Sunday, March 9, 2014

Why Russia should withdraw from all European organizations

I have just watched another pure propaganda piece by the BBC about the OSCE observers being sent back at a Crimean checkpoint along some footage footage of a journalist being beat up and the sound of some shots which the BBC says were aimed at the tires of car.  I will ignore all of the nonsense reported by this so-called "journalist" whom Alain Soral would most definitely call "une pute", but I want to focus on the core issue of this event: are the Crimeans right or wrong to deny entry to the OSCE "unarmed military observers"?

In my opinion, they are absolutely correct.  Here is why:

Russia has seen these so-called "observers" in Chechnia, in Bosnia, in Kosovo, in South Ossetia and its always the exact same story: these guys are "professionally blind" to what might contradict the official narrative of their professional hierarchy.  For one thing, a good part of them are actually members of their respective military intelligences services (they barely bother to hide it).  So they very much share in the corporate culture of their military.  Can you imagine a Polish or an Estonia "observer" having anything good to say about the Russian military?  Of course not.  I have met these guys personally and I can attest - they are hopeless.

But there is another thing, even more important: the OSCE, like all the rest of the European organizations, is rotten to the core, staffed by career-oriented bureaucrats.  Frankly, I think that Russia should withdraw from the OSCE, close its offices in Russia and simply ignore it.  I will go even further, I think that Russia should withdraw from ALL European organizations, all of them, not only the OSCE.  What did the Council of Europe ever do for Russia?  What about the North Atlantic Cooperation Council: did it ever do anything good for Russia? What about the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, the Partnership for Peace or the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - did any of these organizations ever do anything good for Russia?

Of course not!

These European organizations have only two purposes: first, to give the appearance that Europe matters and, second, to provide nice and cozy jobs to an army of bureaucrats.  The reality, of course, is that there is only one entity which matters in Europe: the USA and its colonial administration "NATO".  If the Russians need to talk to the boss - they can dial the White House or speak to the US ambassador.  Even about so-called European affairs.  Because, as a political entity - Europe does not exist.  And for those doubting what I say, I have a simple basic question: when did any European organization ever stand up and say "no" to Uncle Sam?  Okay, yes, it did, on trivial matters, and commercial interests.  But on an important international policy issue?


So all Russia does by participating in these organizations is to give credence to the myth that there is an independent Europe out there, when there really isn't any.

The sad reality is that Europe is the America's bitch, and it will do whatever Uncle Sam says and the EU current flag should be replaced by one showoing a submissive poodle.  So if Russia, or the Crimeans, decided to let some "observers" who are in reality doing Uncle Sam's bidding enter Crimea, they might as well get these observers from the 82nd Airborne or the CIA's Special Activities Division, why bother with these euroclowns from Estonia or Slovenia?  At least the Americans would be real professionals, not pretend-soldiers...

The EU deserves no respect and Russia should stop acting like Europeans matter when they clearly don't.

The Saker