and ordeals which were woven against it. Still we find these very parties which pushed the Lebanese to clash, confront and fight each other still insisting on saying other than this.

Our responsibility now is first to address our disputes through dialog. Hereof I renew my approval of the national dialog table which I feel sorry I can’t attend. I would’ve liked to be present. But the Israelis do not play games with us. They are serious. They are observing us and at the same time they are worried and frightened by us. Once they withdraw all their businessmen from anywhere worldwide and once they prevented their ministers from traveling. Yesterday they withdrew all tourists from Sinai. This is good. We do not give positive or negative comments on it. Why should we assure the Israelis? He who killed hajj Imad must remain worried wherever he is around the world… yes things are serious between them and us. That’s why I didn’t show up in Baabda Castle or else I would have had the honor to be beside the other Lebanese leaders present to work hard to address the Lebanese statue quo.

Secondly, I would like to give my credits to the fully considered, precise, responsible and national speech delivered by His Excellence, President Michael Sleiman. This speech also expresses a collective soul and will and lofty spirituality to address the critical and decisive issues in the nation. I also give my credits to the final statement which is the onset of the national dialogue table. I stress on one point in the final statement which tackles the issue of media campaigns and media escalation and the role of political and media leaderships in tackling the various issues.

In Doha Agreement, we find a clause on halting media escalation and instigation. I can say that we in the resistance have got committed to it. But some parties on the other side didn’t get committed to it though some did. And if some local parties got committed, some Arab sides did not- meaning that if some national media stations got committed, some Arab media stations didn’t and are still practicing the worst factional instigation ever witnessed in Arab media since its foundation. It’s open and disclosed factional and sectarian instigation in which names are mentioned. They exploit the small and simple skirmishes to build on their frightening and alarming instigations to push the Lebanese to fight and resort to arms. The most important clause to which we all must instantly get committed is stopping instigation. Even when we make reconciliation we must stop instigations.

What used to take place in Tripoli? A problem between a loyalist to the majority party and another one in the opposition. But should we revise the media: who was using the language that what’s taking place in Tripoli is a Sunni-Alawi fighting? Who dragged the issue to factionalism and sectarianism? The opposition or some parties on the other side? They invoke wide sectarian and factional instigation until it becomes a volcano on the verge of eruption. And suddenly “we want to pour water to extinguish it”. This makes things difficult and much complicated…

So above all is stopping the instigation. When instigation is halted the smallest and the biggest problem in the nation take their national volume. I will give an example which was worked upon on the past few days. There’s a dispute in Lassa village in the barren mountains of Byblos. The dispute is on a definite place there and it’s an old dispute before the loyalists, the opposition, Hezbollah, the National Free Party and all the people now present there. The dispute is at least several decades old. There are two sides in this dispute and it might be settled in the court or through an understanding. We can work at settling it and that’s the volume of the issue. But some people want to run parliamentary elections in Byblos. “What shall we do?" It’s a real catastrophe that parliamentary elections are getting near. How can we win votes? We win votes through sectarian and factional instigation? Thus it becomes that a small place in Lassa according to some politicians in the other party is threatening Islamic-Christian coexistence and placing Shiites and Christians on the verge of an ordeal. This is not true. This is sheer lying and exaggeration that frighten people.

When General Aoun tackled the issue of the newspaper which said “the martyr pilot killed Samer Hanna in cold blood” and demanded its persecution, a big fuzz was made about it. At first we handled the issue as the many other issues that newspapers write daily. For example yesterday a Kuwaiti political newspaper made a “great innovation” saying that the Southern Suburbs (Dahyieh) put the bomb to (Saleh Aridi). While sitting in Kuwait they invented this piece of information which they wrote in broad letters. Why is it a Kuwaiti political news paper? That’s because it’s a part of the US-Israeli poisonous destructive cuisine which works at spreading various lies and rumors. We have a decision not to answer such rumors. We do not even make denials because if we are to deny we have to specialize a media body to issue denial statements daily because such rumors are sheer lies.

As we are implicated with this kind of media we will not pause lengthily but still lately I became convinced that we have to file a suit on this newspaper that accused us of killing in cold blood and whoever wants to make a sit-in is free to do so because this is falsehood, injustice and sheer lying. Why should we stop at a small incident and magnify it? What took place today and yesterday in Talbaya and Sadnayel? The general atmosphere is tense. Two young men pass near each other and get entangled in a fight. Once the first party kill and at other times the other party. That’s the whole story. Why should we make a big fuzz about it? That’s because the political and media atmosphere is taking such incidents to such ends.

We have all agreed -let’s hope God willing all parties are honest- on the dialogue table. We also agreed on stopping instigation and on media appeasement. I foretell the Lebanese that we are all able to address the various issues and events that might take place. Such incidents may be interpreted in two ways: one says that some incidents are the result of instigation while others are fabricated deliberately to cause ordeals. Who did throw hand grenades in Cornish Almazraa? Who? Finger at one Lebanese person who has morals and honor and comes at mid night and throw hand grenades.

These very sides assassinated Sheikh Saleh Aridi because his main role is clear as is his position. Many do not want the Druze to reach an understanding. Many do not want the Lebanese Democratic Party to reach an understanding with the Socialist Progressive Party. They don't want Hezbollah to reach an understanding with the Socialist Progressive Party and its milieu. The aim of the assassination might be dragging these parties to inter-fighting and consequently the resort of the Resistance to fighting through finger-pointing. So there are people who install the bomb that kills and others who have ready made media bombs to be used in satellite channels, newspapers and platforms to complement the role of the fatal bombs. This is the set up which we face nowadays.

The lead in to any way-out is stopping instigation. Should instigation come to an end we would be able to address all other issues. We would make firm the reconciliation in the north and the reconciliation in Talbaya and Sadnayel in Bekaa as well the reconciliation that took place yesterday between Hezbollah and the Socialist Progressive party under the sponsorship of prince Talal Irslan. We will get along with such reconciliations because they will not stop here. They will carry on in and out side Beirut to cover other Lebanese regions because a peaceful atmosphere must prevail in Lebanon. This does not mean switching alliances at all. Every party might remain in its position. Via reconciliations we are saying: "Let's not harass each other, conspire against each other, kill each other and charge the atmosphere what might lead to opening fire on each other." Let the democratic political means rule over us. There are elections and dialog and there are the people and the supporters. We respect the public will. This is the aim of reconciliations: let such atmosphere prevail, firm civil peace, an atmosphere of security and stability. We want to appease the atmosphere before heading to reasonable parliamentary elections. It seems that some people are in need of civil war to win the elections and become deputies and this is the worst treachery one might commit against this nation.

Any reconciliation we achieve does not aim at isolating anyone, as we said when we concluded the understanding between Hezbollah and The National Free Party. We said in a press conference then that this understanding does not aim at any faction, sect, political party or political alliance. There are some clauses that have to do with the nation and its future and fate... By the way, today in the final statement they stressed all the national dialogue resolutions. Here I call upon you to have a copy of the national dialogue table resolutions and a copy of Hezbollah- National Free Party Understanding; you will find out that they are the same. Have they agreed with us then, they would have spared us much effort and spared the Lebanese much pain and trouble. When Hezbollah and the Socialist Progressive Party or Hezbollah or Future Party or Hezbollah and any other party make reconciliation this does not aim at isolating anyone or unbinding the present alliances. No we have our alliances, relations and positions by which we abide wholly.

We are serious in this dialog and we renew the call for it. Some time ago I said we must listen to the demands of some Lebanese political forces that they must be presented in the dialog table and we must listen to the rightful demands. Today I even say more and this is what Hezbollah representative said on the dialog table. We demand and insist on expanding the dialog table and on having main political forces represented on the dialog table. Why? This is the question. Do you insist on thwarting the dialog? No we want the dialog to make success and that's why we call on such expansion. I do not want to discuss – as some do – the representatives around the dialog table. I respect them all. I do not want to cancel anyone or to force out any of those presented. No, this is not even brought up for discussion….

The dialog table must expand to include the main various forces. The question is: why did you accept discussing the defensive strategy before July war in the presence of the 14 members and you did not demand expansion then? Why are you demanding an expansion now? So you do not want dialog. You rather want complicating the dialog.

Yes, before July War we agreed on this discussion but after July War we don't. You ask me what is the difference between today and the last session for the dialog table two years ago. My answer is July War. July War changed the country, the region and the world. Humbly I say it changed many of the fighting and military schools worldwide. There's a big difference between today and the old days. The main issue according to us and above all has to do with being loyal and moral as was our conduct pertaining to the governmental issue. Some political forces played roles during the war. Now we are heading to a new atmosphere. Some issues were not clear to us at least and I'll not say more to be moderate. But some main forces in Lebanon stood with the Resistance during the war. They supported the Resistance and offered sacrifices as did the Resistance and coupled its fate with that of the Resistance. So if the resistance was defeated the very presence of these forces was to be at stake. To show our faithfulness to the forces who backed us in July War, we must demand firmly that they be on head of the table - and not to lag behind – when discussing the issue of defending and safeguarding Lebanon because such forces took part in defending and safeguarding Lebanon. Yes this is the main difference. The difference is that July War took place. We will follow up on this demand of ours seriously. I know that during the period extending between today and the next date, intensive discussions with the various political forces will take place to achieve this demand and target God willing. Consequently, when all parties are present we will be able to make a serious, responsible and unanimous discussion. Indeed we do not call for this demand to gain strength from anyone. No never. Were those who represent the opposition and defend the resistance on the dialogue table three or four they will balance millions. The issue is not that of numbers or that of needing forces on the table to back us when discussing the defensive strategy. Never! On the contrary, the issue is decisive, strategic and moral at a time. Our morals and national values necessitate that all those who backed, safeguarded and defended the resistance and Lebanon and helped in Lebanon's victory during July war be represented on the national dialogue table.

With this we reach our final words. Here I'd like to call upon us all to benefit from this experience that took place in Lebanon. Two or three days ago, an Israeli website on the internet – it's a respectful and specialized website- wrote the following. I will read the news piece without much comment. The source is a senior military officer in the USA Army. It has to do with Georgia and Russia. The Georgian Army was trained, equipped and formed by American and Israeli experts. The Georgian defense minister has the Israeli nationality. He has two nationalities. He is an Israeli and he was in Israel. Then he went to Georgia and became defense minister. No way for discussion. These are verified pieces of information. The Americans are the ones who forced the Georgians to evoke war. They did not expect that Russia will retaliate with such severity. Thus was the Georgian army's defeat. Now the Americans are revaluating their experience. How are we to rebuild the Georgian army? This senior source says quoting the US chief of staff and not the head of the middle region or the like: we must build the Georgian army following Hezbollah's example. He explains: Georgia is similar to Lebanon. (As for our dear brother Hajj Mohammad Raad – the head of the Loyalty to Resistance Bloc- I gave him this text but because they didn't tackle this issue I don't think he distributed it. I've told him to distribute it to our fellow colleagues present on the table to contribute to the discussion of the defensive strategy. )

The Chief of Staff or one of the senior officers says quoting the chief of staff: Hezbollah has given a new example. A small force could defeat a great army because –indeed this is strategic military talk- Hezbollah could combine between using modern weaponry, spreading the infantry forces and organizing guerrilla war. (This indeed needs explanation but the statement is because Hezbollah could combine between using modern weaponry, spreading the infantry forces and organizing guerrilla war). For your general information ladies – you can ask the military and generals- the military example – not to mention the morals, politics and morales – which was given by the resistance in Lebanon is a Lebanese innovation with no parallel in human wars all through history. With the benefit of previous experiences, it's the innovation of a group of Lebanese youths (indeed they were young; now they are a bit white-haired) on head of whom is martyr leader hajj Imad Mughniyeh – may Allah bless his soul. So today the Americans are saying: I want to take this experience and follow Hezbollah's example in forming the Georgian Army. I want to teach this army fighting using Hezbollah's tactics and techniques especially that Georgia has mountains, valleys, villages and towns as does Lebanon, he carries on. So they can take Hezbollah's experience in Lebanon and pass it to Georgia. (They don't want to defeat the Israeli army but rather the Russian army. To this extent they are convinced of the experience and example.) He adds quoting the US Chief of Staff: we in the US Army must benefit also from Hezbollah's fighting tactics and techniques.

Great! Tonight in your presence, I make a call on all the political and military leaders in Lebanon: officers and generals from all over the world study theories and experiences from all over the world. Today a group of Lebanese made a school in fighting. Our experience is neither from the West nor from the East, neither from the Americans nor from the Soviet. It's an experience and for the first time made in Lebanon. Those who call and overbid in their call for sovereignty must be more fanatic to all what is made in Lebanon including the experience of the Resistance.

Hundred returns and peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.