Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A few more hyper-short items + open thread (IMPORTANT UPDATE!!)

Dear friends,

I am exhausted.  Badly.  Had to spend many hours on the road this week-end so here is my schedule:

Today I will, insha'allah, answer the most (all?) the emails I have to answer.  Then I will write a bunch of emails to try to get a few apparently stuck "balls" rolling again.

Tomorrow I should be back with an analysis of what happened in Novorussia.

Thanks a lot for all the positive feedback about the podcast.  Vox populi: I will try to make a podcast every two weeks.  I will post in invitation to questions a week before which will give you enough time to send them in.  I will also post "show notes" with references to the people/events/sources/etc. I mention.

One more thing: Google drive is useless.  Mediafire and 4Shared saved my bacon apparently.  If any of you had a SSH2/SFTP server with a high bandwidth to host my podcasts I would be very grateful.  Either that, or advice on where I can post them.

Okay, I need to work on them email now.  See you all tomorrow :-)

Cheers and thanks,

The Saker
PS: grab this one for yet another open thread!

UPDATE: Thanks to Martin, the podcast is now available for download at this URL:

http://www.opensxce.org/vineyardsaker.blogspot.de/The%20Saker%20Podcast%20No1.mp3  (thanks Martin!!)