Saturday, November 29, 2014

Very interesting statement by Bezler

Bezler sure is a strange guy and I have to honestly say that the more I see him, the more I like him.  Yesterday he sure made one interesting statement.  Not only does he hint that he is speaking from the Poltava oblast, deep inside Ukie territory.  Better, he also says that Poroshenko used to sell weapons to the anti-Nazi insurgents.  Finally, and very much in line with his previous statements, he also clearly indicates that he does not believe in a "Novorussian solution" and that he stands for a united federated Nazi-free Ukraine allied to Russia and Belarus.  I fully agree with him.  That is the only viable long term and *real* 'solution' to this war.

To me the most amazing statement is that, if he is not just messing with the Ukies, he is speaking form the Poltava Oblast.  Since he is clearly no there for sightseeing purposes the only possible explanation is that he is organizing the underground resistance there.  If so, this is very very good news.  Still, chances are very hight that Bezler is messing with the Junta's brain (he does have a record of doing so, remember the fake executions of prisoners to show that he meant business?), so my guess is that he is somewhere in the Nazi underground, but not necessarily in the Poltava Oblast.  Still, it is one thing to be a military commander and a totally different one to be an underground organizer.  I wonder if Belzer was in the GRU before the war.  Does anybody know?

Anyway, see for yourself.


The Saker