Friday, May 9, 2008

BBC becomes a mouthpiece for the Siniora clique possibly in preparation for a foreign intervention

I have just listened to the BBC news about the events in Lebanon. I was baffled to see that it did not even pretend to report objectively about the events in Beirut. Basically, it was "open mike" for the supporters of Siniora, Hariri, Jumblatt and the rest of the CIA stooges. If that is how the BBC presents the events I can't even begin to imagine what the "idiot box" in the USA spews out (nor do I really want to know).

The only good news I have seen so far is the reports that Saudi Arabia is telling Siniora to step down. Inshallah! But other than that all this disinformation and propaganda is beginning to look like some psyop preparation for an foreign intervention. The US-funded "Lebanese Army" clearly has no desire whatsoever to fight for the millionaires in power and even if it did Hezbollah could flatten them in 24 hours. So far is clear. In fact, even the BBC said that Hezbollah could simply kick out the Siniora regime almost instantly and nobody could stop it.

I wonder if Siniora and his "tea-drinking" goons will actually go as far as to officially request an Imperial intervention to "protect democracy"...