Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fantastic stuff in my inbox: meet the folks at "Think-Israel"

I get all sorts of stuff in my inbox, sometimes nice comments, and some hate mail, but not nearly as much as I thought I would get when I started this blog. Sometimes, rarely, I get a real "gem" which makes me happy for a long, long while. Yesterday I got such a gem: an email announcing the new issue of something called Think-Israel. I took a look at the contents of the new issue and I immediately understood: this was *awesome* stuff! Here was a true cornucopia of paranoid, racist, bellicose rabid Zionist propaganda. It even included a (very well-written) eulogy of sorts for rabbi Meir Kahane (highly recommended!) and an attack on the memory of Rachel Corrie ("terrorist-loving anarchist"). Here is a full list of the rest of it:


Jews in Israel and in the Diaspora

Memo From Gulfistan by Martin Kramer
Winogkatif by David Wilder
On The Present Danger Facing Israel And All Jews by Rachel Neuwirth

Israel's legal rights in Gaza. Assessing Mahmoud Abbas

International Law And Gaza: The Assault On Israel's Right To Self-Defense by Abraham Bell
Palestinian Conditional Non-Violence –– Denying The Fundamental Basis Of The Game by Dr. Aaron Lerner, with translation from the Arabic by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Cook
Fatah As Moderate. A Hard Look Post-Annapolis by Arlene Kushner

The Gush Katif refugees

The Will To Survive; Surviving With Hope by Rachel Saperstein
Gush Katif Refugees Confront Rain, Rats And A Ridiculous Bureaucracy articles by Gil Ronen, Hillel Fendel and Michael G. Bard

Israel's current problems

Dan Bar-On's Defamatory Psychobabble by Joel Amitai
A Glimpse Into The Mindset Of A Judicial Oligarch by Rabbi Steven Pruzansky
Lip The Liar And Hardly Ha Ha by Boris Celser
The Latest Damage To Antiquities On The Temple Mount by Nadav Shragai
No Place For A Son Of Zionism by Michelle Nevada


Independent Expert: Idf Bullets Didn't Kill Mohammed Al-Dura by Adi Schwartz
How Rachel Corrie Really Died (Hint: Not Protecting A House) by Carl of Jerusalem
The Blackout – A Hamas-Aljazeera Co-Production/Staged Gaza Blackout Pictures by Martin Solomon
Lights [Off]. Camera. Action by Amir Mizroch
Arab Belligerence, Israeli Self-Abasement by Kenneth Levin
Israel's Selves And Her Use Of Hasbara (Advocacy) by Babs Barron
Portrait Of The Artist As A Dhimmified Man by David J. Rusin
Not Even Pretending To Be Fair: The New York Times On Gaza by Barry Rubin

Structure of Arab/Muslim Society

The Middle East's Tribal Affliction by Daniel Pipes
Islam And The Jews: The Status Of Jews And Christians In Muslim Lands, 1772ce by Jacob Marcus
Thwarting Science And Medicine: What Part Does Foreign Fund-Underwriting Play? by Marion D.S. Dreyfus

Islamic attempts at takeover in Europe and India

The Muslim Brotherhood's Infiltration Of The West by Fjordman
Sleeping With Deadly Jihadi Terrorists by Babu Suseelan

Strife Between Islam And Christianity

The Clash Of Ideologies In Africa: Kenya by David J. Jonsson
Kosovo: Islamism's New Beachhead? by Julia Gorin
The Kosovo Precedent by Arieh Eldad


Mainline churches and anti-Semitism

Church Anti-Israel Activism And Antisemitism by Will Spotts
The Methodist Child Indoctrination League by Mark Tooley

Anti-Jewish academics

The Fraudulent Scholarship Of Professors Walt And Mearsheimer by Alex Safian
Ignorance Cannot Be Realistic: A Critique Of The Mearsheimer-Walt Thesis by Ofira Seliktar

Islamic Violence in America

When Jihad Came To America by Andrew C. McCarthy
Rav Meir Kahane's 2007 Yahrzeit by Meir Jolowitz
Georgetown University's Wahhabi Front by Patrick Poole


Israel's Folly by Hugh Fitzgerald
The Zionist Revolution by Yehuda HaKohen
The Fallacy Of Grievance-Based Terrorism by Melvin E. Lee
How Do I Know? (About Islam) by Dr. Babu Suseelan
The Roots Of The Muslim Victim Mentality And How To Fight Islam by Amil Imani
Pay Now, Get Nothing Later by Barry Rubin
Islamization Of Europe And Policies To Prevent It, Policy Area 8 by No Sharia


Who's Zoomin' Whom? by Michael Zebulon
Britain's Treachery, France's Revenge by Meir Zamir

Interesting, no?

I think that for any student, observer or analyst of the Middle-East Think-Israel articles are a must read as they provide a priceless insight into the minds of the leaders of the Israel Lobby in the USA and their counterparts in the rest of the world, including Israel itself.

Those of us who care for the Middle-East and who oppose racist, colonial and imperial wars should "join forces" with the folks at Think-Israel and spread their message as much as possible, including among the Diaspora Jews who all too often us kidding themselves about the nature of the endless conflicts involving Israel. It is great time for the general public to realize that, with the notable exception of the Wahabis, the real religious extremists, the real racist bigots, the real warmongering Fascist fanatics are *not* on the Arab or Muslim side and that Israel stands for anything *but* real democracy.

So my friends, please spread the word and help the folks at Think-Israel to "get the message out there". Let us all, goyim and self-hating Jews, extend a helping hand to these crackpots and show them how much we appreciate their honest, direct and oh so much revealing endeavors!

The Saker