Friday, July 27, 2007

Iran Firm on Supporting Iraqi Government

TEHRAN, July 25 --President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Iran’s firm policy regarding Iraq is to support the country’s security, solidarity and its government.
Ahmadinejad made the remark while speaking to reporters at the end of the Cabinet session on Wednesday, ISNA reported.
Commenting on the second round of Iran-US talks on Iraq held in Al-Khadra district west of Baghdad on Tuesday, the president said, “Assisting the people and government of Iraq was the only objective behind Tehran’s talks with the US officials.“
Stressing that the talks had taken place upon the request of Iraqi officials, the president said, “We will do all within our power to help promote Iraq’s security, solidarity and its government.“
Asked if the issue of the abducted Iranian diplomats in Iraq was discussed during Tuesday’s talks, the president said, “I have not seen the report of the talks yet.“
The talks were held by Iran’s Ambassador to Iraq Hassan Kazemi Qomi and his US counterpart, Ryan Crocker.
The first round of Iran-US talks on Iraq was held on May 28 in Baghdad at the ambassadorial level with Qomi and Crocker as the main negotiators.
Ahmadinejad also said that all countries have plans for fuel consumption and transportation sector, adding that the adoption of a gasoline rationing system will result in thrift and cost-effectiveness.
Noting that the gasoline rationing system is a national drive and people have acted wisely, Ahmadinejad noted that the government can do great things by saving gasoline.
“We have discussed the issue with lawmakers and reached the conclusion that a total of 700 km of railway can be built within three years by saving gasoline,“ he said.