Friday, September 12, 2014

Short news update (UPDATED)

Dear friends,

I have heard the news that Igor Strelkov has been found dead, apparently hanged.  A lot of you have emailed me.  While I cannot prove a negative, so far NOT A SINGLE RUSSIAN OR NOVORUSSIAN SOURCE HAS CONFIRMED THIS including his friend el-Miurid.  So I suggest that we take a deep breath, say a prayer, and wait before coming to conclusions

Also, I am working on my analysis and I should have it posted by this evening (US East Coast time).

The Saker

UPDATE: I just came back home and, apparently, some of you have understood my warning not to come to conclusions as an endorsement of the theory that Strelkov was dead.  Well, folks, I tried to be clear, but if somebody can read "not a single source has confirmed this" and "wait before coming to conclusions" as anything but an appeal NOT to believe this rumor, then I am at loss for words...

Oh well, so is life, I guess.  I am going back to writing my Strelkov analysis.
Gimme an hour of so and I will post it
The Saker