Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Interesting stuff happening in the EU and in the Ukraine

So finally the EU got together. After making various threats about "consequences" or even sanctions all the EU could produce was an amazingly asinine resolution which achieved only one thing: showing that the Old Continent has become the Senile Continent. Like an old man with geriatric dementia the EU just barely manages to rehash some vague threats mixed with some empty words (we are at a crossroads). If that is the best the EU could come up with, its just goes to show that Putin is correct when he stated in his interview with ARD that "Russia will have to discuss European matters not with the EU, but with Washington".

The UK comes across as particularly pathetic in all this. After having Tony Blair as "Bush's poodle" we know see Gordon Brown trying hard to be "Bush's rottweiler" but coming across more like some nasty but harmless yorkshie. It is simply baffling to see how a country with a long and highly sophisticated diplomatic tradition like the UK is now simply ridiculing itself over and over again.

Speaking of countries in trouble - the Empire is now over-playing its hand in the Ukraine. The Western stooge Iushchenko immediately a virulently anti-Russian position (he even threatened not to let the Black Sea fleet vessels back into Sevastopol) only to find himself so isolated in the Ukrainian Parliament that he could not even show up there to defend the viciously anti-Russian resolution he wants the Parliament to adopt. Even his own coalition partners (such as Iulia Timoshenko) are rejecting his stance while the opposition, lead by Viktor Ianukovich, is supporting an officially "neutral", but in reality rather pro-Russian, position. It appears that the war in South Ossetia is polarizing the political scene in the Ukraine and, considering how unpopular Iushchenko (or NATO for that matter) is, it is becoming increasingly likely that the Ukraine will gradually slip away from the Imperial control it is currently held in. How will the Empire respond? It is hard to say, but keep an eye open for a possible violent crackdown on the Ukrainian opposition parties.