Friday, May 23, 2008

Lots of interesting stuff on Press TV (Iran)

First, a senior Iranian cleric says that signing a SOFA agreement with the occupation forces would be a betrayal of Islam (so much for the alleged Iranian support of the occupation or the Maliki regime).

Second, a top US military commanders says that Iran's role in the Middle-East is "analogous to al-Qaeda's" (which sadly goes to prove that with the departure of Adm. Fallon all that's left in the Pentagon brass is a sad bunch of spineless sycophants willing to say absolutely anything the Neocons want in exchange for a promotion; "ass-kissing chickenshit" in Fallon's words).

Third, the Israeli top diplomat at the UN says that "Iran is winning the nuclear race" (what is amazing here is not that the Zionists would make that kind of claims, but that anyone still listens to these guys).


Fourth, the Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (Pasdaran) is saying that his forces are preparing to repel a US attack (they would be crazy not to, considering all of the above).

So we are still going full speed ahead towards an Imperial agression on Iran.

Hey, as anyone noticed the totally crazy article in Ha'aretz about how bombing Iran would be no big deal at all since there is very little the Iranians could do to retaliate. Yep, the Zionsits and their Neocon allies promise us all yet another "cakewalk". Oh well, anyone interested in my view of what this cakewalk could look like can check it out here, though I would say that since rumor has it that what the Neocons are looking at is a rather small number airstrikes designed to provoke Iran (the pious airstrikes would be targeted as "Quds bases training Irani special groups") the best option for Iran might be do to nothing and just let the Americans and the Israelis face the political firestorm resulting from their actions.

The only good news is that there are TV stations like Real News Network and Press TV which are slowly becoming more and more capable and who have been providing excellent reports on the websites recently, in particular Real News Network. Press TV's is streaming live, but alas it only does so for Windows-afflicted computers (which is outright bizarre considering that there is hardly a most nauseating symbol of everything which is the worst in the USA than Microsoft and its horrendous operating system and applications).

I am very disappinted with al-Jazeera which recently has become more and more "tame and lame". A promising TV station is Hezbollah's al-Manar which has an interesting website, but whose TV shows are, alas, only in Arabic and who also uses another Microsoft format (the aspx, of the ASP.NET framework; same comment as for Press TV above).

Anyway, let us hope that, with time more alternative TV/web sources will keep springing into existence.