Friday, May 9, 2008

In the meanwhile, the pro-Western millionaires of Lebanon continue to party

Here is a photo from the website YaLiban (a pro-government website). In a section devoted to pictures from the fighting in Lebanon they also posted this photo with the following caption:

A Nation of Opposites: A lingerie fashion show taking place on Wednesday in Dbayeh, north of Beirut.

Yeah, you could call that a "Nation of opposites" I suppose...

(I am not kidding you - check on the original website!

In a way it is comically hilarious to see how the coke-snorting millionaire elites which are always on the side of the USA are all alike. Be it the fat degenerates in Venezuela, or Russia, or Saudi Arabia or Lebanon they are all about the same stuff: consuming women, drugs, luxury items and power.

It is no wonder that groups like Hezbollah can take them down without even breaking a sweat. All these imperial stooges really stand for is one thing: corruption in all its forms.