Wednesday, July 9, 2014

CrossTalk: Ukraine, End of Beginning (+ commentary)

Commentary:First, I have to admit that I could not bring myself to watch this show to the end.  Listening to Mary Dejevsky spew her arrogant certitudes about the Ukraine gave me a stomach ache and I had to stop.  What I do want to draw your attention to, however, is the idea which seems to have been somehow accepted by by Mary Dejevsky and Ray McGovern: that the EU and the US would never accept anything short of a united Ukraine, albeit maybe a federated one, and that Russia had accepted this reality.

This is an interesting logic here.

What is the reality we are talking about here?  The only "reality" is the one of the phenomenal imperial hubris and stubbornness of the US and EU leaders.  Let's even add to this, for conversation's sake, that Putin has decided to yield to the terms of these AngloZionist and that the Kremlin has also come to terms, if you wish, that a unitary Ukraine is the only possible outcome.

So what?

Does that really mean that the will of the 7 million people of the eastern Ukraine counts for nothing at all and that they will just have to accept that?  Is there not another "real reality" which is that the people of the Donbass do not want to live under the rule of a Nazi regime composed of bloodthirsty freaks who do not even bother to hide their genocidal hatred for them?!  How crazy is that?

Why is it that only Mark Sleboda brought up the opinion of these people?

Are we really living in a world whose only message to those who want to live in peace on their own land and in their own culture is "fuck you!  you will henceforth live under Nazi rule and don't you dare resist!"?

Nevermind that the right of self-determination is enshrined in all the most sacred documents of international law.  Nevermind that the West is supposedly fiercely anti-Nazi.  And nevermind that nobody is denying that the junta in Kiev came to power in an illegal armed insurrection.  Somebody naive would have expected the entire international community, lead by the "democratic West" and the "Leader of the Free World and Indispensable Nation" aka the US, to absolutely condemn the Nazi regime in Kiev and given its fullest support to the freedom loving people of Novorussia.  But no.  Not at all.  The exact opposite happened.

What is at work he is the centuries old European racism who has always considered that it had the God given right to dispose of our planet in any way it wants and that the will of the rest of mankind is simply irrelevant  (just remember the Treaty of Tordesillas).  From the Crusades to today's Nazi occupation of the Ukraine, deception and terror have always been the two pillars of Western "foreign policy".  As for negotiations and lofty principles, they are only what I would call "ancillary tools" which can be used if and when needed to speed things up, or to provide enough time to prepare for a resumption of deception and terror.

What is pretty darn clear is that the kind of future the West wants to "offer" the people of Novorussia is the same one which was offered the Native Americans or the Palestinians: "shut up and stay quiet until you all die".

I have been told many times that I should not wear my heart on my sleeve and that showing emotions is inappropriate on a blog.  If so, then I have to apologize because I think that not showing emotions in these circumstances is a sure sign of zombification.  And my emotions are a dense mix of horror, disgust, despair, hope, determination, rage, sadness, contempt, amazement, fear, faith and a huge desire to scream at the top of my lungs to denounce the infinite hypocrisy of a society which does not even pretend to stand for the values it supposedly holds for sacred.  How could I not feel all these emotions when I see that what is calmly discussed is basically the imposition of a regime of terror and constant persecution on millions of completely innocent people?

And then I also really wonder about folks like Mary Dejevsky: do they really believe that the people of the Donbass will ever accept this "reality"?  Don't they realize that the imposition of such a regime on Novorussia will mean one of two options to the local people: resistance or emigration.

But maybe that was the plan all along: to ethnically cleanse Novorussia from its population and turn it into a Lebensraum for west Ukrainian Nazis?

I am disgusted beyond words with the world I live in and I will never accept it, and I will always resist it.  Because I have emotions.

The Saker